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FACTS AND OPEN QUESTIONS BEHIND THE KILLING OF YITZCHAK RABIN The Lecturer: Natan Gefen, Researcher and Author of “Lethal Sting” (1999) Members of The.

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1 FACTS AND OPEN QUESTIONS BEHIND THE KILLING OF YITZCHAK RABIN The Lecturer: Natan Gefen, Researcher and Author of “Lethal Sting” (1999) Members of The Committee named after Adir Zik Z”L To Investigate The Assassination (in alphabetical order): ^Dr. Col (res) David Chayen, Surgeon Mrs. Kati Cohen, Giv’at Shmuel (MBA) Mrs. Ruti Eisikovitch, Hod-HaSharon (Education) Mr. Natan Gefen, Ramat-Gan (System Analyzer, Investigator) Dr. Rachel Tassa, Jerusalem (Physical Chemistry) ^Prof. Hillel Weiss, Bar-Ilan University (Literature) ^Prof. Arieh Zaritsky, Ben-Gurion University (Genetics) ^ Members of the original committee, established in 1996 Special thanks are due to Dr. (MD) Y.C. for all his efforts in getting the truth, especially analyzing the medical data, exposing the fallacies of “The Shamgar Commission”, and explaining realities ADIR ZIK, of blessed memory 1939 - 2005 Tel-Aviv  Jerusalem Journalist and Man of Truth Israel TV Pioneer Arutz-7 Radio Anchorman Beloved by The People Worked persistently until his last day to dispel the myth known as “The Official Version” of Rabin’s Assassination

2 2 About THE LECTURE Due to great volume of contradictory evidence assembled, we have focused on two areas :  The Sequence of Events in “Malchei Israel” Square - Myth vs. Truth  Medical Findings Revealing The True Scenario INVESTIGATING A CRIMINAL CASE RESEMBLES SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH Data Gathering - documents, photos, laboratory examinations, reports, protocols, testimonies, eyewitnesses, newspaper clippings Analysis - verify data, compare information, confirm assumptions settle contradictions, draw conclusions Documentary material gleaned and collected from : * Police investigation file * The Report from The Shamgar Commission * Protocols from Yigal Amir’s trial * Medical documents and reports

3 3 THE TRIAL BACKGROUND It is commonly accepted in Western legal systems that contradictions presented by the prosecution or in the chain of events preclude a conviction. In Israel, a criminal defendant’s admittance requires minimal evidence As quoted: * There was an overtly dismissive attitude towards the [available] factual information that contradicted the prosecution’s position * Some of the contradictory evidence was either not presented at all or did not receive serious consideration Atty. Pnina Gai State Prosecutor at Yigal Amir’s Trial (Channel 2, November 3, 1995) “The best evidence was his admittance… his own version [submitted] in the police and Shin Bet stations…” מקור : At the trial

4 4 A. Gunpowder Residue Following a shooting, remains of the gunpowder can be found on the hands of the one who discharged the weapon “I sampled the suspect’s hands and [cranial] hair using the particle residue kit.” מקור : The “Particle Examination “ is a test that is widely accepted as most reliable as long as sampling of hands is performed within two hours of discharging the weapon Amir’s hands were sampled less than an hour following the shooting incident [Quoted from document]

5 5 “In the specimen taken from suspect’s hands, using this kit, I did not find any particles one can identify as gunpowder residue” Nadav Levin, of The Criminal Identification Unit of The Investigations Branch at Israel National Police Headquarters, stated (Nov. 14, 1995): מקור :

6 6 Considering the above findings, the police should have examined hands of other suspects... Amazingly, a revised police result was circulated 5 days later, and an additional evaluation kit resurfaced, in which many particles were apparently found on Amir’s hands!... מקור :

