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Status of the AGATA Project and profile of the Spanish contribution A. Gadea IFIC, CSIC-Univ. Valencia (AGATA Project Manager) 180 Ge crystals, 6660 high-resolution.

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1 Status of the AGATA Project and profile of the Spanish contribution A. Gadea IFIC, CSIC-Univ. Valencia (AGATA Project Manager) 180 Ge crystals, 6660 high-resolution digital channels, PSA + tracking Probably the most challenging project in the Nuclear Structure community Unique in Europe, Physics driven   /3 already measuring For the EUROPEAN RIB facilities NUSTAR, SPIRAL2, SPES, … TDR ready since 2008 (after R&D phase), part of NUSTAR/FAIR project

2 PSA code and TRACKING: working! experiments not been limited. Presently segments treated as with one interaction. Space for improvement : the main factors is the detector response Characterization and new data bases required  Scanning table newly design based in F.Crespi (INFN-Milano) work. Detector Module, PSA and Tracking  corrected SG r=15 mm July 2010 Contribution of LRI – Uni. Salamanca and supported from IFIC Investment in a test cryostat (UAM)  knowledge on installation of capsules in a cryostat will be transferred The Highly Segmented Ge-detector: developed by Canberra-France for AGATA. Encapsulation technique from EUROBALL The Cryostat technology know-how and detector characterization techniques: open knowlege for all the collaboration

3 FEE and DAQ for R&D phase and phase1 DAQ FARM PSA FARM Core + 36 seg. GL Trigger Clock 100 MHz T-Stamp Other detectors Fast 1 st Level Trigger Other Detectors Diff. Fast-reset-TOT 75.5db SNR 12.2 ENOB GTS DIGITIZER PREAMPL. ATCA Carrier GTS HIGH THROUGHTPUT PRE-PROCESSING CARRIER / MEZZANINES Digital preamplifier concept 200MB/s/ segment 100MB/s/ detector Cost of Old FEE for one ATC 180 k€ New FEE 75 k€: Spain participating in the development with >1 FTE 2 x Large ATCA Cards Replaced by 1 PCIe INFN + IFIC Participation of IFIC and ETSE UV: FPGA synchronization firmware developments Digitizers replaced by highly integrated mezzanines with new FADCs (INFN-Milano) Synergies with AD developments (IFIC)

4 Infrastructure and Detector Support System Low Voltage: High Voltage: (development) Control cryogenic & LN2 cycle: Conceptual and Mechanical design for the PRESPEC GSI campaign LRI – Uni. Salamanca (supported by IFIC)

5 Funds required for 5% of AGATA-phase 1 financed by Spain Capsules (Detector Module) 2 x 219 k€  438 k€ (IFIC & IEM) Cryostat for 3 capsules (Detector Module)  106 k€ (LRI-USAL) Remaining Detector Module 544 k€ (IEM, IFIC, USAL) 1 Capsule 173 k€ + VAT (FPA2008-06419 IFIC) Scanning Table investments 213k€ (FPA2008-06419 LRI-USAL) 1 AGATA Single Test Cryostat 55 k€ + VAT (FPA-2007-66069 UAM) 1 GTS for Ancillary Detectors 10 k€ (GV PROMETEO2010/101 IFIC) Detector Support System (Infrastructure)  12.1 k€ (LRI-USAL) Cabling MDR + optical fibres (Infrastructure) x3  9.5 k€ (LRI-USAL) Mounting Cryostat Mechanics (Infrastructure)  5 k€ (LRI-USAL) PSA-Farm W.S. (Data Flow) 3x3.6k€  10.8 k€ (LRI-USAL) Control W.S. (Data Flow)  3.6 k€ (LRI-USAL) Data Transfer items (Data Flow)  5 k€ (LRI-USAL) Trigger Cards GTS (FE Electronics GTS) 3x  8 k€ (LRI-USAL) Total Insfrastructure + GTS 54 k€ (LRI-USAL) Digitizer (FE Electronics) 3x15k€  45 k€ (IFIC) Pre-Processing (FE Electronics) 3x10k€  30 k€ (IFIC) Total FEE 75 k€ (IFIC) Running Costs 2012-2014 (5%): 42 k€(IEM) AGATA Items already Financed ~492 k€

6 The IFIC Valencia group: Dr. Andres Gadea Raga 1 FTE IC-CSIC (AGATA PM) Dr. Cesar Domingo Pardo 0.5 FTE RyC (Working for AGATA since 2 years) Mr. Tayfun Hüyük 1 FTE PhD (ancillary developments and N=Z) Mr. Diego Barrientos Turrion 1 FTE PhD (Electronic Engineer ) Mr. Javier Egea Canet 1 FTE PhD (Electronic Engineer, inc. May 2011) Mr. Alberto Perez 0.5 FTE Technician Collaborators from the Department of Electronic Engineering, ETSE UV group : Prof. Enrique Sanchis Peris CU (Digital Electronics Eng. )  0.5FTE (2013) Prof. Vicente González Millán PTU (Digital Electronics Eng.) Mr. José María Blasco Igual PhD (Digital Electronics Eng.) Mr. Fernando Carrió Argos PhD (Digital Electronics Eng.) Collaborators from the eScience GRID-CSIC group: Dr. Mohamed Kaci TSC (Computing Support.) Dr. Victor Mendes TSC (Computing Support.) High Resolution  - Spectroscopy: towards AGATA

