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2 Agenda Background of the project Factors Affecting Ontario College Writing Exemplars Development Benefits and users of the Ontario College Writing Exemplars Explanation of the OCWE and the rating system

3 BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT Submitted by Heads of Language for funding of the School-College-Work Initiative (September 2001) Category One – … expand the linking of secondary and college programs providing specific alignment of the new grade 11/12 curriculum with college curriculum with priority in … language skills Intended to be a province-wide initiative Hard-copy, CD, and User’s Guide have been distributed to all secondary and DSB offices – Fall 2003.

4 BACKGROUND – cont’d Participating DSBs and Colleges: Niagara College/DSB of Niagara Mohawk College/Hamilton Wentworth DSB Sault College/Algoma DSB Humber College/Toronto Catholic DSB Fanshawe College/London Catholic DSB Durham College/Durham DSB Centennial College – lead college

5 FACTORS AFFECTING OCWE DEVELOPMENT Nature and consequences of secondary school reform Role of English/Communications faculty or departments in colleges

6 FACTORS – cont’d Collaborative identification of writing types Memos Short Reports Research essays Formal technical reports (beyond first-year) Resource documents Ministry of Education Secondary School English Exemplars Canadian Language Benchmarks

7 ONTARIO COLLEGE WRITING EXEMPLARS Designed to assist secondary and college teachers, students, parents, and counsellors to understand college writing Contains 70 authentic student writing samples Appendix of writing samples Information about the context of college writing OCWE Rating System

8 BENEFITS OF THE ONTARIO COLLEGE WRITING EXEMPLARS Comprehensive Provides greater understanding of college as a destination Provides greater understanding of the demands of college writing Provides increased appreciation that college writing is applied writing and requires critical thinking skills

9 WHO SHOULD USE OCWE? Designed for the secondary school system Teachers who require written assignments as part of their curriculum Counsellors Students Parents They can compare current levels of student writing with college requirements

10 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES OCWE Ontario College System ollege.html ollege.html

11 OCWE RATING SYSTEM Develops a common language to describe different types of college writing Provides a 4-point scale of descriptors rather than an achievement chart Uses familiar categories of description – content, organization, style, and format

12 Memos (Page 31-66) Take a moment to flip through part of the Memo section of OCWE. In the actual document, there are 4 samples of each level of exemplar The task that the student was assigned is at the top of each exemplar. Comments about each exemplar are down the left margin of each page.

13 These memos are authentic student writing. Nothing has been changed or added, except for removing the name of the student and professor.

14 Due to the holistic evaluation of each exemplar, there is a range between the 4 exemplars in each level. You will notice that there are errors, even in the level 4 writing. For example, page 35 is a Level 4 exemplar with comments such as “would benefit by use of bullets”, “few grammatical errors” and “Could have a clearer opening”

15 The OCWE document illustrates the 4 different levels of writing that students have displayed at 7 colleges across Ontario. It highlights the 4 levels of the memo, the short report, the research essay and the technical report. Level 4 may not be an A, as we see in the memo samples.

16 The Descriptors in OCWE are not accompanied by a grade, as in the high school Achievement Chart. Level 4 writing is recognized as better than Level 1 writing; however, different colleges, programs and professors have different expectations and minimum passing grades.

17 One professor might fail the Level 1 writing. Another may demand a rewrite. Another may give it a low passing grade. An individual professor or teacher might use the OCWE rubrics and assign his/her own grading scheme to them; however, the OCWE document itself, does not determine A, B, D or F.

18 Any Questions? The Background Factors Affecting OCWE Possible Users Layout of each section The Rating System

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