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a reliable and reproducible correction of iron deficiency

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1 a reliable and reproducible correction of iron deficiency
New website online a reliable and reproducible correction of iron deficiency

2 What is GlobiFer? GlobiFer is a natural fortified heme-iron supplement in tablet form. It will effectively approach iron deficiency and anemia thanks to excellent absorption of the iron with virtually no side effects. A cure for anemia A trouble free way of iron supplementation A Food Supplement for situations when usual diet is not satisfactory Tablets as replacement for injections Element of iron is important micronutrient Manufacturerd in Germany following GMP regulations

3 What is heme-iron? Heme-iron is the best natural source of absorbable iron. It is also present in meat, poultry and fish. Heme-iron can be absorbed via the independent hemoglobin pathway as a whole unit and without residue. Hemoglobin which is not absorbed is inert and will not cause irritations Uptake is not affected by low acid content in the stomach Natural occurance

4 Heme-iron vs non heme-iron
Absorption of heam iron is much more efficient and not affected by food, antacids, pH of gut Traditional iron salts (non heme-iron) shows many side effects such as nausea, constipation, performance deterioration and tiredness. With fortified heam- iron (GlobiFer) these are restricted to almost none!

5 Key facts fortified heme-iron
naturally occurring compound in meat, fish and poultry natural compound derived from heamoglobin and myoglobin retains iron within the molecule during digestion does not form charged particles (ions) within the stomach, minimizing gastric irritation and nausea associated with few gastrointestinal side effects and constipation compared to simple non-heam iron absorbed by combining with its own receptor in the intestine lining absorption not affected by other foods approximately 5 times better absorption than non heme-iron Source:

6 Products GlobiFer Plus®
For maintenance along with a vitamin boost in the form of folic acid and iron fumarate GlobiFer Forte® Cure for acute iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, guaranteeing fast improvement. GlobiFer® Half dosage of GlobiFer Forte. For maintenance and suitable for children.

7 GlobiFer Plus vs GlobiFer Forte
Usage Maintenance From start until target hemoglobin is reached Target group Pediatric, gynecology Gynecology, nephrology, cardiology, oncology Doses 1 tablet per day 1-2 tablets per day Iron content Mix which causes synergy of absorption of the iron salt by the heme-iron Fortified high bioavailable iron Treatment Iron deficiency syndrome Iron deficiency anemia Benefits Proper management in proper time Fast results comparative to IV iron results in a more compliant method Unique The only fortified heam iron with patent innovation world wide

8 Hemoglobin powder from cattle, enriched with iron sulphate
Composition GlobiFer GlobiFer Plus GlobiFer Forte Function Hemoglobin powder from cattle, enriched with iron sulphate (Fe²+ as heam iron) 300mg (9,00mg) 600mg (18,00mg) Nutrient – mineral Iron fumarate (Fe²+) - 27,50mg Folic Acid 0,40mg

9 GlobiFer Forte user experience
Initial Hemoglobin Time of treatment to reach target heamoglobin  2 tablets/day GlobiFer Forte  1 tablet/day standard Iron salt 7 g/dl 3,5 months 21 months 8 g/dl 3 months 18 months 9 g/dl 2,5 months 16 months 10 g/dl 2,2 months 13 months 11 g/dl 1,8 months 11 months 12 g/dl 1,3 months 8 months

10 Target groups Woman health Pregnant Woman with(out) aneamia
Active diet: GlobiFer (Plus) Reactive: GlobiFer Forte Gynecological surgery Excessive menstrual blood loss

11 Target groups Anemia Oncology Gastroenterology Chronic kidney diseases
Chronic Heart Failure (cfr Okonko study) General surgery with potential of blood loss (f.e. Othopaedics)

12 Customers Sweden UK Iran Belgium Hungary Switzerland Lebanon Yemen
Libya Albania Dubaï Azerbaijan Kuwait

13 More info on
Globifer Intl Bvba Molenberglei 20 2627 Schelle Belgium T: F: Registration nr:

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