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 Engaging the Workforce Through Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Facilitated by Al Sullivan, MSOD, SPHR Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

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1  Engaging the Workforce Through Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Facilitated by Al Sullivan, MSOD, SPHR Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

2 Agenda Review Introduction / Group NormsOperational Definitions for Key ConceptsInteractive Activities & Discussions Opportunity for Personal Reflection / Application Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

3 Objectives for Today  Understand and apply diversity, inclusion, & cultural concepts in the workplace  Increase awareness of our own assumptions & frames of reference  Apply learning & insights through the lens of Change Theory, Human Resources, and Engagement Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

4 Industries and Clients Industries Clients / Experience  Healthcare  Non Profit  High Tech Manufacturing  Pharmaceutical  Academic / Education  Military  Durable Goods Manufacturing NCCHCA BCBSNC GlaxoSmithKline City of Durham Center for Responsible Lending Dell Computer Rex Healthcare Inspirus Consulting, Inc. 4

5 Group Norms  Test assumptions and inferences  Use specific examples and agree on what important words mean  Combine advocacy and inquiry  One speaker at a time  Be fully present  Show respect for others and opinions  Presume good will  Discuss the undiscussable Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

6 Check In…  Provide your name, organization  Provide a brief explanation of your position on the line Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

7 How do You Define Diversity, Inclusion, & Culture? Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

8 Operational Definitions Diversity Who we are Differences & Similarities Inclusion What we do Access & Involvement Culture What we learn Collective Knowledge Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

9 * Internal Dimensions and External Dimensions are adapted from Marilyn Loden and Judy Rosener, Workforce America! (Business One Irwin, 1991) From Diverse Teams at Work, Gardenswartz & Rowe (2nd Edition, SHRM, 2003) Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

10 Assumptions & Frames of Reference  Read the instructions on the first page of the distributed handout  Briefly look at the picture on the 2 nd page (approx 5 seconds)  Answer (Yes or No) to the questions on the 3 rd page Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

11 Levels of System Inspirus Consulting, Inc.11 IndividualTeam / GroupOrganizationCommunity

12 Theory of Change / Intervention Valid Data Free & Informed Choice Internal Commitment / Capacity Inspirus Consulting, Inc. 12 Chris Argyris

13 Change is Non-Linear Inspirus Consulting, Inc.13

14 Treasure Hunt Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

15 What is Employee Engagement?  Employee Engagement is the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how hard employees work, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment.  Rational – Belief that a personal financial, developmental or professional benefit will occur (commitment of the mind).  Emotional – Believing in, valuing or enjoying assigned work, teams, managers or the organization (commitment of the heart) Inspirus Consulting, Inc.15

16 Employee Engagement Research (Corporate Leadership Council) 50,000 Employees 59 Organizations 27 Countries10 Industries Inspirus Consulting, Inc. 16

17 Impact of Engagement Discretionary EffortIntent to Stay Inspirus Consulting, Inc.17 Maximum Impact of Discretionary Effort on Performance Percentile Number of Employees 50 th Percentile 70 th Percentile Maximum Impact of Engagement on the Probability of Departure Probability of Departure in Next 12 Months Strong Disengagement Strong Engagement 9.2% 1.2% 87%

18 Workforce Engagement Curve Inspirus Consulting, Inc.18 The “Disaffected” Poor performers putting in minimal effort and exhibiting strong non-commitment to their organizations, jobs, managers, and teams The “Agnostics”The “True Believers” These employees exhibit moderate commitment to their work, teams, managers, and organizations High performers with low retention risk, who exhibit very strong emotional and rational commitment to their jobs, teams, managers, and organizations 13% 20%29%27% 11% Leaning Toward Disengagement Neutral Leaning Toward Engagement “Most employees are up for grabs”

19 Improving Performance & Retention Through Engagement Engagement LeverDiscretionary Effort Impact Intent to Stay Impact Staff understands work / strategy alignment32.836.4 Staff understands importance of their job to organization success 30.334.1 Effective internal communication29.237.5 Manager demonstrates strong commitment to diversity / inclusion 28.536.5 Manager demonstrates honesty /integrity27.935.1 Manager adapts to changing circumstances27.636.1 Manager clearly articulates organizational goals27.635.7 Inspirus Consulting, Inc. 19

20 Cultural OrientationIndividual ……………………………Collective Low Context / High Content …………………………… High Context / Low Content Monochronic ……………………………Polychronic Egalitarian Hierarchical Task Focused …………………………… Relationship Focused Surfacing Differences …………………………… Maintaining Harmony Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

21 Multicultural Organization Development (MCOD) Inspirus Consulting, Inc. 21 Identify Change Team Determine System Readiness Bench- marking Change Plan Evaluate, Learn & Improve Bailey W. Jackson

22 Questions / Answers Inspirus Consulting, Inc.22

23 Final Thoughts “Diversity is a reality” “ Inclusion is a choice” Inspirus Consulting, Inc. Gardenswartz & Rowe

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