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Varma Sikichai for women

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1 Varma Sikichai for women

2 Introduction Varma Kalai is a martial art and esoteric healing art originating from ancient Tamil Nadu in South India. The name literally translate as "The Art of Vital Points". It is an element of the Tamil martial art Kuttu varisai One of the sidhhar kalai SIDHHAR THIRUMOOLAR AGASTHIYAR

3 Techiniques Thodu Varmam 96 Vital Points triggered by a touch. Not deadly, but will affect the victim by disabling the body, organ movements and function. Padu Varmam 12 Vital Points that are fatal, causing immediate, severe effects upon the victim.

4 Thattu Varmam Decisive Vital points that are used by the master. These are kept confidential until the master pass on the knowledge to the selected disciple Nooku Varmam (also known as) Meitheenda Kalai Triggering vital points by focusing/ concentrating on the target. It takes several years of practice for one to become an expert in Nooku Varmam.

5 In human body there are 108 Varmam's (Vital points) they are:
Parts of the human body 25 From head to neck 45 From neck to navel 9 From navel to arm 14 Arms 15 Legs

6 According to Vaidhiya murai (Healing therapy under Siddha medicine) the vital points are explained as: Vital Points Functions 64 Vadha varmam 24 Pitha Varmam 6 Kaba Varmam Ul Varmam 8 Thattu Varmam

7 Varma points for pregnant women
For normal delivery Pachi naer varmam (from 9th month starting till delivery) Duration :- twice a day (morning and evening)

8 Varma Points for menstrual disorder
Palla varmam Kodukai varmam Duration : Twice a day ( morning and evening) For all menstrual disorders and menopausal disoders, fibroids

9 Varma Points for Menopausal disorder
Kooradangal varmam Duration : twice a day (morning and evening)

10 Varma Points for anemia
Sakthi varmam Duration : twice a day (morning and evening)

11 Varma Points for back pain
Kumbeeri kalam varmam Viruthikalam varmam Duration twice a day (morning and evening)

12 Varma points for thyroid problem
Hypo thyroid Kondai kolli varmam Sumai varmam Duration : twice a day (morning and evening) Hyper thyroid Uthirakalam varmam

13 Varma Points for Infertility
Kondai kolli varmam Pallavarmam Kodukai varmam Duration : tweice a day (morning and evening)


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