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Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning By S. Joshi Jan 2011

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1 Learning tough English words for GRE & CAT: 10 Revolutionary Ways for full proof learning By S. Joshi Jan 2011

2 Contents of Plan Existing Problems Scientific base and backing of the concept Introduction to the 10 pointer for learning words Applicability for various individuals Application with examples Conclusion Future scopes and developments

3 Introduction to the Problem Human minds inherent capability to memorize is limited due to many factors Mind tends to forget things when stress Multiple revision of the words is needed Words accurate meaning tough to learn, only a shade is remembered Limitation of human mind as it creates negative emotions hindering development

4 Applicability Depends on individual Some news freak will learn words applicable in news well Some other would prefer using Some prefer using them in facebook tag lines Documentaries “The Brain Our Universe Within Episode” Barrons 4000 words, Nova 4000 words, Arun Sharma CAT 4000 words, GMAT 1500 words

5 Science of Memorization Brain uses threads to capture information The more threat we give the brain the higher chances it that the information is retained Revision makes the ties stronger Therefore it is advisable to give brain many threads to retain the word

6 10 Pointer technique 1.Thesaurus / category using Encarta dictionary (install) 2.Roots, which are mostly from roman, Greek, Latin, italic, Spanish, etc 3.Mnemonics 4.Image for reach word 5.Recent news of each word to increase your general knowledge as well, using news 6.Hindi word for the same / Hebrew word using 7.XXX linkages 8.Linking of word to your friend or known person 9.Tag line of the word which you can use to your face book, twitter or orkut 10.Linking word to Games and Spirituality and more interesting 11. Tone Guessing (Arpit’s Guest Lecture)

7 Thesaurus / category using Encarta dictionary Grouping words in vast category Examples of big category Ranking of categorize Various ways to categorize like music, kitchen, party, subjects etc covert = secret, clandestine, underground, concealed, hidden, furtive, undercover, surreptitious, veiled, hush-hush (informal) vindictive= spiteful, malicious, mean, cruel, hurtful, nasty, unkind, malevolent Unforgiving: unforgiving, revengeful, rancorous, vengeful, implacable (formal), resentful, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, bitter rapture: ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, delight, joy, heaven, elation Purge: elimination, removal, eradication, expulsion

8 Roots, which are mostly from Roman, Greek, Latin, italic etc Most of words are derived from Greek and Roman mythologies which lays the foundation of modern world Example of Prefix: be = over, thoroughly bedaub = smear, befuddle is to confuse somebody; olig = few oligarchy = government by few Idyll= experience of serene happiness [Late 16th century. Via Latin idyllium "pastoral poem" < Greek eidullion "small picture" < eidos "form"]

9 Where did these roots come from All these roots comes from Europe Greek is a over two thousand Romans are around 500 years old Greek Gods Milton's text like Paradise lost Trojan War vigilant = [15th century. < Latin vigilant-, present participle of vigilare "keep awake" < vigil "awake, alert"]

10 Mnemonics This works sometimes 1.Example: Panegyric = (Tag: ) pane(pain) + gyric (lyrics) = If someone takes pain and writes lyrics then he will get PRAISED!!! 2.(Tag: ) palpable..divide it like..PALP(SOUNDS LIKE PULP)+ABLE.....after touching the PULP of fruit ITS OBVIOUS THAT every one would be ABLE TO PERCEIVE whether THE FRUIT is fresh or not. 3.Disquisition= its like dis +quisition(means question)......when someone questions u.......u need to give explanations...EX:- enquiry... 4.Hireling = (Tag: hire - ing) When you hire a person, he works only for money. 5.Imbecile = (Tag: ) sounds like IMBALANCE....a person having imbalance in his mind is a stupid person....

