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Character Analysis Essay

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1 Character Analysis Essay

2 Introduction: Example
“Even you, Zero. You’re not completely worthless,” said Mr. Pendanski, the counselor at Camp Green Lake. In Louis Sachar’s novel, Holes, Mr. Pendanski is always telling the boys that they deserve respect. Unfortunately, even Mr. Pendanski does not seem to believe that Zero deserves respect. People at Camp Green Lake seem to think that Zero is dumb, worthless, and boring, but his is actually intelligent, worthwhile, and interesting.

3 1st Body Paragraph: Example
At the beginning of the novel, Zero is viewed by the other campers and counselors as dumb, worthless and boring. He doesn’t always speak; therefore, the others think he isn’t intelligent. “You know why his name’s Zero? Because there’s nothing inside his head,” stated Mr. Pendanski. Zero doesn’t hang out with the others or help them in any way, so he is discounted as worthless. He doesn’t appear to have many interests. When asked what he liked to do, he responded, “I like digging holes.” So the others view him as boring.

4 2nd Body Paragraph: Example
However, Zero’s friendship with Stanley changes him and causes the others to view him in a new way. Stanley teaches him to read in exchange for digging holes for him; this helps Zero to feel more intelligent. He doesn’t like to talk much, but with Stanley, he opens up about his mother and the guilt he was carrying about stealing the shoes., and “Zero’s ‘confession’ seemed to bring him some relief.” When Stanley wrecks the water truck and goes after Zero, Zero realizes that he isn’t alone in the world anymore and begins to help Stanley. In Stanley’s friendship, Zero begins to feel less isolated.

5 3rd Body Paragraph: Example
By the end of the novel, Zero’s character has changed. He is no longer portrayed as dumb, worthless, and boring, but intelligent, worthwhile, and interesting. With his new knowledge of reading and writing, Zero is able to move through the educated world like everyone else. He is no longer considered “dumb.” He now has a friend in Stanley, and is worth something to him. He has other interests than digging holes, like hanging out with Stanley, getting to know his family, and “receiving less than a million dollars, and hiring team of private investigators.”

6 Conclusion: Example Everyone at Camp Green Lake- both counselors and campers alike- seemed to think that Zero was just dumb, worthless, and boring, but through the course of the novel, they realize he is actually intelligent, worthwhile, and interesting. In the future, he will probably continue to get to know his mother and develop his friendship with Stanley. People, like characters, are not often portrayed accurately. Sometimes it takes an unlikely friendship, a hidden treasure, or an adventure to reveal who a person truly is. And with the help of Stanley and a few spotted lizards, that is exactly what happened to Hector Zeroni.

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