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1 Flush

2 Noah Underwood Noah is the main character in this story. He was born in a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice. Noah is 12 years old.He loves to fish.

3 Abbey Underwood Abbey is named after one of Paine’s favorite writers. Abbey is a funny and tough girl with curly ash blonde hair. According to Noah she’s a “biter.” Abbey is 9 years old.

4 Paine Underwood Paine gets in trouble with the law a lot. He was born in Florida. Paine is Donna’s husband.He met Donna when he was paying a speeding ticket. Paine can fish well. Tropical Rescue is the name of the place Paine works at.

5 Donna Underwood Donna Works as a legal secretary. She is the mother of Noah and Abbey. She is considering divorcing Paine.

6 Jasper Muleman Jr. Jasper Muleman Jr. is a rude kid. He is a bully to practically every kid. Jasper Jr. has a friend named Bull.

7 Dusty Muleman Dusty is a very rich man. Dusty smokes cigarettes, and has a fruit colored shirt. Dusty is small, flabby,and he has shifty gray eyes. Dusty is Jasper Jr’s father.

8 Lice Peeking Lice Peeking is not a very clean man. In fact nobody thinks he’s ever had a bath. Lice smokes and drinks. According to Shelly he’s a lazy, worthless man. Lice knows what Dusty is doing with the waste from his ship. But, out of his own greed he won’t tell anyone anything about it if they don’t pay a price.

9 Shelly Shelly is a large woman with blonde hair. She is also Lice’s girlfriend. A barb wire tattoo is on her arm. Some days she wishes the tattoo was daisies instead of barb wire.

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