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1 ICEF PROFILE. 2 ICEF Today BSc Double degree programme (since 1997)1) UoL- Economics - Banking & Finance - Economics & Management - Economics & Finance.

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2 2 ICEF Today BSc Double degree programme (since 1997)1) UoL- Economics - Banking & Finance - Economics & Management - Economics & Finance - Accounting & Finance 2) HSE Economics MSc“Financial Economics” (since 2007) HSE degree, Letter of Validation signed by LSE official International Research Laboratory in Financial Economics with the participation of the LSE (since 2010) Students675 Graduatesover 650 Academic staff 15 full-time teachers (with PhD) about 100 part-time teachers

3 3 Number of ICEF Students

4 4 Number of students enrolled in state-financed and fee- paying places on the HSE undergraduate programmes, Moscow, 2011, by faculty, people

5 5 University of London Degree Classifications ICEF BSc Graduates Awarded, 2001-2011

6 6 Academic achievements

7 7 University of London awards and prizes

8 8 Further studies: ICEF BSc graduates 2001-2011 Foreign universities where ICEF graduates continue their studies Continental EuropeUSAUK Amsterdam Business School University of Amsterdam Erasmus University Rotterdam ESLSCA Graduate School of Business Stockholm School of Economics EADA Business School, Spain EDHEC Business School, France Gent Management School, Belgium University of St. Gallen Maastricht University INSEAD Bocconi University University of Bremen Humboldt University University of New York Columbia Business School Stanford University Carnegie Mellon University Tepper Business School Thunderbird University Boston University The London School of Economics and Political Science The London Business School University of Oxford University of Cambridge Warwick Business School Tanaka Imperial Business School Cass Business School University of Birmingham University of Edinburgh City University of London Imperial College London Aston University University of Westminster Durham University Durham Business School University of Aberdeen

9 9 Further study abroad: ICEF BSc graduates 2001-2011

10 10 Geographical distribution of ICEF BSc graduates studying abroad, 2001-2011. Total number: 197

11 11 Job placement: ICEF BSc and MSc graduates Top companies Number of ICEF graduates BNP Paribas4 Citibank6 Credit Suisse4 Deutsche Bank3 Ernst & Young7 Goldman Sachs4 KPMG6 McKinsey&Co6 Morgan Stanley3 Oliver Wyman5 PwC5 Renaissance Capital6 Rosatom4 RUSNANO4 UBS Investment Bank8 VTB Capital1515 Gazprombank7 Sberbank9 Troika Dialog7

12 12 ICEF teachers Part-time teachers from the HSE 62% Foreign part-time teachers 7% Part-time teachers from other universities (NES, MSU, etc.) 31% Part-time teachers from the HSE 56% Full-time teachers with PhD degree 13% Part-time teachers from other universities (NES, MSU, etc.) 20% 2004 academic year Total number: 54 2011 academic year Total number: 118 Foreign part-time teachers 11%

13 13 BSc programme: Lecturers with PhD degree TeacherUniversitySubject A. AkhmetshinPhD, Columbia UniversityCalculus A. BelyaninPhD, University of ManchesterIndustrial Economics, Economics of Transition S. GelmanPhD, Economics from University of MunsterTime series and Panel Data Analysis Quantitative Finance R. ZakharenkoPhD, Economics from Pennsylvania State University Development Economics International Economics S. MorfovPhD, Universidad Carlos III de MadridInvestment Management V. SokolovPhD, Economics from the University of Notre Dame Monetary Economics A. ParakhonyakPhD, Economics, Erasmus University, RotterdamIndustrial Economics S. PopovPhD, Economics, University of IllinoisMonetary Economics R. ChuhayPhD, University of Alicante, SpainMicroeconomics O. KuzinaPhD, University of Essex and Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies Sociology V. LedyaevPhD, University of ManchesterPolitical Science D. RubinPhD, School of Oriental and African Studies (UoL)Intellectual History of Europe K. SairsinghPhD, Study of Religion from Harvard UniversityIntellectual History of Europe S. SkemptonPhD, Philosophy from Middlesex UniversityIntellectual History of Europe, Philosophy of Science, English

14 14 MSc programme: Lecturers with PhD degree TeacherUniversitySubject M. NikitinPhD, University of PittsburghMacroeconomics A. YurkoPhD, University of Texas at AustinMicroeconomics F. SlonimczykPhD, University of Massachusetts AmherstEconometrics R. ZakharenkoPhD, Pennsylvania State UniversityInternational Trade and Development A. ParakhonyakPhD, Erasmus University RotterdamMicroeconomics V. SokolovPhD, University of Notre DameMacroeconomics, Fixed Income Analysis and Derivatives S. GelmanPhD, Universitat Muenster, GermanyFinancial Econometrics C. Sprenger PhD, Universitat Pompeu FabraFinancial Economics, Risk Management S. MorfovPhD, Universidad Carlos III de MadridFinancial Economics A. Boulatov,PhD, City College of the City University of New York, PhD University of California, Berkeley Advanced Topics in Finance D. Tsomokos,PhD, Yale UniversityAdvanced Topics in Finance M.A. BetschingerPhD, Universitat MuensterInternational Financial Management I. MouravievPhD, Universite Toulouse 1Microeconomics S. PopovPhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignResearch seminar D. FantazziniPh.D., University of PaviaRisk Management L. TimoshukPhD, Calyon, LondonRisk Management B. UroševićPhD, Haas School of BusinessAdvanced Topics in Finance

15 15 BSc programme integrated curriculum: UoL and HSE 1 year Micro- and Macroeconomics Calculus Statistics English Language Intellectual History of Europe World History Information Computer Systems 3 year Micro- and Macroeconomics Econometrics Principles of Accounting Further Mathematics Public Sector Economics History of Economic Thought Economic History Sociology of Popular Finance Labour Economics Development Economics 2 year Micro- and Macroeconomics Principles of Banking and Finance Sociology Introduction to Business and Management Mathematics for Economics Statistics Jurisprudence Philosophy of Science Political Science Methods of Optimisation Linear Algebra English Language 4 year Corporate Finance Organisation Theory Industrial Economics International Economics Monetary Economics Quantitative Finance Financial Intermediation Investment Management Time Series and Panel Data Analysis Institutional Economics Economics of Transition

16 16 MSc programme integrated curriculum: courses with international expert control and HSE courses 1 year Microeconomics Macroeconomics Econometrics Financial Economics I Mathematics for Economists Research seminar Elective Courses: International Trade and Development Corporate Valuation Cases in Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Management 2 year Econometrics II Financial Economics II Fixed Income & Derivatives Advanced Topics in Finance Topics in Applied Finance Research Seminar Elective Courses: Russian Economy Industrial Organization Risk Management International Financial Management International Trade and Development Strategic Financial Management Investment Management Corporate Valuation Cases in Mergers and Acquisitions Master’s thesis

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