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VOCAB LIST #3 WORDS RELATED TO HEIGHT / DEPTH Keystone English 10 Blocks 3.

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1 VOCAB LIST #3 WORDS RELATED TO HEIGHT / DEPTH Keystone English 10 Blocks 3

2 PART #1 - WORDS RELATED TO HIGHNESS / HEIGHT Keystone English 10 Honors Blocks 1 & 4

3 Acme (noun)  Definition: highest point, pinnacle, summit  Context Sentence: Many believe that Shakespeare reached his acme as a playwright when he wrote his tragic masterpiece, Hamlet.

4 Consummate (adjective)  Definition: perfect; superb; carried out to the highest degree  Context Sentence: Highly trained fighter pilots command their jets with consummate skill and finesse.

5 Eminent (adjective)  Definition: standing out; notable; famous  Context Sentence: Dr. Seuss is one of the most eminent authors in the world of children’s literature.

6 Ethereal (adjective)  Definition: heavenly, celestial; delicate; airy; intangible  Context Sentence: The haunting, ethereal sound of the harp floated through the air, filling my ears with a soothing melody.

7 Precipitous (adjective)  Definition: hasty, rash, ill- advised, dangerous  Context Sentence:  Not thinking about the precipitous position he was putting himself in, the young man rushed into the burning building to try to save a baby trapped inside.

8 Sublimate (verb)  Definition: to redirect bad impulses into positive action  Context Sentence: Working with a psychologist, Heath learned how to sublimate his anger into motivation on the football field.

9 Sublime (adjective)  Definition: noble, exalted; uplifting  Context Sentences: The sublime scenery of the Grand Canyon inspires and refreshes all those who visit this natural wonder.

10 Zenith (noun)  Definition: highest point; culmination; peak  Synonym: acme; Antonym: nadir  Context Sentence: Ronald Reagan’s election to President marked the zenith of his long career in politics.

11 PART #2 - WORDS RELATED TO LOWNESS / DEPTH Keystone English 10 Honors Blocks 1 & 4

12 Abject (adjective)  Definition: deserving of contempt; sunk to a low condition; wretched  Context Sentence: Unfortunately it often requires addicts to get to the most abject point in their lives before they realize they have a problem.

13 Abysmal (adjective)  Definition: extremely or hopelessly bad or severe.  Context Sentence: Many charities and service organizations work to try to improve the abysmal living conditions in third- world countries.

14 Dregs (noun)  Definition: most worthless part, sediment at the bottom of a liquid.  Context Sentence: Drug dealers who target children are among the dregs of society.

15 Menial (adjective)  Definition: low; subservient; servile  Context Sentence: Some people may consider mowing the lawn to be menial work, but it happens to be Dean’s favorite chore.

16 Nadir (noun)  Definition: lowest point  Antonym: Zenith  Context Sentence: The hopes of the American Revolutionary forces were at their nadir during the bitter winter of 1778 at Valley Forge.

17 Plumb (verb)  Definition: to get to the bottom of; ascertain the depth of; fathom  Context Sentence: Sherlock Holmes has an amazing ability to plumb even the deepest of mysteries.

18 Profound (adjective)  Definition: intellectually deep or deeply felt  Context Sentence: Einstein’s theories are so profound that only a few people are able to understand them.

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