7 7 B. Bullet Type Deputy Chief Inspector Dr. Bernard Schechter, Head of The Ballistics Lab at The National Police Headquarters, testified at Amir’s trial that the two bullets removed from the deceased PM contained copper. Quote: “The salient feature of the bullet is that the case is not only brass…” Brass is a copper and zinc mix IN CONTRAST, Captain Baruch Gladstein, from the “Materials and Signs Lab” at National Police Headquarters, testified: “No copper residue was found around the bullet holes in the PM’s jacket ” מקור :

8 8 C. Shooting Range These reports demonstrate that Amir’s gun was not in contact with Rabin’s jacket מקור : The evidence was gathered from Eyewitnesses (distance of 0.5 – 1.5 meters) Event simulation (about 1 m) Investigative crew of the Shin Bet (45 cm) Shamgar Commission (approx. 0.5 m) Roni Kempler’s movie (no more than 0.5 m) Dr. Yehuda Hiss of the National Forensic Pathology Institute (over 1 meter) “Bullet with wound entry mark on left hip: Range - over 1 meter… Direction of Bullet - Posterior to anterior, from lower to upper, from left to right…”

9 9 Gladstein, on the other hand, testified that the 2 nd bullet struck while the gun was placed against Rabin’s jacket It therefore appears that the bullet that hit Rabin was not shot from Amir’s gun [According to Natan Gefen’s testimony, an eye-witness at the trial, Judge Edmund Levy responded with amazement: “How could that be?” he asked the witness, “are you certain? do you have any proof?” This incredulous response of Judge Levy when listening to Captain Gladstein’s testimony, clearly indicate that the Judge noticed the discrepancies between the official version and the evidence presented in court which failed to prove Amir’s culpability in the killing of Yitzchak Rabin. However, rather than navigate the trial according to these discoveries, the Judge chose to ignore the evidence] Second bullet’s hole was found at the bottom of the jacket, to the left, and was characteristic of a point blank shot with actual contact… with classical features of a contact shot” מקור :

10 10 D. Assassination Time Various official documents are at odds regarding time of shooting: 21:30,21:40,21:45, 21:50 [Shamgar Commission ‘decision’] Three independent sources are presented that point to the fact that the time of shooting was no later than 21:30, as follows 1.According to police report, Amir was arrested at 21:30 2.Yigal Amir reports during his investigation that the shooting occurred between 21:15 - 21:30 3.In a photograph of the policeman arresting Yigal Amir, it is clearly noticed that the watch in the picture points to 21:32! [גיליון 15] מקור :

11 11 BUT, AS NOTED EARLIER, Yigal Amir was arrested already at 21:30 Therefore, we must conclude that at 21:47 or 21:50 Yigal Amir could not have shot the bullet that caused Rabin’s death! The Shamgar Commitssion established that the time of the attempted assassination was 21:50, as follows: * According to the chauffer, Damti, he drove from the square to Ichilov hospital in one and a half to two minutes * According to the hospital report, Rabin arrived at the hospital at 21:52 * When we deduct the 2 minute trip from 21:52, we obtain 21:50 From the hospital summary: “On November 4th, 1995, at 21:52, Yitzchak Rabin, age 73, was brought to the emergency room, only a few minutes [estimated at 4-5 mins], after being wounded from gunshots.” מקור :

12 12 Why then did 22 minutes elapse between the incident at the square and the arrival of Rabin to the emergency room? (a distance of mere 800 meters – half a mile…) מקור : It is believed that the above facts alone, facts solely based on investigative information gathered by the Israeli police, suffice to show that it was not possible for Rabin to be killed by Yigal Amir To depict the actual incident, we continue to render an analysis by scrutinizing the hospital documentation, which chronicles the concealed story behind Rabin’s murder

13 13 This was reported repeatedly by members of the medical staff (Newspaper headline and article) The physician who operated Rabin: “The first minutes we did not recognize that the patient was the Prime Minister ” Dr. M. Gutman: “… the hospital was on alert for any possible occurrence, but no one thought that the only person wounded at the rally and brought for treatment would be the Prime Minister.” Rabin was NOT Identified by Ichilov’s physicians מקור :

