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10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit1 Mike Whalley Durham University

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1 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit1 Mike Whalley Durham University

2 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit2 We are a small group based in the IPPP at Durham University in the UK, whose primary mission is the compilation of: HEP Reaction/Scattering Data Reaction Data Database & Data Reviews Personnel involved: Mike Whalley – DBM/Project Manager Joanne Bentham – Database Assistant Funded by PPARC(UK) STFC(UK) The Durham HEP Database Group PLUS……. UK Mirror Sites of….. SLAC-SPIRES – (hep etc…) + LBNL Review of Particle Physics Since ~ 1975 – originally mainly 2 body final state data …now…. to compile ALL published data on HEP scattering cross sections etc.. “Products”

3 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit3 Types of Particle Physics Data Particle Properties Reaction (scattering) Bibliographic Masses Lifetimes Spin etc… LBNL PDG SLAC spires/hep & arXiv archives Cross Sections Polarizations Event Shapes etc…. a b  c d … Durham “Reaction Data” Database Experimental and Theory papers CDF (Fermilab) jet cross section H1 (DESY) low-x F2 measurements

4 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit4 SPIRES HEP SPIRES HEP PDG ExperimentsJournalsarXiv Durham Data Compilers Users Reaction Database Mirror BDMS UK Mirrors Reaction Data Database BDMS Present SLACBerkeley DurhamHEPDATA DESY Keywords

5 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit5 Reaction/Scattering Data - The Durham Database Group ~10,000 records(papers) -1970s-present data – currently ~150/year WHY? Large amounts of money are spent on experiments to collect the data therefore efforts should be made to make sure it is not lost and available in the long term. Such a data store is essential if, for example, earlier and maybe lower energy data, as well as current data, are to be used in data/theory comparisons, tuning Monte Carlos and in designing new experiments. To provide an easy, and consistent, way of locating data. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Long term commitment Done by physicists Comprehensive coverage Weaknesses: Old DBMS Limited output formats Complicated search syntax Lack of modern networking Lack of personnel (see future ….) Data from Journals – peer reviewed – (not prelim. or conf.) – direct from experiments if only in plot form – verified by authors.

6 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit6 Data Reviews Since 1984 the HEPDATA group has produced and published reviews of “timely and topical” subsets of the data in the HEPDATA database. Published in IoP Journal of Physics G and also since ~1995 on-line as web pages. Enlist the help of experts in the particular subject. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive “one place” archive of the data. The on-line version is kept up-to- date as new data appear. The process of producing the review also audits the database ensuring that it contains all the data on a particular topic.

7 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit7 The Durham-SPIRES connection < 1984 ppfs/ppas received as paper copies + QSPIRES (email) + STAIRS (at RAL) 1984 Durham HEPDATA group produced a database – using BDMS, - weekly ppfs and merging in the ppas. Accessible by logging into remote machines (with guest account). ~1993 Moved to web based front end. Updating weekly, then eventually nightly – but just the ppf/ppa subset of the data. Added conference, hepnames, … 1999 Full mirror service developed – the cut-down version was not enough. 2006 Full rsync of all spires databases nightly. Reaction Data Uses ‘IRN’ as the link

8 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit8 BDMS SPIRES HEP SPIRES HEP PDG Experiments New Reaction Database JournalsarXiv Durham Data Compilers Users JetWeb CEDAR MC validation Monte Carlos generate observed distributions Reaction Database BDMS MySQL UK Mirrors Old Reaction Database Future Java coded data model ascii root aida xml

9 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit9 CEDAR + Combined E-science DAta Resource for HEP = HEPDATA - DurhamJETWEB - UCL HEPDATA – archive of HEP data. JETWEB – a “tool” developed to facilitate the comparison and tuning of Monte Carlo programs (eg) PYTHIA, HERWIG etc.. with real data £350K over 3 years from the PPARC E-Science call to update and join these two together to make a powerful data/MC tuning resource for the start of the LHC

10 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit10 JETWEB CEDAR workplan HEPDATA MC programs Experiments Inputting data directly USERS CEDAR Design new (relational) DB schema. Migrate data to the new DBMS – MySQL Network new DB to JETWEB (or to any user’s programme!) Develop direct entry and maintenance of data by the experiments. Modify JETWEB to take data directly from the new HEPDATA DB Re-write HZTOOL in C++ to handle new MCs for LHC Develop the GRID accessiblility JETWEB uses Grid technology to run fitting jobs remotely publications network/grid

11 10th May 2007SLAC-PPA Summit11 The Durham HEP Databse Group - Summary Since 1975 – Data Compilation of all types of HEP scattering data Products: Reaction Data Database Data Reviews Maintain the UK Mirror sites of SLAC/SPIRES LBNL PDG web pages Future: 1.New Reaction Database – MySQL with Java based model. 2.Expand output types : graphics, ascii, root, aida, xml, etc… 3. Improve input methods (eg direct maintainence by expts(?)… 4. Involvement with CEDAR (MC validation) project.

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