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Being a Health-Literate Consumer

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1 Being a Health-Literate Consumer
Lesson 3 Being a Health-Literate Consumer

2 Making Informed Choices
Health Consumer Someone who purchases or uses health products or services Advertising A written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers in purchasing a product or service

3 Hidden Messages in Advertising
Bandwagon Everyone is using it, and you should too Rich and Famous It will make you feel rich and famous Free Gifts It’s too good a deal to pass up Great Outdoors If it’s associated with nature, it mist be healthy Good Times The product will add fun to your life Testimonial It worked for them, so it will work for you, too

4 Evaluating Products Product Labels Comparison Shopping
Name, intended use, directions, warnings, manufacturer’s info, amount in container Comparison Shopping Judging the benefits of different products by comparing several factors Cost and Quality Features Warranty – company’s or a store’s written agreement to repair a product or refund your money if the product doesn’t function properly Safety Recommendations Evaluating Information and Services Valid Source? Respected provider? Reputable organization?

5 Managing Consumer Problems
Lesson 4 Managing Consumer Problems

6 Resolving Consumer Problems
Check warranty Know the store’s return policy Read instructions Better Business Bureau handles complaints about local merchants Consumer Advocates People or groups whose sole purpose is to take on regional, national, and even international consumer issues

7 Malpractice Health Fraud
Failure by a health professional to meet accepted standards Contact organizations such as American Medical Association or a state licensing board for help Health Fraud The sale of worthless products or services that claim to prevent disease or cure other health problems Also called quackery Look for claims like: “Secret Formula” “Miracle Cure” “Overnight results” “All natural” “Hurry, this offer expires soon”

8 Homework Read Lessons 3 and 4
Find 3 advertisements that use hidden messages to market their product 3 different hidden messages Write about a commercial or advertisement that uses one the claims below: “Secret Formula” “Miracle Cure” “Overnight results” “All natural” “Hurry, this offer expires soon”

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