14 14 Had Rabin been brought to Emergency by his chauffeur Damti and personal security guard Rubin, his identity would not be concealed for a full 12 minute span and his anonymity would not be an issue. How is it, therefore, that during 12 critical minutes [ 21:52 – 22:04], Rabin’s face was not identified by the emergency room crew ? ( עי 34, דו " ח שמגר ) מקור : Rabin’s anonymity refutes the testimony of his chauffeur Menachem Damti and the Shamgar Commission report about Rabin’s mode of arrival to the hospital. Excerpt from Shamgar Commission Report : “The hospital staff did not expect the Prime Minister, because no notification whatsoever was received ahead of time, on any communications devices. Upon arrival of the vehicle to the hospital, Damti came out and asked for a stretcher. Damti, Yoram and policeman Terem, placed the PM on the stretcher and raced to the trauma unit, following the hospital security guard.”

15 15 How is it possible that during 12 critical minutes [21:52 – 22:04], Rabin’s face was not identified by the emergency room staff? It follows that The oxygen tubing did not allow Rabin’s identification Dr. Gutman, who handled Rabin in the emergency and operating rooms, writes in the initial admissions report, that Rabin was brought in intubated by an intensive care ambulance with oxygen endotracheal tubes covering his face מקור :

16 16 The endotracheal tubing did not allow Rabin’s identification * Indeed, in the emergency room registration, one notices the absence of an anesthesiologist, who is normally responsible for resuscitation, intubating patients and maintenance of an airway (for oxygen to reach the lungs) * This validates the report that Rabin arrived at the emergency room already intubated and there was no urgent need to call for an anesthesiologist to carefully insert the ventilation tubes to maintain a patent airway. [Note: most physicians are not experienced in emergency endotracheal intubation, which is quite tricky.] Not surprisingly, the initial admissions report of Rabin’s arrival in an intensive care ambulance “disappeared” from official emergency room files Doctor’s Examination in Emergency Room – Age: 73, was brought to Emergency Room in a passenger vehicle after being shot from close range מקור :

17 17 MEDICAL HISTORY RE-VISITED A MEDICAL DOCUMENT written by DR. GUTMAN reveals an entirely different story from all we have known about Rabin’s murder ORIGINAL ADMISSIONS REPORT This document reports a single “bullet injury In the lung… exit wound towards D5-6 with a crushed vertebra.” Moreover, died after 40 minutes of intensive treatment, an infusion of 8 units of blood, and without being transferred to the operating room. This information contradicts the content of the Shamgar Report.

18 18 INTERIM SUMMARY Rabin arrived in the emergency room at 9:52 P.M. with a single bullet shot in the chest from the front, injuring the spinal column Following resuscitation and infusion of 8 units of blood, Rabin died in the emergency room

19 19 This picture Confirmed the presence of a bullet in the spinal column, And Assisted to determine the time of shooting of the other 2 bullets. Surprisingly, Rabin’s chest X-rays film was displayed on Israeli TV-2 on November 3, 2005 LOCATION and NUMBER of BULLETS The televised X-ray film contradicts the Pathology Report on a most critical point: LOCATION of BULLETS (Contradictions are shown on the next slide)

20 20 Two important contradictions between the X-ray film and the forensic pathology report by Dr. Hiss 1. Whereas the pathology report (page 3) points out - One bullet imbedded in the left pulmonary hilus 2. Whereas the pathology report (page 5) points out - No fractures in the spinal vertebrae in the areas of back and hip - the X-ray film shows no bullet in the left pulmonary hilus - the X-ray film shows a clear bullet in a spinal vertebra (see red arrow on the chest X-ray film)

21 21 (עמ' 3) The Forensic Pathology Report deletes the bullet in the spinal column and accounts only for 2 bullets in the back In the back are 2 bullet entry holes. A. in the upper third of back to the right of the median, B. In the lower parts of the back in the left, above the waist

22 22 But during the consolidation of the official version, some senior doctors were already able to determine the type of injury Rabin suffered, or how he was injured: Knesset member Dr. Yoram Lass, M.D. Knesset member and Health minister, Dr. Efraim Sneh, M.D. Director of Ichilov Hospital, Prof. Gabi Barabash, M.D. All 3 declared that the injury was sustained in the SPINAL COLUMN!