11 Image for reach word tarantula blizzard

12 Image for reach word grimace nugget splice dove (symbol of peace)

13 morsel

14 Recent news using news Recent news of each word to increase your general knowledge as well, using news This will increase your knowledge about economics and other areas

15 Hindi word for the same / Hebrew word using Panegyric = v गुणगाथा, गुणगान (m) Throttle= टेंटुआ दबाना, गला घोंटना Tonsure = मुण्डन, मुंडित भाग Ordain = विधिवत् पादरी बनाना Ordnance= तोपखाना (m) Motif = नमूना (m)

16 XXX Not recommended

17 Facebook or Orkut or Twitter Tag line of the word which you can use to your face book Use facebook notes to add the tag lines for future revision

18 Linking of word to your friend or known person Link to someone whom you know

19 Tone How is it sounding?

20 Examples of Otiose Otiose: Latin otiosus "at leisure, idle" Category: futile, ineffectual, useless, impractical, ineffective, hopeless News item: Duffy, as it may be otiose to relate, is a singer from Wales. Her first album sold a considerable number of copies. Her second finds her in tandem with... Mnemonics for otiose(Tag: ) O T use...of trivial use i.e useless....

21 Horde Category: crowd, throng, mass, gang, group, pack (dogs), flock, multitude, host Mid-16th century. Directly or via French and German < Polish horda < Turkish ordu "camp, army“] (Tag: ) well it sounds like herd......which we know is a term used for a group, so for a crowd of people, its horde

22 Archipelago 1. islands: a group or chain of islands (often used in place names) 2. sea with islands: an area of sea with many islands द्वीप - समूह (Hindi)

23 Tutelage instruction, guidance, teaching, coaching, expert hand, wing [Early 17th century. < Latin tutela "guardianship" < tut-, past participle of tueri "watch over"] संरक्षण (m) संरक्षता (Mnemonics ) TUTELAGE, concentrate on the first part of the word TUTE meaning a kind of TUTOR, who KEEPS A WATCH ON YOU, a GUARDIAN.

24 Shades Parable vs Fable vs Allegory Shades of difference

25 Spirituality Words The best treatise on how to follow your dharma is the Mahabharata... It's the best case-study world can ever have on dharma...This story was the last one before kalyuga began....Don't repine, this life gives u infinite options being a human to be as powerful as God... Peroration of all this talk is that only God Shiv can take you out of these pains. Maya tries to somehow peddle & tout you to get in the mayajaal Lord Ram's name is the only parapet you have on earth Jejune life is worthless without God's name chant Your only hospice is God.Empyrean is bhakta-people's company I am just a vassal of God.... and will do so in-spite of all the events that occurs his life will end in a silhouette unless you take God's path. Don't take interlude as your old karmas aren't taking any intermezzo to get to you

26 Spiritual application Part 2 You can anything in gratis but not friendship of bhakta peopleYour gamin(homeless child) soul requires to parked at God's house Don't have a excursive journey of life, settle at some point to do bhakti in interregnum Each soul gets a human body in kalyuga is the reason of this canailleDon't get in solving the complexities of this insuperable life Penitentiary life Don't let age win you, you cannot do good in the state of decrepit Eclat is still far away in another dimension Don't grouch or grumble, its your own karmas that controls events of your lifeI am not in homiletics... Don't worry about interlopers Ujjain is the best anchorite The appellation your get are more imp than your name

27 Used in Games Words used in games Best games for words Warcraft Age of Mythology Dunegen Nights

28 601 words you needs to know About the book Categories using genre Same language words Like all words on Greek Gods All words from war based people Style of learning

29 Use Wiki Example of wiki

30 The song with most GRE Word whCU whCU James Blunt: Out of my Mind

31 Youtube Series Roots Category 601 Words list High Freq Spiritual Application Images Read better and faster

32 Video series for tougher words 1-5

33 References 600 words you need to know GRE Barron’s & Nova (roots & prefix) Arun Sharma CAT verbal (different language)

34 Conclusion Methodologies to learn words has been explored in much details Example and application are shown Books in this regard are covered

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