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Fundraising 101 An Introduction to Best Practices.

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1 Fundraising 101 An Introduction to Best Practices

2 The Basics  The Fundamental Principle of Fundraising?  People give to people!  Find the right person to ask for the cause  Find and get to know your prospects  Thank your current donors. And thank them again.

3 Did you know?  America is, per capita, the most generous country on the planet.  Individuals gave $229.3 BILLION to charity in 2011  Corporations gave $14 billion  Foundations gave $41 billion (just 13% of all giving!)

4 What does that tell us?  Focus more on actual people – foundations and corporations are there for us to lean on, but we have to count on friends and supporters more

5 Fundraising is a process  Planning  Research  Especially with high-dollar donors  Marketing  Communications  Evaluation

6 The plan  Determine the need(s)  The pre-ask activities  Examples  Create the plan!  Track and monitor

7 The need  How much money do you need to raise?  Unrestricted  Individuals, foundations and corporations– in that order  What method(s) will work best for y’all?  Can you accomplish your plan with the resources you have?

8 The methods  Special events (KISS)  Sponsorships for projects  Annual appeals*  Direct mail  Capital campaigns  Foundation/Corporate  Planned giving/ legacy giving

9 Special events (KISS)  Keep It Short and Simple  Think twice– a flop is not as bad as it seems, but it’s still bad!  Do you have the time and volunteer support?  Seek sponsors  Consider events that you’ve seen work well (theme?)

10 Sponsorships  Inverse pyramid  Math!  Develop sponsorship committee  Overachievers, well-connected, big deals  Make them work!  Don’t assign amounts to the cost of the event  Develop prospect list  Find the right people (see above!)  Thank your sponsors  Keep them involved/ask them again next year

11 Plead your case  Describe it  Make it relate-able  Prove that it’s real  Convince the donor  Explain where their $$ goes/ how it is used  Don’t go overboard  Create a sense of urgency

12 Personal connections  Fundraising is peer to peer  Volunteer to volunteer, director to director  Start with who you know  Make a list  People only give if they are asked!

13 Identify prospects  The bigger the net, the more fish you catch!  Flat tire, dinner, Facebook, work, appendix  Keep track

14 Create the plan  Timeline– count backwards!  Schedule activities  Establish due dates and deadlines  Assign duties– delegate! For God’s sake, delegate!  Progress Reports, Updates, Takeaways, Evaluation

15 Check in  Own it! Make sure they’re doing what they say they are doing  “Did you see what we mailed you?”  The infamous stack!  Facebook is mostly worthless  So is email   Call and connect!

16 SAY THANK YOU!  Hand-written notes and phone calls to repeat donors  Provide a record (EIN)  Print on letterhead

17 Evaluation  Keep it honest, keep it real  Praise sandwich (with volunteers)  Did you make it?!  Who did you ask? Who should you have asked? How were your volunteers? How were your sponsors?  Tracking  Take notes for next year

18 OK, fine. But I’m ONE PERSON. Give me bite-size chunks  If all else fails, two sure-fire ways to raise some money  House party  Annual appeal  Track ALL data- can be Excel and Word!  Delegate and ask for help

19 Sources  Jerold Panas, author of Asking: A 59- Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift  Sarah Bonefas, Development Manager, Food Bank of Iowa  Mary Mendenhall-Core, Development Director, Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa

20 Ryan Crane  Development Director, Primary Health Care   515-240-8523 cell  Twitter: @citizen_crane 

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