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Word Skills TRADITIONAL Test on Friday Please study!! Slides available on Gerrie Blackwelder Edgate site- PowerPoint Lesson 22.

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1 Word Skills TRADITIONAL Test on Friday Please study!! Slides available on Gerrie Blackwelder Edgate site- PowerPoint Lesson 22

2 Departing from an accepted standard Deviating from what is normal Parts: ab (apart, away); err (wander, stray); ant (that which) Synonyms: abnormal, deviant, atypical Antonyms: normal, ordinary, typical, standard, conventional Variant forms: aberration (n.), aberrational (adj.) aberrant - (adj.)

3 anachronistic - (adj.) Parts: ana (back, through); chron (time); ic (characterized by) Belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists Placed out of its proper time Synonyms: old-fashioned; antediluvian; outdated Antonyms: modern, current, fashionable, au courant Variant forms: anachronism (n.) At the Renaissance Faire, actors are dressed and behave in anachronistic ways to relive the glory of the past Golden Age of Man.

4 augment - (v.) Parts: aug (grow, increase); ment (result of) To make or become greater, as in size, number, or amount Synonyms: increase, supplement, enlarge, extend Antonyms: decrease, diminish, shrink, reduce Variant forms: augmentation (n.) Jake will augment his teaching salary by painting houses in the summer months.

5 The use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive Evasion in speaking or writing Synonyms: evasion, periphrasis, subterfuge, dodging, avoidance, digression Antonyms: confronting, addressing Variant forms: circumlocutional (adj.), circumlocutionist (n.), circumlocutory (adj.) Parts: circum (around); locut (talk); tion (act of) circumlocution - (n.)

6 Parts: con (together, with); sacr (holy); ate (make, cause) To make or declare something sacred; to regard with great respect In Christian belief, to change bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ To dedicate to a special goal or purpose as to consecrate one's life to helping others Synonyms: sanctify, devote, bless, revere, venerate Antonyms: desecrate, debase, defile, profane Variant forms: consecration (n.) consecrate - (v.)

7 discursive - (adj.) Parts: dis (apart, away); curs (run); ive (tending to, having the nature of) Digressing from subject to subject Covering a wide range of subjects Synonyms: rambling, digressive, circuitous, wandering, circumlocutory Antonyms: concise, succinct, pithy, coherent, concentrated, focused Variant forms: discursively (adv.), discursiveness (n.)

8 encumbrance - (n.) Parts: en (inside, within); combre (hinder, block); ance (state or condition) A burden or impediment A lien or claim on property Synonyms: obstacle, burden, hindrance, impediment, onus, inconvenience, millstone Antonyms: asset, benefit, advantage, strength Variant forms: encumber (v.)

9 Parts: im (not); pecunia (money); ious (full of) Having little or no money Synonyms: impoverished, poor, penniless, destitute, indigent Antonyms: rich, affluent, wealthy, prosperous Variant forms: impecuniousness (n.) Due to our current economic crisis, more and more Americans are seemingly impecunious. impecunious - (adj.)

10 Parts: in (not); ept (able, capable) Not suitable to the circumstance or occasion Having or showing no skill Lacking in judgment, sense, or reason Synonyms: clumsy, awkward, absurd, foolish, incompetent, preposterous, inappropriate Antonyms: skilled, appropriate, competent, coordinated Variant forms: ineptitude (n.), ineptness (n.), ineptly (adv.) inept - (adj.)

11 intransigent - (adj.) Parts: in (not); trans (across); ag (drive); ent (full of) Refusing to moderate an especially extreme position Refusing to agree or compromise; unwilling to change one's views or to agree Synonyms: uncompromising, stubborn, obstinate, defiant, inflexible, obdurate, intractable Antonyms: accommodating, agreeable, malleable, flexible, pliable, adaptable, compromising Variant forms: intransigence (n.); intransigency (n.); intransigently (adv.)

12 manifest - (adj.) Parts: manu (hand); festus (made, done)--open like the palm of the hand Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding (adj.) To show or demonstrate plainly (v.) A list of cargo or passengers (n.) Synonyms: obvious, apparent, evident, conspicuous (adj.); reveal, display, demonstrate (v.); record, log (n.) Antonyms: hidden, secretive, obscure, cryptic, inconspicuous (adj.) hide, conceal, disguise, camouflage (v.) Variant forms: manifestation (n.), manifestly (adv.)

13 Parts: non (not); sequ (follow) A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premise or evidence Synonyms: fallacy, misconception Antonyms: na Variant forms: na non sequitur - (n.)

14 Parts: peri (around); patein (walk) Walking about; moving from place to place Pertaining to the philosophy or teaching methods of Aristotle Synonyms: itinerant, traveling, roaming, roving Antonyms: stationary, permanent Variant forms: peripateticism (n.) peripatetic - (adj.)

15 precept - (n.) Parts: pre (before); cept (take, seize) A general rule or principle intended to control behavior or thought Synonyms: rule, principle, law, canon, proverb, axiom, aphorism Antonyms: na Variant forms: preceptor (n.) - teacher

16 propinquity - (n.) Parts: propinquus (near); ity (state of) Nearness in place or time Similarity in nature Kinship Synonyms: proximity, nearness, closeness, contiguity Antonyms: distance Variant forms: na

17 Parts: re (back, again); miss (send) Lax or careless in matters requiring attention Careless of duty Synonyms: negligent, slack, neglectful, forgetful, derelict Antonyms: responsible, diligent, careful Variant forms: na remiss - (adj.)

18 Parts: sent (feel); ent (full of) Able to feel or perceive things Having sense perception Synonyms: conscious, aware, perceptive Antonyms: unconscious, unaware Variant forms: sentience (n.), sentiently (adv.) sentient - (adj.)

19 supplicate - (v.) Parts: sub (under); plic (fold); ate (make, cause) To ask for humbly or earnestly, as by praying To make an earnest request Synonyms: beg, entreat, beseech, implore, plead Antonyms: demand, require, command, order Variant forms: supplication (n.)

20 verbiage - (n.) Parts: verb (word); age (action) Speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical language Synonyms: verbosity, wordiness Antonyms: conciseness, succinctness Variant forms: na

21 Parts: vilis (worthless); fy (make) To speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner Synonyms: defame, slander, deprecate, disparage, degrade Antonyms: honor, praise, laud, commend, eulogize, extol, revere, venerate Variant forms: vilification (n.), vilifier (n.) vilify - (v.)

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