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Life and Science Chapter 1 Open Textbook to page 3.

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1 Life and Science Chapter 1 Open Textbook to page 3

2 Science the total collection of knowledge gained through man's observations of the physical world

3 Science man's observations of the world God created and man's use of those observations to make decisions

4 Life Science The study of living things

5 Science is NOT wicked Observations are not sinful. What man does with these facts may be unacceptable Man may interpret observations in a wrong way or he may use them to sin.

6 Three Basic Ways of Knowing What is True or False: Historical Facts Scientific Facts Biblical Truth

7 Historical Fact a statement about the existence of something or about a past event

8 Our knowledge of history is limited – how? Our age Where we’ve been

9 How to Judge Historical Facts By Physical Evidence By Recorded Evidence

10 Physical Evidence Normally a good method of determining something existed. Deciding what the physical evidence means is more difficult.

11 Recorded Evidence evidence which men have written or recorded in some way

12 Problems with Recorded Evidence 1.people may record things that they believe to true but that are actually false 2.people may intentionally write things to deceive others 3.people often interpret recorded evidence in ways that suit them best

13 Scientific Fact Key words: observable measurable repeatable

14 Observations what we can tell about our surroundings by using our senses

15 Good Scientific Observations measurable repeatable

16 Types of Scientific Facts direct observations indirect observations

17 Limitations of Scientific Facts They must be measurable. They must be repeatable. They cannot be universal statements. They cannot make value judgments.

18 Universal Statement either excludes or includes everything All cats have tails. Uses words like “all” or “none”.

19 Universal Negative a blanket statement of denial There are no aliens.

20 Value Judgment deciding whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, valuable or worthless This painting will look great in your living room.

21 Biblical Truth Only one that is true ALL the time.

22 Types of Biblical Truth record of history prophecy of the future revelation of spiritual and moral truth

23 Limitations of Biblical Truth Is NOT limited by inaccuracy Does not deal with all physical things.

24 How We Know that the Bible is the Infallible, Inerrant Word of God 1.Faith (a position of belief) 2.Fulfilled Prophecy 3.Accurate record of history 4.Accurate description of the physical world 5.Inner testimony of the Holy Spirit

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