23 23 * Quoting Dr Yoram Lass, M.D.: “…I spoke with the surgeons who operated on the Prime Minister… he had a total crash of the nervous system in the waist area…” * Quoting Dr. Sneh, M.D.: “…The Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin... was injured by 3 bullets that hit his chest, his abdomen and the spinal column. The injuries were severe…” * Quoting Prof. Gabi Barabash, M.D.: “…It was clear that he was wounded in the chest and abdomen. resuscitation efforts and transfusions began... it was clear that he was bleeding from the chest, a thorax drain was performed to reduce pressure. When draining tube was inserted, much blood and pressure were released. He was taken to the operating room. In the surgery, it was discovered that the spleen was ruptured, that the blood vessels near the cardiac area were injured and that the spinal column was gravely hit…” Reporter: “How many bullets involved?” Prof. Barabash: “I believe 2; no 3; I believe 2, but one that hit the cardiac area also hit the spinal column and got wedged in the column.”

24 24 priapism, a clinical finding symptomatic of spinal shock from severance of the spinal column “the rupture in the lung leads to the D5-6 level where the bone is crushed.” This is a description of bullet path from anterior of chest to the lung injuring spinal column OPERATING ROOM file reports “DESTROYED SPINAL VERTEBRA” Also the FINAL REPORT of the hospital mentions a crushed vertebra Previously, EMERGENCY ROOM file reports:

25 25 This OPERATING ROOM information of DESTROYED SPINAL VERTEBRA is consistent with original EMERGENCY ROOM records, but contradicts the FORENSIC PATHOLOGY REPORT Clearly, there can be no shattered vertebra without injury to the spine Why was the bullet path that destroyed the spinal vertebra omitted from the pathology report? And if a man is injured in the spine, he can absolutely not stay on his feet. There is immediate lack of postural control and the subject collapses instantly !!

26 26 Question: Why did this injury disappear from the pathology report and from the Shamgar Commission Records [based on this medical record]? Injury to the spinal cord results in instant irreversible paralysis. Admission of a collapsed spinal vertebra would imply that the shooting did not occur in the municipality square as Rabin turned his head staying on his feet following the shooting

27 27 Following are testimonies of professional medical experts who advised us concerning the X-ray film of Prime Minister Rabin’s body, taken before the autopsy (The X-ray was revealed in the documentary on TV Channel 2, November 3, 2005) (The official correspondence with the experts is by “Dr. Hadar”) One expert on diagnostic radiology, one neurosurgeon, two surgeons – all 4 professionals determine that the D5-6 vertebra of Rabin is shattered They all want to examine the CT as well But the CT is concealed by the High Court of Justice (BaGaZ) according to a bizarre resolution of “decency of the individual” According to all experts Yitzchak Rabin was paralyzed instantly at his being shot These findings entirely rule out entirely any scenario whereby Rabin was injured in the square

28 28 “…On examination of the radiology contained in file, and in view of the above facts, it appears most likely that the thoracic spine is fractured in D5-6” Prof. (Dr.) Ranjit Malhotra M.B.B.S. M.D. F.A.M.S., Senior Consultant and Head, Radiology Department, Center for Radiology and Medical Sciences, Greater Kailash, New-Delhi 110048, India

29 29 Dr. Tsitsopoulos Parmenion, M.D., Department of Neurosurgery, Hippokrateio General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece “What I can see is a defect in this area (Th5-Th6), possibly related to a severe loss of bone continuity”

