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Chapter 13 Self rule for Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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1 Chapter 13 Self rule for Canada, Australia and New Zealand

2 The people of Canada France lose control of Canada to British in 1763 Many settlers remained French-speaking British loyalist fled to Canada after the American revolution (approx 30k) Large population of native Tribes still present

3 Canada Achieve Self rule Many ethnic tensions arose due to the diverse cultures The Two Canada's –Canada Act passed in 1791 Created two provinces English speaking upper Canada (Ontario) French speaking lower Canada (Quebec)

4 Canada Act 1791 Each of the two Canada's had there own: –Laws –Legislature –Royal government –Language –Religion However still controlled by British

5 Canada Achieve Self rule Unrest grew between the two provinces:1837 rebellion broke out The Durham Report: –Called for two the Canada's to be reunited and given control over their own affairs 1840 Act of Union –Elected legislative body for domestic affairs –Britain kept control of trade and foreign issues

6 Canada Achieve Self rule Dominion of Canada –Macdonald and Cartier urged for the unification of all the Provinces –Many Canadians feared that the dominate USA will try to over power them and take them over (Manifest Destiny)

7 Canada Achieve Self rule British North American Act 1867 –Created Dominion of Canada United 4 provinces into a self governing nation 6 more provinces joined the union soon after

8 Dominion of Canada Own parliament (modeled after Britain) Granted some control of foreign affairs Remained close with Britain First prime minister: John Macdonald –Built transcontinental railroad to help expand Canada-1885

9 Immigration late early 1900’s –Germany –Italy –Poland –Russia –Ukraine –China –Japan Problems 1.French speaking Canadian were determined to maintain culture and language 2.US had a powerful economy and culture that threatened Canada

10 Australia 1770 James Cook laid claims to Australia for Britain Native settlers: –Aborigines' were hunters and gatherers –Spoke about 250 different languages

11 Australia Penal Colony –Was used after the American Revolution –1788 first ship of 700 passengers sent over 8 month voyage Men, women and children (supervised by soldiers; they worked to clear the lands for a settlement)

12 Australia’s Outback By the 1800’s Britain was offering free land and tools to those who emigrated to Australia A strong wool industry grew 1851 gold rush led to an even larger population boom

13 Australia and Self Government Originally divided into separate colonies To avoid imperialist powers from invading Australia Britain create the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901

14 Commonwealth of Australia Took from both the US and British governments –Federal system that limited the power of the central government –Prime minister (executive body) –Women granted the right to vote right away –Secret ballot (first nation)

15 New Zealand James cook claimed island for Britain Missionaries set out in 1814 to convert the local natives (Maoris) to Christianity

16 New Zealand Maori Struggles: –Located in a small area in New Zealand –Settled farmers

17 New Zealand Soon after the missionaries white settlers came and created a booming market for: beef, wool and mutton (sheep meat)

18 New Zealand 1840 New Zealand Annexed As more and more settlers arrived many wars broke out with the Maori By 1870’s the Maori population diminished –Death –Disease –alcholism

19 New Zealand- Self government 1907 won self rule (remained close to Britain) –Parliament –Prime minister –Elected legislature

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