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Simple Tower Defense, HTML5 & Mobile Deployment Sarah Fahlesson.

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1 Simple Tower Defense, HTML5 & Mobile Deployment Sarah Fahlesson

2 Project Description Create a simple tower defense game prototype: HTML5 JavaScript KineticJS library Works on multiple platforms: Ipad Android Tablet Traditional Desktop Browser

3 MS3 – Development Progress Production Final Result Delivery Conclusion & Final Report

4 Cross Platform Success!

5 Cross Platform Problems… Audio Disaster… No sound on Mobile at all Looping only works in FireFox if it is the newest beta (FireFox 11) LocalStorage Not all browsers support it Used to save previous settings & high score Form fields Implemented completely different everywhere

6 Main Game Play Elements 3 Enemies Show Damage 3 Towers Show Radius Delete Health etc.

7 Player Determined Values Enemy Health Speed Gold Earned Tower Distance Speed Power Cost to Build Saved between games in local storage

8 What went well Functional game Works on mobile platforms (except the sound) Learned javascript Learned limitations of HTML5 Got to create a game from scratch Pathfinding, graphics, sound, distribution, etc. Every step of the process.

9 What went wrong Audio OpenGL Needed more testing Browser Compatibility Nothing worked on my worthless mobile

10 Conclusions Do more research before starting! A game from scratch, even a prototype, takes lots of time! Test more! Earlier! More often! Constantly!

11 Resources Background Music Sound Effects Generator: as3sxfr Graphics If it looks good, Lost Garden ( If it looks weird, I made it or edited Lost Garden’s once pretty picture

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