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Governance Issues in MDM 1.

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1 Governance Issues in MDM 1

2 2 India’s Growth Story

3 Decline in poverty (as % of total population) 3

4 Monthly per capita exp ( prices) RURAL 4

5 Monthly per capita exp ( prices) URBAN 5

6 6

7 Per capita daily availability (grams) 7

8 8

9 9

10 Food Groups Recommended Daily Intake (g/day) Per capita daily consumption (g/day), RuralUrban Cereals and Millets Pulses Milk and dairy products Vegetables Eggs, fish and meat Oils Sugar

11 11

12 12

13 Underweight children below 5 years (2013) 13

14 Underweight children below 5 years (2013) 14

15 Rationale Preventing classroom hunger Promoting school participation Facilitating healthy growth of children Intrinsic educational value Fostering social equality Enhancing gender equity Psychological Benefits 15

16 16

17 Caste and Enrolment in Schools Covered by MDM 17

18 18

19 MDM covered Crore children of primary and upper primary classes in Lakh Schools. Rs crores allocated for the programme during the 11 th five year plan; Rs 38,000 crores spent during the plan. Funds of Rs crore (64%) released against the outlay of Rs 11,937 crore during the current financial year During ASER 2013, nationally, MDM was observed being served on the day of the visit in 87.2% of schools. This year, in 14 states, mid-day meals were seen in more than 90% of schools visited, but poor in Nagaland (28%), Manipur (40%), Meghalaya (46%), WB (63%), Bihar (73%) Coverage Coverage 19

20 MDM in UP % Non Coverage of Children vis-à-vis enrolment (Primary) District EnrolmentAvg. Availed MDM % Non Coverage % Severe Anemia among children % Severe Anemia among adolescent girls Shrawasti % Rai Bareily % Ambedkar nagar % Mau % Pilibhit % Aligarh % Barabanki % Bhadohi % -- Banda % Last Year poor Last 3 Years poor Shravasti,Pilibhit, Barabanki, Bhadohi and Mau State Level Anemia=3.0 Adolescent girls =28.8 State Level Coverage:54% 20

21 % Non Coverage of Children vis-à-vis enrolment (Upper Primary) District EnrolmentAvg. Availed MDM % Non Coverage Severe Anemia among children Severe Anemia among adolescent girls Mau % Shamli % -- Mainpuri % Pilibhit % Gorakhpur % Bareily % Aligarh % Sultanpur % Firozabad % Cont…. State Level Anemia=3.0 Adolescent girls =28.8 State Level Coverage:50% Last 3 Years poor Mau,Pilibhit 21

22 Less Coverage of Children vis-à-vis enrolment (Upper Primary – 18 Districts) DistrictEnrolmentAvg. Availed MDM % Non Coverage Severe Anemia among girls Muzaffarnagar % 70.1 Bulandshahar % 12.1 Ambedkar nagar % 30.1 Rai Bareily % 18.6 Shrawasti % 9.0 Hapur % - Agra % 20.3 Badaun % 43.3 Baghpat % 61.7 State Level Anemia=3.0 Adolescent girls =28.8 State Level Coverage:50% 22

23 Mission Findings Assam - Continuous disruption in serving of meals in most of the schools of Nagaon District,, due to mismatch in availability of food grains and cooking cost. Rajasthan -Delay of 2-4 months in payment of cooking cost in Tonk; in Kota attendance in all the schools was between 40 and 55%. Bihar - supplied MDM on 180 days for primary and 177 days for upper primary against a norm of 230 days. 23

24 Mission findings Delhi - More than 90% meal samples failed to meet the standard of 12 gms of protein and 450 calories. NGOs in Delhi harvest huge monetary benefits. Uttarakhand - The State has not served MDM in 323 primary schools & 112 upper primary schools Rajasthan - The kitchens where the fire wood was used, lot of smoke was disturbing the school environment Karnataka - Low utilization of Food Grains (57%) since last two years; delay of 2-6 monthsin receiving MDM funds 24

