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HB 1 Presentation Judiciary Non-Civil House Committee.

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1 HB 1 Presentation Judiciary Non-Civil House Committee

2 Medical Cannabis 101 Close to 100 cannabinoids in the plant, two main ingredients are THC and CBD THC is best known – causes psychoactive or “high” effect CBD also prominent – has therapeutic effect, and is non-psychoactive, and can counter effects of THC Both CBD and THC both are classified as a schedule 1 drug under federal law, thus illegal 2HB 1 Presentation

3 23 states with full medical marijuana laws 11 states with CBD specific laws 3HB 1 Presentation

4 Charlotte Figi in 2012 4HB 1 Presentation

5 CNN documentary – March, 2013 Dr. Sanjay Gupta 5HB 1 Presentation

6 Charlotte in 2014 after using “Charlotte’s Web” for over 2 years 6HB 1 Presentation

7 Four year old Haleigh Cox Monroe County, Georgia Moved to Colorado in March, 2014 7HB 1 Presentation

8 HB 1 Objective Provide immunity by decriminalizing possession of cannabis oil with less than 5% THC (3% for under 18), and minimum of 1:1 CBD-THC ratio, for certain medical conditions upon registration with DPH Creation of a commission with specific mandate to make recommendation to the Governor by Dec/2015 for best model for in-state regulatory structure of growing/processing/distributing cannabis oil in Georgia 8HB 1 Presentation

9 Medical conditions in HB 1, and how many are permitted in the other 23 states with full Medical Marijuana laws Cancer - 23 Glaucoma - 23 AIDS - 23 ALS - 11 Seizure Disorders - 20 Multiple Sclerosis - 10 Crohn’s Disease - 12 Mitochondrial Disease (chronic pain) - 19 Alzheimer’s Disease - 10 Muscle Spasticity Disorder - 20 Fibromyalgia (chronic pain) – 19 Terminal Illness - 19 Parkinson’s Disease - 3 PTSD - 5 Autism - 0 Sickle Cell Anemia - 0 Tourette Syndrome - 1 9HB 1 Presentation

10 Concerns regarding HB 1 This is the beginning of slippery slope by adding more conditions than seizure disorders and will lead to recreational use of marijuana – Governor very clear will not sign any legislation legalizing recreational use – Author of HB 1 very clear on his position – That decision will be left with the General Assembly – Low limit THC cannabis oil should be accessible to citizens who can benefit, including cancer, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s patients, as well as those with terminal illnesses – all with evidence of positive benefits, and consistent with what is in law in other states 10HB 1 Presentation

11 Concerns regarding HB 1 THC level of 5% is same as what was used in the 60’s and 70’s – Was smoked, causing immediate impact – None, if any, CBD in product smoked in the 60’s/70’s – Cannabis oil in HB 1 is diluted with olive oil or coconut oil, with minimum 1:1 CBD-THC ratio – Miranda Sievert/Katie Crosby personal experience 11HB 1 Presentation

12 THC levels in other states There are NO THC limits in the 23 states with full medical marijuana laws 12HB 1 Presentation

13 THC levels in other states For the 11 CBD specific states, the max THC levels are: Alabama 3% Florida.8% Iowa 3% Kentucky.3% Mississippi.5% North Carolina.3% Missouri.3% South Carolina.9% Tennessee.9% Utah.3% Wisconsin – prohibited, CBD only 13HB 1 Presentation

14 Concerns regarding HB 1 Too hard for law enforcement to enforce – Bottle of oil will be labeled showing amount of THC and CBD – Patient will have to register with DPH by providing verification from physician that the patient has one of the qualifying conditions. Patient will then be given a registration card to provide evidence that they have possession of cannabis oil legally. – Additional budget resources requested for GBI crime lab if testing required – Impairment laws still in place for operating a vehicle 14HB 1 Presentation

15 Registration Card 15HB 1 Presentation

16 Concerns regarding HB 1 Claim of no scientific evidence, not enough clinical trials proving medical efficacy – 17 Georgia families have become medical refugees by moving to Colorado/California with kids with seizure disorders – Every child has seen reduced seizure activity, improved cognitive ability, and elimination of some, if not all, FDA drugs – Other citizens with other medical conditions have shared personal experience at study committee 16HB 1 Presentation

17 We cannot move fast enough Since our last legislative session, at least 5 Georgia children that advocated at the GA State Capitol with their parents last year have died – Amaya Lumpkins – Trinity Sumlin – Mary Elizabeth Hopkins – Abe Hopkins – Lela Hall 17HB 1 Presentation

18 Georgia Children who have died since March, 2014 18HB 1 Presentation

19 Resource material Summary produced by House Budget office Medical Cannabis Study Committee Report Copy of this outline Copy of committee sub for HB 1 – LC 37 1892S 19HB 1 Presentation

20 Questions?? 20HB 1 Presentation

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