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Encounters in East Asia

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1 Encounters in East Asia
2.4 Encounters in East Asia

2 Zheng He Distributed treasures to show Chinese superiority
Zheng He = China’s greatest explorer Leads 7 voyages of Chinese exploration and discovery Purpose of travels = impress the world with China’s power Distributed treasures to show Chinese superiority China received much tribute in return Chinese officials claim trips are worthless Why spend money telling the world what they already know?

3 Ming Dynasty Hongwu becomes first Ming emperor – drives Mongols out of China Begins agricultural reforms – increases food production Yonglo (Hogwu’s son) wants to expand China’s tribute system Tribute = payment from a weak country to a strong country to acknowledge its submission

4 Qing Dynasty Qing Dynasty takes over after the Ming
Qing leaders not Chinese; they’re from Manchuria Many citizens disliked the leaders because of this Qing leaders earn citizens’ respect Isolation continues China very arrogant Expect rest of world to “kowtow” to them Ritual to show submission Most countries too proud to kowtow to China Only Dutch participate in ritual – gain many economic benefits

5 Japan Civil war in Japan removes a central power and distributes it to shoguns or military leaders Daimyo rule under the guide of the shogun Daimyo = local warlords offer protection for loyalty of citizens Oda Nobunaga a strong daimyo who tries to unify Japan Commits seppuku when betrayed by one of his generals

6 Japan Tokugawa Ieyasu a strong daimyo
To keep power Tokugawa requires local leaders & families to spend each other year in the capital When returning home, families required to remain in Edo What is the impact of this? Tokugawa uses families as hostages to control leaders Ieyasu a strong daimyo & unifies Japan

7 Japan Japan initially welcomes foreigners
Portugal becomes major trade partner European weapons become popular with daimyo Christian missionaries come to Japan Initially welcomed by Japanese because associated with weapons (both are foreign) Many Japanese convert to Christianity

8 Japan Conversion to Christianity upsets Tokugawa
Bans Christianity in Japan European values clashed with Japanese values Japan closes its borders to foreign traders Only one port open to foreign trade Only Dutch and Chinese allowed to trade with Japan

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