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with Bringing people together to end human trafficking and slavery.

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2 with Bringing people together to end human trafficking and slavery


4 From Abuse to Trafficked Child Abuse Failure of the System Human Trafficking Drugs/Self Traffic CAC, Juv. J, Foster Care End Slavery TN Magdalene Program

5 Definition of Commercial Sexual Exploitation & Sex Trafficking of Minors Recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing, obtaining, and/or maintaining a minor for the purpose of sexual exploitation Exploiting a minor through prostitution Exploiting a minor through survival sex (exchanging sex/sexual acts for money or something of value, such as shelter, food, or drugs) Using a minor in pornography Exploiting a minor through sex tourism, mail order bride trade, and early marriage Exploiting a minor by having her/him perform in sexual venues such as strip clubs

6 Other Key Terms Minors—Refers to individuals under age 18. Prostituted Child Traffickers, exploiters, and pimps Victims and survivors

7 Societal Risk Factors rs Individual Risk Factors History of child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment Homeless, runaway, or “thrown-away” LGBT History of being systems- involved (e.g., juvenile justice, criminal justice, foster care) Stigma and discrimination Relationship Risk Factors Family conflict, disruption, or dysfunction Community Risk Factors Peer pressure Social isolation Gang involvement Under resourced schools, neighborhoods, and communities Societal Risk Factors Lack of awareness of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking Sexualization of children Lack of resources From the Office of Juvenile Justice Risk Factor for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors

8 Trafficking in TN & Its Impact on Children


10 The Purpose of the Plan Provisions to identify victims of human trafficking in TN To identify community-based services for victims of HT Assist victims by informing them of access to benefits and services to which they may be entitled to coordinate delivery of services and information concerning healthcare, mental health care, legal services, housing, job training, education and victim’s compensation funds provided for the dissemination of educational materials and provided for training to increase awareness of HT and the services available to victims To provide for assistance to victims and family reunification To establish a timeline for the state to implement and plan for the costs of implementing the plan.

11 Tennessee Laws 11

12 2011 Sex-Trafficking: Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-309 Asset Seizure: Pursuant to Tenn Code Ann.§ 39-13-312 and T.C.A. § 39-11- 703 Hotline Act: Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-312 Decriminalization of Minors: Pursuant to § Tenn. Code Ann. 39-13-513 and T.C.A. § 39-13-514 2012 Graduated Penalties: HB130/SB 1033 (3 parts) - Class D felony - Purchasing, Class B Felony - “sexual servitude” now defined as “commercial sex act”. Sex Offender Registry Restitution for Survivors: HB128/SB 1035 Expands the offense of solicitation of a minor: HB129/SB 0466

13 2013 Closed Circuit Television for minors: HB24-7-120 /S B1027 Racketeering: HB 39-12-203/ SB 1029 Criminal Gang Offenses: HB40-35-121 / SB1029 Disallows that the Minor Consented: HB521 / SB 1030 Definition: 39-13-301 / SB 0447 Custodial Definition: HB 37-1-114(a)(2), 128 (b)(2) /S B1390 Statute of Limitations: HB40-2-101 / SB1028 Established a State Task Force: HB0919 /SB031 Removes the Defense that Trafficker Did Not Know Victim was Law Enforcement: HB 521 / SB 1030 Ignorance or Mistake of Fact: HB39-11-502 / SB 1031 Adds Trafficking as a Sex Offense: HB 39-13-528 / SB 446 Patronizing Prostitution Promoting Prostitution Prostitution

14 From Shared Hope International's 2014 report on Tennessee Law for Protecting Innocence

15 It is no surprise that gangs are increasingly utilizing human trafficking as an additional revenue stream.

16 Pathways To Entry Force Seduction False Promises Parental Selling Sibling Recruitment Social Media

17 Five Basic Lures With Teens Boyfriending Chat Lines Drugging at Sleep-overs & Parties Preying Upon Vulnerabilities Too Good to be True Offers

18 .