30 30 “it is not possible to give an exact answer. We need at least an x ray of the thoracic spine in ap and lateral, better would be a CT scan of the thoracic spine For me looks like a fracture of D5-6, further the bullet is in the left lung and the lung looks like collapsed to me. Further there is a metal divice bullet in the lateral right lung. The patient had an operation the chest was opened because you can see the metal wires in the sternum” Robert Pflugmacher, M.D., Centrum für Muskuloskeletale Chirurgie, Berlin, Germany

31 31 Prof. Tony W. Baskin M.D. F.A.C.S. Col MC Professor of Surgery, Uniformed Services University Of Health Sciences USA Institute Surgical Research, Trauma Division Chief Trauma Critical Care Program director Surgical Critical Care Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas “Yes, there does appear to be a fracture or injury in the area of the fifth or sixth thoracic vertebrae.”

32 Dr. Hiss testified (p. 68): “When such a bullet hits a target, it loses more kinetic energy to the surrounding tissues.” “The transfer of energy to target is a huge blow that crushes metal” Hollow point bullets could not allow Rabin any chance of looking backwards So, from the point of view of momentum as well, Rabin could have not been shot at the square PRINCIPLES OF MOMENTUM Deputy Chief Inspector Dr. Bernard Schechter, Head of The Ballistic Lab at The National Police Headquarters, testified in Amir Trial: “When a hollow point bullet hits target, it inflates and transfers its entire energy to target… to the body.”

33 33 LUNG INJURY According to official version, Rabin was hit by 2 bullets, * One on the right side of chest, and * The second bullet, going from the hip to the left side of the chest But emergency room indicate: ADEQUATE VENTILATION on LEFT This contradicts the existence of a bullet wound in the left chest wall and any penetrating lung injury The thoracic drain was placed in the operating room as the standard emergency procedure following chest and lung injury In the setting of gunshot wound injury, not placing a chest tube in the emergency room ultimately excludes the existence of any bullet wound

34 34 THE SPLEEN In the surgical report, the spleen is described as ruptured – without serious bleeding Since spleenic rupture induces extravasation with a large amount of blood leaking into the abdominal cavity, this implies that Rabin was already dead when the spleen ruptured * Had Rabin been alive when the spleen ruptured, then his abdominal cavity would be hemorrhaging profusely But a corpse does not hemorrhage and therefore This would be the reason why there was minimal bleeding

35 35 DIED TWICE During surgery Rabin received 21 units of blood. This is an incredible amount in view of the fact that surgery ruled out internal hemorrhaging. This quantity of blood is way much larger than the amount a 80 Kg male contains. Only a corpse would be the recipient of 21 units of blood. A LIVE PERSON WOULD RAPIDLY SUCCUMB TO DEATH DUE TO EXCESSIVE FLUIDS (circulatory overload, hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia) At the end of the surgical report, it is stated “Death established” But in the emergency room, Rabin was already pronounced dead. So how is it that Rabin died twice?

36 36 According to the forensic pathological report, the bullet in the left pulmonary hilus (or lung gate) was removed by Dr. Hiss during the autopsy, but the chest X-ray film reveals that the bullet had been removed already earlier in the operating room And indeed, according to the protocols of Yigal Amir’s trial, Dr. Kluger testified that he removed this 3 rd bullet during the treatment, before the X-ray was taken and before the autopsy 3 BULLETS Therefore, it is concluded that [at least] 3 bullets entered Rabin’s body, of which 2 are visible in the X-ray film, and a 3 rd bullet removed prior to taking of the X-ray

37 37 “Haim, the technician-photographer, awaited us in the emergency room. Immediately a Shin Bet man arrived and motioned us to come with him. We marched in to a room where additional Shin Bet persons were present, with frozen, fallen faces. One of them invited us politely to sit. He sat and wrote down our personal data which we submitted at his request. He forwarded the data to his colleague who went to check it out. Within a few minutes he returned and mumbled “all’s well” Two other Shabak persons turned to Prof. Hiss and said: “There are four of you and that’s too many. You can enter with only 2 more people”. Prof. Hiss explained to him: “Look, I must have a surgical technician and an X ray technician”. I felt badly for Dr. Levi, the elder in the institute, who was past retirement age. Still, it is impossible to give up such a prominent forensic expert, a man so well liked. I regretted seeing him disappointed as he was on the verge of his life’s feat.” THE SHIN BET AT THE HOSPITAL Eli Lipstein, operating room technician who participated in the Rabin autopsy, related to the atmosphere there in his book “My Years among the Dead”:

