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Developing your student fundraising NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association) & Rosie Hunnam.

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1 Developing your student fundraising NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association) & Rosie Hunnam

2 Welcome

3 Hello! Edward Sainsbury, Secretary of Carnival RAG, University of Birmingham Claire Gilbert, Vice President Engagement, Uni of Southampton Students’ Union Rosie Hunnam, Student Opportunities Co- ordinator (NUS)

4 Learning objectives

5 Understand what ‘NaSFA’ means and how NaSFA can help you Understand how NaSFA & NUS work together Gather different ideas for organising student fundraising Consider a number of important policies and procedures to have in place to support student fundraising

6 The National Student Fundraising Association (NaSFA)

7 What is ‘NaSFA’? The National Student Fundraising Association Created RAG Conference 2011 (Durham) Committee elected yearly at RAG Conference NaSFA represents all student fundraisers (not just RAGs!)

8 NaSFA & NUS NUS support NaSFA but NaSFA are independent NUS offer contacts, experience

9 The NaSFA website

10 What else have we been up to? Regular committee meetings 6 Regional meetings 2 Surveys 5 Newsletters Independent research project: 1.How to calculate the total amount fundraised by students 2.Student fundraising landscape review + how can NaSFA help student fundraisers in the future Developed relationship with Institute of Fundraising

11 The current student fundraising situation

12 Where are we now? Student fundraising has existed for hundreds of years Growing in professionalism Employability – student fundraising becoming more valued

13 Where are we now?


15 The Student Volunteering Landscape – 50% of students have taken part in fundraising Success in the Student Market – participation in student fundraising increased by 2% Society (outside of student movement) – lack of understanding of student fundraising

16 Organising student fundraising RAG/student fundraising group only RAG/student fundraising group supporting/working with other societies/clubs Multiple fundraising groups (no RAG) RAG & charity societies

17 Student fundraising & communities Working with clubs and societies -Make an agreement -Training -Use the cause Working with halls -Representatives -Competition -First year involvement

18 Planning for success Term 1 Recruiting volunteer team Big, fun events to capture attention Engagement and awareness Term 2 Consistency Capacity building Term 3 Handover & training Development Planning

19 Policies & procedures Raiding Managing money Tax & gift aid Health & safety

20 Future NaSFA activity

21 Future NaSFA activities Developing resources with NUS Developing the website Feedback from independent research team Potentially more regional meetings Student Volunteering Week 2015 – more of fundraising stuff

22 RAG Conference 26 th – 28 th August 2014 York Website 7 th May 21 st May – Student Fundraising Awards nominations // Charity stall // tickets RAG Conference 2015 bid NaSFA AGM National Student Fundraising Awards

23 Next steps

24 What next? Questions? Briefing & slides @nationalsfa Facebook: search for ‘NaSFA’ @RosieHunnam

25 What next? (contd) Sign up to the next webinar – “Practical tools for supporting students of faith and belief” 15 th May, 12-1pm Complete the short webinar survey

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