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Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 1-3.

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1 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 1-3

2 Guessed Meaning Form

3 impassive (adjective) Context: The expression on his face was impassive. Definition: showing no feeling or emotion; inanimate; motionless.

4 obstinate (adjective) Context: The obstinate boy refused to clean his room. Definition: Stubborn

5 occupation (noun) Context: During World War II, Denmark was under German occupation. Definition: The period during which a military force takes control of another country

6 sabotage (verb) Context: The angry workers were responsible for sabotaging the machines. Definition: To purposely destroy or damage something

7 fiancé (noun) Context: My sister’s fiancé bought her engagement ring at a jewelry store in New Orleans. Definition: man/ woman engaged to be married

8 rationed (verb) Context: During the war, the government rationed oil and sugar. Definition: To control the amount of food or supplies that people can use

9 haughtily (adverb) Context: The soldiers walked in haughtily and demanded the Jews follow them. Definition: arrogantly; with too much pride

10 trousseau (noun) Context: The young woman looked at the clothes in her trousseau knowing her wedding was soon. Definition: a bride’s collection of clothing and linens

11 curfew (noun) Context: The streets were desolate and dark at night due to the early curfew. Definition: a time by which people must be off the streets

12 swastika (noun) Context: The flags of Nazi Germany had a black swastika on them. Definition: A symbol used to represent the Nazi party; it looks like a cross with bent arms

13 torment (verb) Context: The mosquitoes constantly tormented people during the long summer days. Definition: To cause pain or suffering

14 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 4-6

15 rabbi (noun) Context: The rabbi taught the congregation about God. Definition: A Jewish religious leader

16 synagogue (noun) Context: My Jewish friend goes to the synagogue with her family every week. Definition: A Jewish house of worship (It’s the Jewish equivalent of a church or temple)

17 imprinted (verb) Context: The paper was imprinted with the Great Seal of the United States. Definition: To make a mark or impression on something

18 urgently (adverb) Context: I urgently needed to contact the resistance fighters. Definition: Compelling immediate action or attention; pressing.

19 disdainfully (adjective) Context: Laura looked at the sweater disdainfully and then put it back on the rack. Definition: Showing that you dislike something or think it is worthless

20 imperious (adjective) Context: The bully on the playground made imperious comments to the other children. Definition: commanding; dominant

21 tentatively (adjective) Context: We tentatively set plans for the weekend. Definition: showing hesitancy or uncertainty

22 exasperation (noun) Context: The student sighed in exasperation when she was told she could no longer use the calculator on her test. Definition: to be frustrated

23 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 7-9

24 deftly (adverb) Context: Lois deftly poured a glass of milk. Definition: Quick and skillful

25 Star of David (noun) Context: The flag of Israel has a Star of David on it. Definition: A symbol of Judaism

26 anchored (verb) Context: They anchored the ship in the bay. Definition: Secured; held in place

27 dismayed (verb) Context: Her parents were dismayed that she chose to be a teacher instead of a doctor. Definition: To be upset

28 hazy (adjective) Context: We only had a hazy view of the mountain. Definition: Partly hidden or obscured by light vapor, smoke, or dust

29 relocate (verb) Context: He relocated to Los Angeles for his new job. Definition: To move to a new location

30 mourning (noun) Context: He was still in mourning for his dead wife. Definition: A period of time during which a person feels grief or sadness for someone who has died

31 specter (noun) Context: After watching the scary movie, Molly had a difficult time getting the specter of the haunted house out of her mind. Definition: A haunting or disturbing image

32 hearse (noun) Context: The hearse transported the coffin to the cemetery. Definition: A funeral vehicle

33 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 10-12

34 gnarled (adjective) Context: Kevin used the gnarled branches of the tree as the arms for his snowman. Definition: Twisted and knotty

35 pride (noun) Context: Students show their pride when they do good work. Definition: confidence in yourself

36 Psalm (noun) Context: After the sermon, we sang a brief psalm. Definition: A sacred song or poem used in worship (particularly those contained in the Bible)

37 staccato (noun) Context: Her high-heeled shoes made a rapid staccato as she walked across the wooden floor. Definition: Short, sudden sounds

38 surge (noun) Context: Tom felt a surge of anger when he saw another boy mistreating his dog. Definition: A sudden rush of emotion or feeling

39 typhus (noun) Context: By the looks of this rash, I think the patient has typhus. Definition: An infectious disease caused by lice or fleas. It causes high fever, headache, and a dark red rash.

40 commotion (noun) Context: I went outside to see what all the commotion was about. Definition: A noisy disturbance

41 Godspeed (noun) Context: We wished our dad godspeed when he went on a business trip to Japan. Definition: An expression used to wish success to someone who is going away

42 unfamiliar (adjective) Context: Since this was his first time in this town he was unfamiliar with the streets. Definition: Not well known

43 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 13-15

44 protruding (verb) Context: I saw a shark fin protruding from the water. Definition: Sticking out

45 contempt (noun) Context: He showed his contempt for his job by doing it very badly. Definition: A feeling that someone or something is worthless or unworthy of respect

46 implored (verb) Context: He implored his parents to let him keep the stray cat. Definition: Begged; pleaded

47 sprawling (verb) Context: The ladder tipped over, sending him sprawling across the floor. Definition: To lie, sit, or fall with your arms and legs spread out

48 tantalize (verb) Context: You should not tantalize your younger brother with that candy bar if he can not have it. Definition: to tease

49 stricken (adjective) Context: John’s face was stricken with grief after his dog died. Definition: Overwhelmed with pain or sorrow

50 Guessed Meaning Number the Stars Vocabulary Chapters 16- Afterword

51 concealed (verb) Context: The note was carefully concealed in his pocket. Definition: Hidden

52 bleak (adjective) Context: It was a dark and bleak wintry day. Definition: Gloomy and miserable

53 deprivation (noun) Context: Mary suffers from sleep deprivation. Definition: The lack of something that you need

54 orchestrated (verb) Context: The man orchestrated the entire circus, including the wardrobe, refreshments, and all of the acts. Definition: Organized or planned

55 permeated (verb) Context: The aroma of the soup permeated the air. Definition: To spread throughout something

56 raided (verb) Context: The village was suddenly raided by neighboring tribes. Definition: To make a surprise attack

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