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Bridging Communities Through Partnership

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1 Bridging Communities Through Partnership
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Bridging Communities Through Partnership

2 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, founded by the late entertainer Danny Thomas, is the first institution established for the sole purpose of conducting basic and clinical research into catastrophic childhood diseases, mainly cancer. The first desegregated hospital in Memphis and the region. It functioned as a totally integrated facility including treatment areas, dining rooms and bathroom facilities. St. Jude, which is non-sectarian, treats children without regard to race, religion, creed or ability to pay. St. Jude is the ONLY pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatments that are not covered by insurance. Families without insurance are NEVER asked to pay.

3 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (cont.)
The hospital’s daily operating costs are approximately more than $1.2 million, which are primarily covered by public contributions. The first to receive government approval for a unique bone marrow transplant procedure for parents who are not exact matches to be donors for their children. Since its inception, St. Jude has developed protocols that have brought survival rates for childhood cancers to more than 70 percent.

4 2007 Kappa Achievements $100,000 was raised for St. Jude in , which represents the largest donation that Kappa has given to a charity. Because of our huge success this year, Kappa Alpha Psi has committed to raise $500,000 in five years. With this commitment, the lobby of the Translational Trials Unit will bear the Kappa name.

5 Overview of the Translational Trials Unit (TTU)
The TTU is home to St. Jude’s translational medicine, the HIV/AIDS Program and the Sickle Cell Clinic. The first research grant was given to Dr. Lemuel Diggs for the continuation of his work on sickle cell anemia. St. Jude now has one of the largest pediatric Sickle Cell research and treatment programs in the world. St. Jude is the first known hospital in the world to cure sickle cell disease through bone marrow transplantation, which still offers the only cure for sickle cell disease. St. Jude is the leader in pediatric AIDS research. Scientists are also studying new drugs to inhibit the virus. A parainfluenza virus vaccine, AIDS vaccine, and a cholera vaccine are currently under investigation in the TTU.

6 How can Kappa Alpha Psi members achieve this goal?

7 Sunday of Hope St. Jude has developed a program for Kappa called Sunday of Hope. This program is designed to be implemented in churches across the country. On one Sunday in January, Kappa members will attend and ask for a “love offering” for St. Jude from their church. January was selected in celebration of Kappa’s Founders’ Day.

8 Sunday of Hope – Timeline
September-November Each alumni chapter is asked to secure at least one church to participate in the Sunday of Hope program in January. The goal for each church secured is to raise at least $1,000. To assist in securing a church, St. Jude will provide the following tools for Kappa to use: A sales presentation to use at meetings with potential participating churches St. Jude quick facts to help educate church leaders about St. Jude St. Jude brochures to provide additional information

9 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
September-November After a church agrees to host the Sunday of Hope, the designated Kappa Representative will assist the church official in completing the Sunday of Hope commitment form. The commitment form will capture the necessary information needed to provide the church with materials to participate. Once the Kappa Representative receives the commitment form from the church official, he will go online at and officially register the church. All churches must be registered in the system by November 20.

10 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
November The Kappa Rep will work with the church official to outline the program and they will set the date for the Sunday of Hope event. Each registered church will receive a kit of materials to successfully implement the program. Those materials include: A welcome letter Talking points Informational posters Fliers Two sets of bulletin inserts Donation envelopes A gospel song featuring a patient story A DVD containing a patient story Bookmarks Collection envelopes

11 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
December At the beginning of December, a kit will be shipped to the designated Kappa Representative. The Kappa Representative will be responsible for delivering the Sunday of Hope kit to the church. The Kappa Rep will also need to verify that all aspects of the program are in place for implementation. By December 30, the church will need to place all informational posters around high traffic areas. In addition, the month out insert needs to be placed in the church bulletin.

12 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
January The church will place out the fliers two weeks prior to the Sunday of Hope. The church will put the insert in the bulletin the week prior to the Sunday of Hope. In addition, the church needs to distribute the donation envelopes a week prior to the Sunday of Hope.

13 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
January – Day of Sunday of Hope On the actual day, the Kappa Rep will be present the Sunday of Hope to the church congregation using the talking points provided by St. Jude. In addition, the Kappa Rep will show a St. Jude patient story video. The Kappa Rep along with the church minister will ask the families to give a “love offering” to St. Jude. A bookmark will be given to each family that donates. During this time, the St. Jude gospel CD can be played. After the event, the Kappa Rep and church official will collect the revenue, count it and send it to St. Jude. Monies collected from each church will be tracked individually. Each Province will also have a report that details the money it raised. Each donor will receive an acknowledgement from St. Jude.

14 Sunday of Hope – Timeline (cont.)
March St. Jude will host a National check presentation at St. Jude for Kappa members and top church officials. The top 10 fundraising churches and their Kappa contact will be invited to attend the check presentation. St. Jude will send out a national post event press release to publicize Kappa’s commitment to community.

15 2008 Sunday of Hope Goal 292 Alumni chapters raising $1,000 = $292,000

16 Additional Fundraising Opportunity
Web banner This Web banner is available to put on your individual Web sites. It links directly to the Kappa page on Encourage your members to donate by clicking on the Web banner. Each donation of $25 or more will receive a special gift.

17 Kappa page on

18 Click on your Province (to donate).

19 Fill out the donation form.

20 Kappa lapel pin

21 Contact Information For more information, please contact: Brett Collins St. Jude Sunday of Hope Liaison or Jerry Siegel National Chairman, St. Jude Partnership or St. Jude patient Lauren and her father Ken Lewis, a Kappa member and minister.

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