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Chloe Brown, Patrick Oh, Reid Simpson, Tess Swierstra.

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1 Chloe Brown, Patrick Oh, Reid Simpson, Tess Swierstra

2  A response to the failure when the Germans couldn’t pay the reparations from World War I.  France’s idea was to take the money owed out of the wealth of the mines and factories  France decided to invade the German territory and take the wealth by force

3  The German workers protested by destroying the goods, the mines and the factories  The workers broke out into riots  The German government made it worse by printing lots of money to help support the workers which resulted in bigger inflation

4  When money was printed rapidly it became worthless adding to the already depleting economy  France eventually backed out of the Ruhr territory due to the London conference  They however didn’t want to leave until they were given the money owed  The Dawes plan was created

5  France:  Afraid of Germany after the Anglo-American guarantee was denied.  Also needed reparations to repay the USA.  Their goal: ‘to weaken Germany as much as possible.’  Reparations didn’t meet the Peace Treaty’s defaults  France advanced into Ruhr.  Germany replied: “conditions had been harsh.”  Although Britain understood, France advanced anyway

6  League of Nations had problems  Germany’s economic downfall was noticeable.  Nobody actively stood against France.  Germany was alone, left in unavoidable inflation.  To some extent, League of Nations was only for victors of WWI.  Germany wasn’t even allowed in League of Nations

7  France didn’t trust the League of Nations.  They doubted that the League of Nations could protect them.  They attempted to make an alliance with the USA & Great Britain.  Instead of consulting with League of Nations, they acted independently.  Other countries didn’t attempt to stop France using the League of Nations.

8  Most countries were in an economic depression  France was in a great economic downfall and when Germany was failing to pay them money, they took it themselves

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