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Copyright © 2006-2012 – Curt Hill Windows Files to Hand-In And other things you should know.

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1 Copyright © – Curt Hill Windows Files to Hand-In And other things you should know

2 Windows The design and evolution of Windows is to make the computer more user friendly It is intended for the –Computer illiterate –Computer semi-literate –And not for the computer sophisticated Developers are supposed to be able to see through the lies that Windows tells us Copyright © – Curt Hill

3 Developers Those who: –Design, write, test and document programs Developers use programs to make programs –Programs are also known as applications The person who designs a car must know more about the car and the highway than those who merely drive –Same with applications Copyright © – Curt Hill

4 Does Windows really lie? The desktop is the root of the computer –Actually the desktop is a subdirectory on the C disk Documents (files) are the center of the world –The files are worthless without an application to manipulate them It also conceals files that we are interested in Copyright © – Curt Hill

5 Files Files need three pieces to identify them Directory – this includes the drive File name Extension Windows Explorer or My Computer will hide the extension by default We need to expose it Copyright © – Curt Hill

6 Explorer Selecting Tools Copyright © – Curt Hill

7 The View Tab Copyright © – Curt Hill

8 CheckBox The important check box is labeled: Hide extensions for known file types By default it is checked This means that most of you will send me one or more files that I do not need and not send me the ones needed Unchecking it is persistant

9 wxDev-C++ There are lots of files –9 in the main directory –More in the two subdirectories The easiest way is to zip the entire directory and it Copyright © – Curt Hill

10 The Process Have Dev-CPP show the directory Select directory with Windows Explorer Right click and choose Send to Compressed file It will then compress it –The file allows a rename when done Consider the following screens Copyright © – Curt Hill

11 Finding Directory Copyright © – Curt Hill

12 Zipping Directory (1) Copyright © – Curt Hill

13 Zipping Directory (2) Copyright © – Curt Hill

14 The zip file Copyright © – Curt Hill

15 Directories The dialog may ask you where the file is stored Attach this to an to me This also works in the debugging process Copyright © – Curt Hill

16 Addendum on Executables The spam and malware filters are getting better and better Prior to 2012 they would always remove a.EXE from Now they actually scan.ZIP files and remove entire file if it contains one executable How do we get around this? Copyright © – Curt Hill

17 Removing executables Prior to the zip operation delete the executable or its directory In Dev-CPP this is the Output directory –Just delete the entire directory –The next time you run it will rebuild it This may be different between VCSU and WSC –WSC will pass through a stiffer spam filter Copyright © – Curt Hill

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