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The Split in The Path By: Anna Griffin and Diana Kerr Click anywhere to continue!

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1 The Split in The Path By: Anna Griffin and Diana Kerr Click anywhere to continue!

2 How To Play “The Split in The Path” 1)When you go to a slide, click the teal underlined words of your choice. 2)Continue doing this until you come to an end slide. 3)When you reach an end slide, click “The End!” at the bottom. 4)At the last slide, you can play again or click to go to our Works Cited page. 5)After you finish, please click “Play Again” on the last slide to reset it for the next player. Thanks! Click anywhere to continue!

3 You are an 8-year old boy who decides to go hiking alone. As you are walking through the woods, you come to a split in the path. You can choose to go left or right. Left PathRight Path

4 You Chose the Left Path! You keep walking until you find yourself at a water park! You quickly run over to your favorite ride, the water slides! You can choose the Blue slide or the Yellow slide! Blue Water Slide Yellow Water Slide

5 You Chose the Right Path! Oh no! You find yourself running in the Hunger Games Arena! You survive for a few hours as you follow a river. Suddenly, you come to a split in the terrain. You can choose to follow the river or go to a valley. Follow the riverInto the valley

6 You Chose the Blue Slide! You ride down into an ocean! You find many animals that like you. You don’t see any land around you. You can choose to ride on a dolphin or a whale. Ride on a Dolphin Ride on a Whale

7 You Chose the Yellow Slide! Sadly, the yellow slide you chose goes to the sun. You burn to ashes and crisps. Go figure. Better luck next time, buddy! The End!

8 You Chose to Follow the River! You follow the river, taking lots of water breaks. On one of your stops, you find a berry bush. They look delicious. You gobble up a few. Sudden death. Never trust the berries in the arena. The End!

9 You Chose to Go to the Valley! As you are walking, you feel like you are being watched. Well, you are. You see two trees. You can choose to go up the oak tree or the maple tree. Oak TreeMaple Tree

10 You Climbed Up the Oak Tree! Sadly, another tribute is waiting for you up in the tree. Uh Oh! They have a knife. You get stabbed. Sudden death. Better luck next time! The End!

11 You Climbed the Maple Tree! You climb until the top branches and you discover an abandoned hovercraft. You take over the controls and escape the arena. You live happily ever after…sort of. The End!

12 You Rode the Dolphin! You ride the dolphin to Paris. You enroll in an acting academy and become an actor in movies. You live a good life. The End!

13 You Rode the Whale! You climb on the whale’s back. The whale takes you back to your house. Nobody believes you when you tell your story. Your journey was worthless. The End!

14 Thank You for Playing The Split in The Path! Thank you for playing “The Split in the Path” by Anna Griffin and Diana Kerr! Enjoy the rest of the Festival of the Arts! Play again!

15 Works Cited Blue Slide Picture: YChZY0vA_wHYmY_PknIquDGVlkxRA8_jqysuHbcLFKbFfA YChZY0vA_wHYmY_PknIquDGVlkxRA8_jqysuHbcLFKbFfA Yellow Slide Picture: o1cAIx4tw6DfPhIbHbmzfHN1mpzXqjgpe o1cAIx4tw6DfPhIbHbmzfHN1mpzXqjgpe Forest Background: Stock-Images/TwoPaths/1187345947_C2Fyb-L.jpg Stock-Images/TwoPaths/1187345947_C2Fyb-L.jpg Mockingjay Pin: amesMockingjay.jpg amesMockingjay.jpg Poison Berries: 0pTg0p3-56zdS9vVXb_ycF1AllRt_Ll5Uw 0pTg0p3-56zdS9vVXb_ycF1AllRt_Ll5Uw

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