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Vocabulary- Unit 1 Lesson C. cache hiding place to store something The robber led detectives to a cache of stolen gems in the basement.

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1 Vocabulary- Unit 1 Lesson C

2 cache hiding place to store something The robber led detectives to a cache of stolen gems in the basement.

3 commend praise; mention favorably Our class was commended for outstanding behavior when we had a substitute.

4 cur worthless dog Lassie is a kind and intelligent animal. Please don’t refer to her as a “cur.”

5 despotic of a despot (a monarch having absolute power); domineering; dictatorial; tyrannical The American colonists revolted against the despotic rule of King George III.

6 dispute argue about; debate; declare not true; call into question; oppose Charley disputed my solution until I showed him definite proof that I was right.

7 edifice building, especially a large or impressive building The huge edifice under construction near the airport will be a hotel.

8 era historical period; period of time The atomic era began with the dropping of the first atomic bomb in 1945. The 80’s Era

9 initiate v (1) begin; introduce; originate The Pilgrims initiated the custom of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. (2) admit or induct into a club by special ceremonies Next Friday our club is going to initiate three new members.

10 Jolly Roger pirates’ flag; black flag with white skull and crossbones The Jolly Roger flying from the mast of the approaching ship indicated that it was a pirate ship.

11 multitude crowd; throng; horde; swarm There was such a multitude outside the store waiting for the sale to begin that we decided to return later.

12 perceive become aware of through the senses; see; note; observe When the lights went out, I couldn’t see a thing, but gradually I was able to perceive the outlines of the larger pieces of furniture.

13 portal Door; entrance, especially a grand or impressive one The original doors at the main entrance have been replaced by bronze portals.

14 reserved adj. restrained in speech or action; uncommunicative Mark was reserved at first but became much more communicative when he got to know us better.

15 restrain hold back; check; curb; repress Mildred could not restrain her impulse to open the package immediately, even though it read, “Do not open before Christmas!”

16 retract draw back; withdraw; take back You can depend on Frank. Once he has given his promise, he will not retract it. Pope urged to retract Islam remarks

17 spine chain of small bones down the middle of the back; backbone The ribs are curved bones extending from the spine and enclosing the upper part of the body.

18 stroll idle and leisurely walk It was a warm spring afternoon, and many people were out for a stroll.

19 timorous full of fear; afraid; timid I admit I was timorous when I began my speech, but as I went along, I felt less and less afraid.

20 tuition payment for instruction When I go to college, I will probably work each summer to help pay the tuition.

21 version v (1) account or description from a particular point of view Now that we have Vera’s description of the accident, let us listen to your version. (2) translation THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO was written in French, but you can read it in the English version.

22 Exercise 1: Which of the two terms makes the sentence correct? Enter the letter of the correct word on your paper. 1.Isn’t it a pity that this beautiful edifice is going to be ____________? (A) raised (B) razed 2.Sandra should have been _________ for being punctual. (A) commended (B) reprimanded 3. When it comes into power, a despotic government usually ___________ freedom of speech and press. (A) bans (B) permits 4.If you _______, there is nothing to dispute. (A) dissent (B) concur 5.Haven’t you sometimes wished that you could retract something you __________ you had said? (A) regretted (B) wished

23 Exercise 2: On your paper, write the correct letter from column 2 that matches column 1. 1.induct (into a club or society) by special ceremonies 2.impressive building 3.historical period 4.hiding place 5.impressive door 6.account from a particular viewpoint 7.without a backbone 8.baker’s dozen 9.worthless dog flag with white skull and crossbones Column 1 Column 2 (A)cur (B)cache (C)spineless (D)portal (E)thirteen (F)initiate (G)Jolly Roger (H)era (I)version (J)edifice

24 Exercise 3: Each word or expression in column 1 has an ANTONYM (or opposite) in column 2. On your paper, enter the letter of the correct ANTONYM. 1.ended 2.not afraid 3.censured 4.ran 5.failed to see 6.democratic 7.reserved 8.small group 9.did not withdraw 10.not argued about Column 1 (A)strolled (B)perceived (C)multitude (D)disputed (E)initiated (F)retracted (G)commended (H)timorous (I)communicative (J)despotic Column 2

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