19 Know Their Language SeasoningGorilla Pimp Snow-Bunny Lot Lizard Turn Out Pimp Circle Wife-in-law (wifey) Quota Automatic Facilitator Buyer/John Renegade Bottom (bitch) The Life Branded) Track DaddyTrick Family or Folks Choosing up Eyeballing

20 Myths & Misconceptions About Human Trafficking

21 General Assessment Questions

22 Common Shared Experiences History of rapeProstitution History of survivingPornography Childhood abuseDomestic Violence Abandonment or neglectRunaway Unable to complete schoolPhysical/Emotional Trauma UnemploymentIsolation AddictionControl Criminal history Mental health issues PTSD Self harm

23 The Trauma Bond

24 Exposure to a severe incident(s) that is repetitive or prolonged. Incidents involve captivity in which escape is viewed as impossible. Incidents occur in combination with coercive control.

25 Exposure to a severe incident that is repetitive or prolonged Is considered cumulative, meaning it is multiple traumas on top of each other. Changes the structure of the brain, creating overwhelming anxiety, fear and helplessness. Affects the normal development of children and adolescents.

26 Isolation & Dependency

27 Reduces an internal sense of power and control. Intensifies feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Increases the likelihood of re- victimization.


29 Persistent feelings of helplessness, anxiety, powerlessness, and fear. Guilt, anger, and shame overshadow feelings of safety. Changes in the brain during the trauma remain intact, driving poor problem-solving and decision-making. Medical problems directly related to trauma as well as somatic symptoms such as chronic headaches. Continued vulnerability to re-victimization. Tools used to survive the trauma are now unhealthy and lead to increased problems. Issues are complicated by addiction as a form of avoidance and emotional numbing. Difficulty trusting others or recognizing cues of safety.

30 Safety And Security Medical Care Attachment and Emotional Support Psychological and Therapeutic Care Help with Problem- Solving and Decision- Making Trauma Recovery Help with Boundaries and Motivation Crisis Intervention and Addiction Services

31 Best Practices in Trauma Treatment TF-CBT – Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

32 Interpersonal Dynamics- Males Victims have been raped, beaten, controlled by men Conditioned to view all men as customers May act provocatively Any physical contact perceived as sexual

33 Interpersonal Dynamics- Females Often neglected, discarded or even exploited by female caretakers Conditioned to view females as competitors and enemies Assume that females not in the life See them as dirty and worthless

34 Decide their own level of motivation to change Articulate and resolve their own ambivalence Move at their own pace Youth Tasks Express acceptance of the youth and their experience Affirm the youth’s freedom of choice and self-direction Monitor the youth’s degree of readiness to change, and facilitate developing discrepancies Focus on the youth’s strengths Our Tasks Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing

35 Stages of Change Model Stable and safe behavior Pre contemplation

36 Life Skill Goals Money Management Healthy Eating Education Leisure and Recreation Job Skills Personal Care and Hygiene Sexual Health Education

37 Safety Planning Adrenaline Rich Activities** Places to Avoid if possible Downtown Malls Known prostitution “tracks” Near Public Transportation Lines Contacts Personal Possessions Media

38 Collaboration / Partnerships Mental Health Agencies District Attorney’s Office Children’s Services Medical Services Faith Communities Shelters Social Service Agencies FBI/TBI/ICE Local Law Enforcement


40 Resources US Department of Health and Human Services US Department of Juvenile Justice International Labor Organization Shared Hope International Health Preventions – the ACE or Adverse Childhood Experiences Study TH Human Trafficking Service Delivery Plan TN Human Trafficking Laws – (Learn)

41 Intervention Special 24/7 # 615-806-6899 x15 www. endslaverytn.orgwww. Facebook: End Slavery Tennessee Twitter: @EndSlaveryTN For newsletter sign-up: text endslaverytn to 22828 or sign up on the website State Human Trafficking Hotline 1-855-558-6484

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