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Informative Meeting Year 11 Parents and Families WELCOME!

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1 Informative Meeting Year 11 Parents and Families WELCOME!

2 Informative Meeting Communications - –Richard Lightcap (Head of Year 11) – –Martina Curci (Assistant Head of Year 11) –

3 Informative Meeting School departments Languages, Literacy and Culture – Vicky Ward Maths and Numeracy – Ben Davies Science and Critical Thinking – Patricia Benmergui Individuals and Society – Esteban Aranda Creativity and Performance – Nora Colombo Phase 7 and 8 - James Thomas Phase 9 and 10 – Luciana Savanti / Silvia Criado Phase 11 and 12 & CAS – Alejandro Solernó

4 Informative Meeting Year 11 Tutors/CAS/PSE alTutorCASPSE DEPORTEN. RumbollR. FumoG. Pisano CONIN IE. ArandaS. GalindoP. Romano EIDEP / CAECA.Cardinale G. Pisano Escuela N 23P. Garritano F. Wohlfeiler TECHOJ. Moretti F. Wohlfeiler CONIN IIC. Duggan JP. Ventura GERIATRICOSP. Gil Mariño F. Lutteral TECHNOLOGY (*)D.D´Esposito (*) Alumnos en Technology realizan distribuidos en los otros grupos

5 Informative Meeting For Physical Education.. Please be sure to send in the Ficha Medica and Apto Fisico

6 Informative Meeting Late/Absent Please get to school and all classes – ON TIME All Late arrivals are recorded, and late or no-shows in the afternoon will mean a call home. We recommend that all students bring a medical certificate back to school with them when they have been absent as a result of a sickness. For other absences please bring an “appropriate” certificate

7 Informative Meeting YR 11 Trips Science trip to Puerto Madryn (October 2015) Music trip to the UK/Europe (Jan/Feb 2016) History & Art trip to Russia (July 2015) Student Exchanges: –John Paul College in Brisbane, Australia (traveled – February 2015, host – April 2015), –Colorado Academy in Denver, USA (traveled – February 2015, host – May 2015) –Highland Park Independent District in Dallas, Texas, USA (traveled – February 2015, host – April 2015),

8 Informative Meeting And… IGCSE Examination results were taken home I.B. DEADLINES… we need to carefully plan for them! CAS outing every month FUN CLUB will be held at the same time as the “Seekers” on Wednesdays, and “Choir” on Fridays (for students who could use more help with their academics as they prepare for their IB exams) Student LUNCH CARDs will be held by the school in special situations

9 Informative Meeting THANK YOU!

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