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By Fifth Grade Students

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1 By Fifth Grade Students
Caring and Sharing By Fifth Grade Students


3 It’s important to care and share because it’s a nice thing to do
It’s important to care and share because it’s a nice thing to do. Also, some people would be thankful for what you did. Also, this could mean you have a kind heart. The people involved would have liked what you did. They could think to do the same thing for the next person they see. Then, it could go on and on. No matter how much it could cost you, caring is the most valuable thin you could ask for in life. Sarah E.

4 Enrick B. Its important to care and share because everyone is equal and everyone should be cared for. If someone feels like no one cares about them, they may think that they’re just worthless or they could think that no one likes them. I think no one deserves to be treated without care. When you are for someone, or if someone is kind to you, you will feel good on the inside. You’ll feel better and feel like your important. If your being kind to someone else, you’ll feel good that you helped someone else to feel important.

5 It’s important to care and share because if you do, other people would follow in your footsteps and the world would be a happier place. It effect’s people in a good way because if you do something good to someone, they will feel loved and most likely do something good for someone else. Be nice to everyone. Kathleen K.

6 Kadin H. If you go out of your way to do something for someone, it can make that someone smile. And when people see kindness, it makes that person want to do something kind too.

7 It is important to care because the person might be very thankful and you will feel good about yourself. If you share, the person might be appreciative because they did not have what they needed/wanted. What I would do to care and share is if a person needed help on their homework or classwork, so they will have a better understanding. That person will probably be thankful and I will feel good that is how I will show I share and care. Mariam C.

8 Cindy E. Caring is important because it makes a happy change in other people’s lives. It effects people by passing on and starting to share, that will be past on in generations. I will show caring by helping a child and by helping people. Sharing is important because some may not be able to have something that they really want and that could ruin their childhood.

9 It’s important so you don’t want to let people feel left out
It’s important so you don’t want to let people feel left out. It might change them and how they will feel towards others. If there always left out and you let them play a game, they will do the same to others. To the person who helped another person, he will be proud of himself. I will show caring/sharing to everyone who is alone and if people want a turn on a game. Hamza A.

10 Taejean It is important because if you help someone, it will make you feel good and make you want to do it another time. It help the people involved to treat all people like that. When a person is scared and you go up to that person and tell them there nothing to scared of and talk to them and make them feel better. That is what caring and sharing looks like.

11 It is important to care/share because the person feels like they belong here. It makes the person feel that people care about you. Also, it makes the person that is giving very good inside. Kofi

12 Diana K. Because another person might be sad or less fortunate than you and that is not fair. A person is a person and should be treated with the same respect and kindness. I make the care-er and sharer happy out of the act of kindness they just did. It makes the person that was shared with happy. And bystanders see what kindness they are doing and it encourages them to do the sharing and/or caring.

13 When you care for another person even if its someone you do not know, not only does it make the [person feel good but it make you feel good too! You could be giving the poor money or helping out the canned food drive. You could even be getting something for someone. Whether the act is big or small you are helping someone. So the person you helped feels cared and you feel good. Kira d.

14 Emma g. It is important to care/Share. Its important because sometimes it is all someone needs to make a perfect day. It is important because tons of people deserve things they cant get. The people who are caring or others learn a good lesson. The people who are cared for learn to be caring to others. Caring and sharing look like someone doing something from the bottom of their heart. One example is helping others by giving them something they had but lost.

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