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Whitby Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Discussion.

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1 Whitby Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Discussion

2 Method Weekly team meetings – Spring 2014 Presentation to full Board – September 2014 Release to membership – Fall 2014

3 Our Vision The Whitby Chamber of Commerce will be the progressive engine of growth for business.

4 Our Mission To harness the collective wisdom and influence of the business community to affect positive change in Durham Region.

5 Key Strategies Champion for the Business Community Transform the Member Experience Model Organizational Excellence

6 Selecting Our Strategies* Current position, future needs and trends Focus on: – Reframing reputation and positive profile – Leadership position within Durham Region – Enhanced value proposition *Based on SWOT Analysis 2014; full document provided

7 Champion of the Business Community Positive reputation of the Chamber by: – Increasing brand awareness – Delivering a relevant value proposition – Building strategic alliances – Resource centre for business Respected voice of the business community by: – Influencing policy change – Leading advocacy issues

8 Expected Outcomes Champion of Business Community as evidenced by: Durham Region stakeholders are aware of and recognize the WCC as: – The trusted voice of the business community – The Resource centre for business – A responsible, well run and well managed organization

9 Member Experience Providing easy access to knowledge, information and professional development opportunities Creating innovative connection opportunities

10 Expected Outcomes Enriched Member Experience as evidenced by: Durham Region businesses grow & succeed Best in class member satisfaction Preferred Chamber with dominant share of Durham Region businesses as members

11 Model of Organization Excellence Attract and retain high performing talent Optimize organizational and operational infrastructure Capitalize on non-dues revenue trends

12 Expected Outcomes Organization Excellence as evidenced by: Strong and effective Board governance Fiscally responsible Well managed

13 Performance Measures* Increased media/exposure Consistent branding Go-to for government initiatives Invited to key policy and decision-making tables 40% penetration of Whitby businesses 40% penetration of Durham Region businesses Employer of choice Supportive and involved sponsors *Internal use only

14 Next Steps Finalize content of plan Refine measurements Balanced scorecard for tracking Member/public version to be developed

15 Discussion

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