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7 Key Behaviors of Inlanta Mortgage Loan Officers.

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1 7 Key Behaviors of Inlanta Mortgage Loan Officers

2 Customer Service Creating “Raving Fans” of Inlanta Mortgage Retaining Customers vs. Creating Customers Commoditized Industry – What makes us special and unique?

3 Customer Feedback Our clients are telling us why we are special. Are we listening? Our survey process gathers the following information: Where are the referrals coming from? How responsive is our company from initial application to close? How was our level of knowledge? Would they be willing to recommend our service?

4 Analyzing the Data 7 Key Behaviors our analysis of 12 Months of Customer Service Surveys & Testimonials

5 Communication When it Goes Wrong: “My loan officer repeatedly did not respond to my phone calls. He would also not respond to my emails claiming that they went in junk mail. When we did speak, he was nice enough, but I considered his service incompetent.” #1 Communication – Timely and Constant Doing it Right! “Our loan officer treated us like we were her only client. She responded to multiple phone calls and emails very quickly. She even got back to us on the weekend!”

6 Exceed Expectations #2 Speed to Closing “ The loan officer was phenomenal to work with. She exceeded our expectations and made the process painless. We closed 30 days after making the offer to the seller. I do not think any other lending service could have made that happen for us.”

7 Be Flexible #3 Flexible Hours and Schedule “Fast, professional and willing to work around my schedule, not theirs. This made my home buying experience a breeze. I will use them for all my financing needs.”

8 Online Applications #4 Access to the Tools of Technology

9 Power of Knowledge #5 Knowledge of the Industry and Process “The loan officer’s knowledge of all the assorted details that needed to be dealt with throughout the entire process made getting a loan easy and painless”

10 Product Line # 6 Access to Products “I went to two other mortgage companies prior to going to Inlanta. Both of them denied me for a loan. Inlanta, however, was able to make it happen!”

11 Who You Know #7 Referrals to Industry Partners

12 How Can We Use This Data? Let’s turn our best practices into an advertisement campaign. “Teach Me to Fish” --- Leveraging our best practices to train and recruit new loan officers. All of the powerful information within these surveys is worthless unless we can find a way to put it to good use.

13 Using the Data – 7 Key Behaviors Blog Post – “Happy Mortgage Customers” Share link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, via email – or copy the blog to your own website!

14 Marketing Library Piece #1

15 Marketing Library Piece #2

16 Marketing Library Piece #3

17 7 Key Behaviors - Images

18 Using the Materials Contact if you have any questions on using the 7 Key Behaviors materials, or if you have suggestions! Congratulations on receiving such great feedback. Now use it to your advantage!

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