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Type 1: The Reformer Also known as the judge, perfectionist, organized one. Strong morals, principles and wants to improve things Orderly, idealistic,

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1 Type 1: The Reformer Also known as the judge, perfectionist, organized one. Strong morals, principles and wants to improve things Orderly, idealistic, inflexible, critical, high functioning Fear of being corrupt and defective Desires to be good, have integrity, strive for ideal Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Al Gore Mr. Spock They need to learn to relax, let go of responsibility, and let wisdom be their guide, not rightness. Careers: Teachers, Politicians, Religious work, Advocates Thoughts: “I should have checked the figures once more.”

2 Type 2: The Helper Also known as the giver, cheerleader, or supporter Empathetic, unselfish, people pleasers, intrusive, giving, possessive, warm hearted, serves others Fears being unworthy, unloved, or unwanted Desires unconditional love form others Alan Alda, Jewish/Italian mother stereotype, M. Teresa Needs to put their own needs first before others, make time to be alone, don’t suppress your own needs Careers: Counselors, Health Care, Social work, Service Thoughts: “How can I get him to like me”

3 Type 3: The Achiever Also known as the motivator, performer, instant expert Success oriented, confident, charming, ambitious, competitive, worried about image and approval. Fears being worthless and rejected Desires to be valuable, accepted, and desired Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins Get your approval from yourself, not others, allow down time and get in touch with your feelings Careers: Sales, Acting, Teaching, Business, Law, Politics Thoughts: “He did a good job, but I can do it better.

4 Type 4: The Artist Also known as the romantic, individualist, elitist Introspective, self-aware, sensitive, creative, moody Vulnerable, self-pity, reserved, self-conscious, inspired Fears they have no identity or personal importance Desires to find themselves and discover their purpose Prince, Bono, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Yoko Ono Needs to focus on present instead of what’s missing Careers: Music, Art, Writing, Dancing, Design, Model Thoughts: “No one understands me” “I want to create something meaningful, deep, and unique!”

5 Type 5: The Thinker Also known as the observer, analyst, philosopher, sage The perceptive, cerebral type. Insightful, cynical, innovative, detached, intense,, obsessed, complex Fears being helpless, useless, and incapable Desires to be competent, capable, and have something to contribute John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain Needs to develop compassion, get out of your head and into your heart, share feelings and let yourself be seen. Careers: Science, technical fields, inventors, artists, R & D, Thoughts: “How can I get out of the meeting, reunion, etc.

6 Type 6: The Loyalist Also known as the skeptic, devil’s advocate, trooper Secure-oriented, reliable, hard-working, responsible, defensive, anxious, indecisive, rebellious, friendly Fears being unable to survive and having no support Desires to find security and support to belong Jay Leno, Princess Diana, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan Don’t give approval/power to others and become your own authority and identity, trust your gut. Careers: Teaching, auditing, planning departments Thoughts: “Am I ready for every emergency?” “What are they thinking?” “Do I fit in?” “Was I talking too much?”

7 Type 7: The Enthusiast Also known as the sensualist, entertainer, optimist The busy, productive type. Extroverted, spontaneous, playful, high-spirited, over-extended, scattered Fears being deprived of freedom, happiness, pleasure Desires to be happy, fulfilled, and have needs met Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, John Kennedy, Beth Midler, Howard Stern, Mozart Needs to focus on giving not getting, be present and smell the flowers, do and complete one thing at a time Careers: Needs variety, show business, public relations, advertising, travel, nursing, health fitness centers Thoughts: “I’ll go-go-go as long as my body will take me!” “I can’t begin to count the fun things I want to do!!

8 The Challenger Also known as the boss, general, confronter The powerful, aggressive type. Self-confident, heroic, Decisive, straight-talking, confrontational, ruthless Fears being harmed or controlled by others Desires control of one’s environment, life, and destiny Martin Luther King, Donald Trump, Barbara Walters, Don Vito Corleone, Roseanne Barr, FDR Notice tendency to blame others and see how you bring enemies into your life, trust people can be loyal Careers: Entrepreneur, CEO’s, administration, military Thoughts: “Why doesn’t she stand on her own two feet?” “I’ll show him who’s really in charge”

9 The Peacemaker Also known as a mediator, negotiator, conflict avoider Easy going, accepting, trusting, complacent, stubborn, avoidant, too willing to accept the peace and go along Fears having conflict and losing their peace of mind Desires inner stability/harmony in their environment Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Ronald Reagan Learn to confront conflict instead of avoiding them, don’t agree when you disagree, express gut feelings Careers: Diplomat, mediator, arbitrator, military Thoughts: “I’ll agree with whatever he says but I’ll do what I want” “My taxes are due tomorrow, I still have time.”

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