25 Social Audit, Andhra Pradesh Each gunny bag weighs 3-4 Kg less than the required 50 Kg Poor quality rice is served in the meals. Mostly rice is broken & filled with stones & worms. Many children complained of stomach ache because of this rice. There is a mismatch between the closing balance and opening balance in rice stock. Rice spent is shown as more as compared to actual consumption. Singareni mandal - In 20 schools there are 41 CCHs working as per records, but 6 CCHs are benami. Toilets are non- functional. 25

26 Review Mission on UP 2013 MDM was served for 150 days as against the approval of 234 days during in district Shravasti In Shravasti 37% and in Sitapur 51% children availed MDM against enrolment Toilets are mostly non-functional. They are locked and there is no water supply Practically no inspection by block and district level authorities on availability of foodgrain, cooking of MDM In 10 districts only 30% utilization of funds for payment of honorarium to CCH till December In Hapur 0% utilization of honorarium to CCH. Irregular payment ranging from 3-4 months reported in Firozabad, Mainpuri, Jhansi, Banda, Kaushambi, Jaunpur and Aligarh districts. (MI) High mismatch between utilization foodgrain and cooking cost in Hapur(48%), Ghaziabad (35%), Meerut (30%) and Bulandshahar(13%) I.V.R.S. system 26

27 Coverage of MDMS in Bihar (in lakhs) YearClass I to VClass VI to VIII EnrolmentChildren Availing MDM Coverage % EnrolmentChildren Availing MDM Coverage % Source: Bihar Economic Survey: p

28 Issues in Punjab – Identified by JRM Disruption in the serving of MDM in Ludhiana due to non- availability of foodgrains in the month of May- July. Engagement of lesser number of cook-cum-helpers than the norms in Ludhiana district. Funds for reimbursement of cost of unsubsidized LPG cylinders have not been released by the districts to implementing agencies. Medicines with expired dates were kept in schools. No or very little distribution of IFA, Vitamin-A tablets. Poor academic performance 28

29 MDM– Bihar, Rajasthan & Tamil Nadu BiharRajasthanTamil Nadu % who said quality of meal was “good” Children68085 Parents38165 Average hours spent per day supervising and serving Proportion (%) of schools with Kitchen shed

30 COOKING COST: ALLOCATION vs UTILISATION Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Rs in Lakh 56% 74% 59% 30

31 31 Reasons for poor utilisation of funds Delay in the flow of funds (at various stages) Long process of identification of potential beneficiaries under various schemes (e.g. from BPL families, or SC/ ST, etc.) Capital expenditure (such as construction of schools) requires preparation of estimates and floating of tenders, which takes time Often estimates need to be sanctioned by a competent authority who is not locally available, and files travel up and down Government machinery is used to working in a sequential order, whereas quick completion of projects requires undertaking several activities concurrently Lack of adequate number of staff to implement schemes

32 States where eggs, banana & milk is served 32

33 Issues raised before the HRD Minister (13 th Oct) Discrimination Monitor whether meals are served on all working days and there is no disruption Flow of funds Samples to test the dietary contents of meals are not being collected Use of technology in monitoring 33

34 34

35 Rural children in Std III who can read Std I-level text 35

36 36

37 37

38 38 Absence of Teachers Among Indian States and Other Countries

39 39

40 40

41 Coverage vs. Functionality of girls toilets Source : Analytical Tables, , NUEPA Another case: Need for data harmonization and alignment Low functionality is a major cause of concern 41

42 16th JOINT REVIEW MISSION 2012 Enrolment in government and aided schools is falling Mean Years of Schooling has gone up from 4.20 in 2000 to only 5.12 years in 2010 BRCs / CRCs not contributing to improving learning outcomes Government data on outcomes is not reliable Future of low-fee-charging unaided Private Schools Develop structures of accountability Develop quarterly progress reports on each student on ‘holistic’ learning and assess teachers’ performance accordingly 42

43 Social sector expenditure as % of GDP 43

44 Expenditure on education as % of GDP 44

45 Tax-GDP for Selected Countries (for ) 45 Source: IMF, Revenue Mobilization in Developing Countries, 2011; and Indian Public Finance Statistics , GoI. Developed CountriesDeveloping Countries Sweden- 50.1Brazil Denmark- 49.1Turkey France- 44.7Russia Netherlands- 39.5South Africa UK- 37.4Ghana USA- 27.3India- 15.7

46 Thank You ! 46

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