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Fall Information Session Tuesday, Sept. 3 rd 2013 Duke Business Society Formerly Duke Venture Forward.

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1 Fall Information Session Tuesday, Sept. 3 rd 2013 Duke Business Society Formerly Duke Venture Forward

2 Our Three Pillars Entrepreneurship Our entrepreneurial ventures allow members to experience firsthand the challenges and complexities of working in a leadership position in a business. The projects span from pure social entrepreneurship to profit-maximizing businesses, and everything in between. Mentorship All DBS underclassmen are assigned to a specific mentor, who serves as an experienced guide to the recruitment process, and special interest bodies to develop lasting partners in the business world. Networking DBS offers members the opportunity to work with a diverse, driven and multi- talented group of peers in small-team settings and to network with successful entrepreneurs and executives in the financial services and consulting industries.

3 Dr. Rasiel completed her PhD in finance at The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, in 2003. She also received an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1990, and bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from Oxford University. Before beginning her PhD program at Fuqua, Dr. Rasiel was an Executive Director in the London office of Goldman Sachs, a leading investment bank, where she traded bond options. She will be teaching ECON370: Global Capital Markets and ECON372: Intermediate Finance this fall. Meet Our Advisor Dr. Emma Rasiel

4 Personal Development L EADER Best practices Assessment tools Leadership challenge Your leadership style Organizational structures E NTREPRENEUR Writing business plans Mastering start up pitch Securing VC funding Streamlining operations P ROFESSIONAL Basic accounting Reading WSJ in 15 minutes Understanding the financial & consulting industry Financial modeling P ROBLEM SOLVER Team building exercises Achieving venture goals Management case studies Market-based competitions

5 Entrepreneurship Philosophy DBS seeks to build your entrepreneurial ability and help kick-start early stage companies. We believe entrepreneurship is the single greatest economic engine, and one of the most personally-rewarding endeavors you can pursue in life. Our specialty is in creating self- sustaining ventures on college campuses, and we do so by creating events and workshops that guide members through the process in a significant emotional and psychological way. Our Process Brainstorm Professional Feedback Start-up Pitch Team Building Business Plans Execution

6 Our Ventures Changeworks: Duke’s annual Social Entrepreneurship competition Drink for Durham: Senior Pub Crawl to raise funds for John Avery Boys and Girls Club Duke Financial Tutoring: Financial and Time Management Education for local high school students PatentLock: Intellectual property research for medical patent development

7 Networking DBS gives members a wide range of opportunities for networking with professionals from various sectors of business. Networking events include: Social events with DBS members Coffee chats with professionals Informal lunch networking sessions Exclusive business panels with professionals and entrepreneurs Formal information and networking sessions for full time and internship recruitment Exclusive dinners with professionals and executives from Fortune 500 companies Dinners and drinks networking sessions with professionals during full time and internship recruitment seasons. Networking Social Events Speaker Series Alumni Private Comp. Events

8 Opportunities through DBS

9 Mentorship Senior Mentorship Pairs Our mentors will help you sharpen your understanding of the career opportunities available. These relationships are a key resource not only in recruitment but also in optimizing your time and efforts at Duke. Alumni Mentorship Like senior mentors, alumni mentors will provide advice on everything from careers to personal development at Duke. They can also help in providing wisdom on growth within the professional world. Corporate Mentorship DBS will provide you with an experienced guide to help you define and reach your professional goals.

10 Capital One Duke Business Society Sponsor Among one of the most widely recognized brands in America, Capital One is the nation’s top 10 largest bank based on deposits and has been ranked as one of the best places to work for recent grads. Capital One is known for its highly dynamic environment for associates, encouraging new hires to think independently and present creative ideas to senior management. With the Capital One partnership, DBS has significant financial resources and an established corporate mentorship program for members, setting DBS apart from a number of other groups on campus. Among some of our benefits include: Seed capital for DBS ventures Exposure to Fortune 500 business executives Subsidies for members to attend leadership conferences

11 Fall Recruitment Tuesday, Sept 3 rd Fall Recruitment Presentation Tuesday, Sept. 10 th Resume and cover letter drop (sophomores and juniors only) Describe why you want to get involved in DBS and what value you will bring to the organization. For the resume, if you don’t have one or it needs work, schedule an appointment with the career center. Submit applications to Thursday, Sept. 12 th Follow-up Saturday, Sept. 14 th Interviews Sunday, Sept. 15 th Final Decisions Monday, Sept. 16 th First General Body Meeting

12 Thank You Questions? Amay Jhaveri President Jerren Chang Executive Vice President & Director of Recruitment

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