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Welcome to Ms. Durham’s Social Studies Class. About Ms. Durham.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Durham’s Social Studies Class

2 About Ms. Durham

3 Curriculum Overview Social Studies –Major World Events Exploration Colonization Revolutions World Wars Global Interaction and trade Current Events AND MORE!

4 Required Materials Spiral notebook for ILL –8 ½ x 11 –150 pages Pencils Highlighters Colored Pencils (recommended) Glue Sticks SSR book Positive Attitude

5 Grading System Tests 40% Projects 40% Quizzes 20% TOTAL 100%

6 Homework Policy Students are responsible for: –Writing down homework into their agenda. –Completing homework in a timely manner. –Asking questions about homework they need assistance on. ** Homework Folder is strongly suggested !!

7 Absentee Policy Students are responsible to get missed work from missing work folders. Update their I.L.L. and Table of Contents Report to Working Lunch for additional support

8 A Day in Ms. Durham’s Class (Procedures) Warm-up on Projector Agenda Important Dates Homework Box ILL

9 7 th Grade Expectations Arrive on time, be prepared, and participate in a positive manner Respect the Rights of Others Use appropriate language and behavior at all times Leave non-instructional items at home

10 Positive Behavior Support (PBS) QUARTER ONE: 7 th Grade R 2 = Responsibility Record Used to promote positive behavior among students. Helping others Opening Doors Going above and beyond Rewards PRIDE tickets Three week celebrations End of quarter celebrations Zebra Zeal Award

11 Core I8:15 – 9:13 Spartan Time9:16 – 9:51 Core II9:54 – 10:54 Lunch10:56 – 11:27 1 st Elective11:30 – 12:13 2 nd Elective12:16 – 12:59 Core III1:02 – 2:00 Core IV2:02 – 3:01

12 Contact Ms. Durham Phone: (919) 363-1870 Website: Please feel free to contact anyone on the Zebra’s team anytime!

13 Thank you for coming tonight, with your help we are going to have a great year! DANKE DO JEH A dank aych Grazia Arrigato La shukran ala wajib Gracias Merci Beaucoup Mahalo Dank u THANK YOU!

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