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HSG Reable York, Trafford, Plymouth & Durham

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1 HSG Reable York, Trafford, Plymouth & Durham
Occupational Therapy Lead Reablement and Care Assessment Occupational Therapy Team Gillian Crossley, Carla Chesters, Lindsey Peacock, Nicola Squires and Amanda Chapple. Operations Director, Rachel Caulfield

2 HSG Reable Reablement and care assessment at home and out in the community Occupational Therapy Reablement training program RFID tag and smart phone system Successful services across the UK Quality and Value

3 Reablement & Care Assessment
We take an enabling approach to reablement and care assessment, which leads to increased independence and reduce care costs for service users who still need support after reablement. Our goal and outcome measurement tool, asks for the clients perceptions and records carer observations, to provide a detailed assessment of progress and identifies the level of need in specific areas.

4 Occupational Therapy Production of care plan and reablement assessment, with client outcome measurement tool. Complex care planning Staff training and mentoring Reviews Rapid access to equipment and minor adaptations, which leads to better outcomes for service users and can take the strain from other services Clinical knowledge of how disability and illness can affect a clients daily life.

5 Our Processes Service Introduction team
Reablement care assessment and risk assessment completed. Goals set Occupational Therapy involvement Regular reviews and progress monitoring Outcome report and recommendations

6 Services across the UK Trafford 400 hours weekly York 975 hours weekly
Plymouth 1500 hours weekly Durham 200 hours weekly In addition to reablement, we also provide domiciliary care,

7 Social Inclusion Outreach Shopping Access to local community
Cyril Flint Volunteers

8 More than Strip washing
We don’t just focus on meeting basic needs, our reablement workers and occupational therapists work with our clients to improve their over all wellbeing and work on client centred goals.

9 Statistics Satisfied Customers
91.67% Rated their overall satisfaction as good or higher 100% said they were treated with dignity and respect 91.67 % said they were given choice and control 83.33 % scored good or higher for improved independence Data taken from surveys returned in February 2014, as part of out Trafford service evaluation. 45 surveys were sent out and 12 returned. Small sample from our Trafford Service evaluation Between –

10 Contacts Occupational Therapy Team Other
Other Managing Director, Dan O’Donoghue Operations Director, Rachel Caulfield

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