7 Experience and activity of the group Experience working and building large Ge Arrays as GASP, EUROBALL, CLARA, AGATA … We have Participated in the R&D, the conceptual design and building of AGATA. C. Domingo-Pardo has worked on the AGATA concept for the PRESPEC (NUSTAR precursor), with large impact in AGATA. EUROBALL AGATA AGATA at PRESPEC inner ring CLARA@LNL Record experience on Nuclear Strucuture data taking and analysis  spokespersons on more than 10 proposals for 2011-2013. Record on Nuclear structure results: curriculum of the group ~330 publications including 15 PRL and 1 Nature, sum of citations >3000. Experience on managing technological and research projects: A. Gadea has been Project Manager or responsible of several instrumental developments: CLARA, DANTE, AGATA Demonstrator, AGATA The ETSE-UV group will give effective support on the design, construction and firmware production of parts of AGATA and complementary instrumentation FEE. The e-Science GRID-CSIC IFIC group is supporting the implementation of the AGATA data analysis on GRID.

8 Outcome of recent Projects FPA2008-06419 goals within our responsibility: R&D on DESPEC/NUSTAR HR array for decay  -ray spectroscopy at NUSTAR: R&D on using AGATA for DESPEC (B.Quintana) R&D on improving the imaging capabilities of AGATA by coupling with Ge DSSD detectors. Setup and maintenance of AGATA-PRISMA at INFN-LNL Contribution to AGATA (1 capsule) + Scanning table Experimental activity with AGATA and other Large Ge arrays AGATA-PRISMA (10.30 Sp., 10.20 + others), Rising (S337 Sp., S350, S361) and complementary research at GANIL-EXOGAM, (E451a Sp.) NSCL-MSU, etc... Analysis ongoing. PI-CSIC and Bilateral Actions with INFN & IN2P3 ( FPA2008-03774, ACI2009-1070, AIC10-D-000568, AIC10-D-000429) PROMETEO2010/101 Generalitat Valenciana Developments associated with AGATA complementary instrumentation Ge DSSD > 40 publications (2009-2011), Technical AGATA Publications: F. Recchia et al. NIM A604 (09) 555: Position resolution of AGATA detectors M. Doncel et al. NIM A622 (10) 614 : Background rejection, AGATA detectors. E. Farnea et al. NIM A621 (10) 331: AGATA array Conceptual Design. P-A. Soderstrom et al. NIM A638 (11) 96: AGATA in-beam position resolution. A.Gadea et al. NIM submitted: Installation AGATA sub-array at INFN-LNL AGATA Collaboration, NIM in preparation: The AGATA array AGATA @INFN-LNL

9 N=Z T=0 pairing Technical and Physics Goals K. Sieja PRC81, 061303 T.Otsuka PRL105 032501, J.D Holt arXiv:1009.5984v1 3N Forces T.Otsuka PRL97 162501 Tensor interaction relative motion Mirror symmetry Evolution of the shell structure far from stability; single particle levels and shell gaps, evolution of shapes and collectivity Exotic structures along the N=Z line: p-n enhancement of collective properties Contribution to R&D and production of the new AGATA FEE to the R&D and production of the AGATA-Compatible FEE for Ancillaries to the characterization and detector know-how in collaboration with LRI-USAL to the construction of AGATA A.P.Zuker PRL 89 142502 S.M. Lenzi LNP 764 57 A.Gadea PRL 97 152501 Physics Programme (7 LoI for AGATA PRESPEC with IFIC co-spokesperson)

10 Financial Requests Summary 2012-2014 Note: the IFIC group has 4.5 FTE and will reach 5FTE in 2013 Personnel: Contract: data analysis on N=Z and MC simulations 90.0k€ Contract: data analysis on the AGATA experiments at PRESPEC 90.0k€ Instrumentation: Small instrumentation for the programmed experiments 5.0k€ Computers 4x Desktop + 3x Laptop 10.5k€ Construction of the AGATA Cluster FEE Digitizers + Pre-Processing 75.0k€ AGATA Segmented and encapsulated detector219.0k€ Consumables: Isotopes for the experimental activity: 10.0k€ Travelling funds: Two PAC presentations per year (short visits to international labs) 4.2k€ Two short workshops per year 4.8k€ Participation of Doctors to International Conferences 3 per year 16.9k€ Participation of no-Doctors to schools or Conferences 1 per year 7.5k€ Short meeting in the context of the AGATA Collaboration (9 per year) 9.0k€ Travelling for the Experimental activity 4 x 2 persons per year 28.8k€ Visitors: Two visits of 1 week per year 4.8k€ Total requested 576.5k€ Indirect cost excluded

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