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Circulatory System Warm-up Complete the sentences.

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1 Circulatory System Warm-up Complete the sentences

2 Warm-up#37 Directions: Use the following terms to correctly complete the sentences below and write the complete sentences arterieschamberswhite veins fibrin 1.The heart has four cavities called ______________. 2. ___________ move blood away from the heart, while __________ move blood to the heart. 3. _______ blood cells fight bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances. 4. When you get a minor cut, platelets in your blood stick to the wound and cause _________ threads to form a clot.

3 Notes: Disorders and Diseases of blood I. Anemia A.Too few red blood cells or too little hemoglobin in RBC’s B.Body tissues don’t receive enough oxygen

4 Continue anemia C. Causes 1.Great blood loss 2.Improper diet 3.Diseases or their side effects

5 Blood Disease D. Sickle cell anemia 1.Hereditary 2.Red Blood Cell’s become sickle-shaped and clog blood flow Sickle cell anemia cells #2

6 Disease of the blood II. Leukemia A.Too many white blood cells produced B.White blood cell’s are immature; do not fight infection well Acute leukemia

7 Blood Diseases C. Treatment 1.Bone marrow transplant 2. Blood transfusion Transplant

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