38 38 The Shin Bet personnel did not permit the senior pathologist, Dr. Levi, to participate in the autopsy, with the excuse that 4 people were too many… But, Eli Lipstein reports in his book that the autopsy was viewed by many doctors and nurses who played no role... How do the Sin Bet determine that 4 is too many for this autopsy, insufficient or exactly right? Why did the chief pathologist, Prof. Yehuda Hiss, appear defensive despite his high position, and follow commands by the Shin Bet in the hospital? It appears that there was a massive presence of Sin Bet personnel in the hospital. Moreover, they were the people in command. What national secrets were concealed in the dead Prime Minister’s body? פרופ' יהודה היס (תיק לא סגור? 3.11.2005)

39 39 SUMMARY: THE FINDINGS SHOW CONCLUSIVELY THAT: 1.No gun powder residue was found on Yigal Amir’s hands 2.The bullets removed from Rabin’s body differ from those bullets passing through Rabin’s jacket 3.The shooting range causing Rabin’s death differs entirely from the distance of Amir’s shots – proving that Rabin was not injured by Amir’s shots 4.Rabin was shot after Yigal Amir was already arrested by the police 5.The extended time of the 22 minute drive to bring Rabin to the emergency room (half a mile distance) was too long, even if it was around way 6.The fact that Rabin was not identified during the first 12 minutes of treatment in Ichilov disproves the Shamgar Commission report that Rabin was brought to the hospital by his chauffeur in his limousine 7.Admissions records reveal that Rabin arrived in an intensive care ambulance intubated, with oxygen endotracheal tubes covering his face ALL THE ABOVE CAN * Explain the unusually stretch of time for Rabin’s arrival to Ichilov Hospital * Explain why Rabin was not identified during the initial 12 minutes in the hospital * Refute Damti’s testimony and the Shamgar Commission Report’s version regarding Rabin’s arrival at Ichilov Hospital

40 40 8. Further perusal of the original Emergency room report reveals that: * Rabin was brought at the Emergency with single bullet injury in frontal right thorax, anterior shot entry, with no wound in back - and not with 2 bullet injuries in the back as the forensic pathology report claims * Until he died, Rabin received 8 blood units - and not 21 as was officially reported * The fatal injury shattered the vertebra and left Rabin paralyzed - this was omitted from the pathology and official Shamgar Commission reports * Rabin’s death was established in the emergency room at 10:30 P.M. - and not 40 minutes after being transferred to a surgical suite, as was pronounced officially on the day of murder 9. X-ray film confirms conclusively the reliability of medical reports about the shattered dorsal vertebra, which contradicts the version presented by Prof. Hiss to the Shamgar Commission Shamgar Commission concealed the resultant paralysis because the paralysis precluded the possibility that Rabin’s injury occurred in the square 10. Reviewing the Emergency and Operating rooms documentation reveals that 2 consequent wound shots were fired after Rabin’s death, and have been attributed to Amir’s gun

41 41 Ichilov Hospital – SUMMARY Rabin arrived at the emergency room with a single bullet lodged in his spinal column (from a point blank shot fired into his chest) (*) Intending to attribute the shots to Yigal Amir, who was behind Rabin, Bullets were shot into the back of Rabin’s dead body In order to ensure that the wounds be accounted for at the hospital, The physicians at Ichilov were returned to the emergency room Dr. Hiss was ordered to eliminate mention of the first bullet (to the chest) and to note only the 2 new bullets (shot from the back) Hiss acquiesced (*) Unknown shooter

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