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Millions of kids get bullied each year, and YOU can stop it.

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2 Millions of kids get bullied each year, and YOU can stop it.

3 Characters Narrator: Ethan Larson Counselor/Mediator: David Declark Bully: Will Eriksen Victim: Ned Slavin Camera Man: Ethan Larson

4 Problem Facts  Nearly 90 % of children reported being bullied  59% of children said they bullied other students  an estimated 1 in 5 students is bullied or is a bully  Victims of physical bullying can face depression, anxiety, problems concentrating, school failure, school avoidance  Violence in movies, TV shows, and video games can cause fear of becoming a victim, a stronger appetite for violence, etc.  Bullying can involve hitting, teasing and taunting, and name calling

5 Problem Facts  Some kids who get bullied consider suicide- sometimes, bullying can last a lifetime!  Physical bullying can lead to depression  A bully can be bigger, older, stronger, more popular, or have a group of friends backing him/her up  Bullying usually happens again and again  The bully is often times stronger, bigger, or has more power over the bully

6 Data in Charts/Graphs


8 Solution Facts  Ignoring the bully or pretending it doesn’t exist can work  You can also tell a parent or teacher, and they can contact law enforcement if needed  Don’t retaliate, it can escalate the harassment  Keep your cool  Stop others from being bullied  Form an anti bullying squad or something of the sort  Violence isn’t the answer, it will only make it worse  Strengthen your circle of friends-try not to be alone  Humor is a way to disarm a bully

9 Solution Facts  Bullies are looking for a reaction, so if you don’t give them a reaction, the bullying might stop  If you feel safe, talk to the bully, let him no it’s not cool, then the bully might stop  When you talk to someone about a bully, you’ll feel more powerful, and more in control

10 Quotes  “Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke,” Benjamin Disraeli  “Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying,” Aldous Huxley  “Gay kids need to stop killing themselves because they are made to feel worthless by cruel and relentless bullying,” Zachary Quinto

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