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Civil War Propaganda Who does this propaganda benefit? Why was this propaganda created? What inferences can you make from viewing the propaganda?

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1 Civil War Propaganda Who does this propaganda benefit? Why was this propaganda created? What inferences can you make from viewing the propaganda?

2 Political Propaganda (South)? Southern Propaganda? Depicts Lincoln and Davis fighting Lincoln seems to be the aggressor, Davis is asking for the Confederates to be left alone and Lincoln is standing with Soldiers and Cannons behind him saying that he is using no more force than necessary.

3 Recruitment Poster This is an example of a recruiting poster It states how much money will be paid in large letters. The amount each MAN will be paid is in smaller letters at the bottom. There is fine print. The picture shows a lady, an American Shield, an Eagle, the words “respond to your country’s call” and something in the sky.

4 Racist Propaganda (South) OR Abolitionist Propaganda (North)?

5 Great West, Great South A ship titled “The Great West” Three masted, capacity 1000 tons, receipts of grain in Buffalo in 24 hours, 1,100,000 bushels. A ship titled “The Great South” A rowboat being rowed by slaves, capacity 1000 lbs, receipts at New Orleans in 24 hours, 2.5 bushels

6 5 to 1 HA! 5 Confederate Soldiers are running away from Uncle Sam, who is hiding behind a hill that has an American flag in it. There is a rooster next to him. This shows that even if the North was outnumbered, they would still win because they had the great power of America.


8 Lincoln Pharmacy This shows Lincoln as a pharmacist. There are any things around the room, including “Lincoln renowned Rebel Exterminator” and “Schenkes Volatile Pills for purifying the blood” But the main thing Lincoln is making it “Pure Refined National Elixir of Liberty

9 Southern agriculture This shows that the south are warlike, and will turn even basic farming tools into weapons.

10 Southern Industries This shows the South’s main industries. Incredibly dark

11 American Eagle vs. C.S.A. Pirates. FIGHT! Not much to say here. The American Eagle is taking down some Confederate ships.

12 Southern Rations All they have is hay.

13 Southern Speech Caricature of a Southern Speaker with his entire speech written out with misspellings and a mocking southern accent. First line of the Speech: Feller Kumrads, Since eye spok 2 Tenesse Ive ben in sevrul varus ways servin mi country. Eye C B 4 me menny who listed...

14 Away down south in Dixie (Southern) An idyllic southern setting, a horse drawn cart full of hay, with men riding on it and walking with it.

15 Beef for the Rebels The rebels are too poor to afford real meat, so they have to eat gators.

16 Death before Dishonor (South) Nothing to say here

17 Good to be Contraband Slaves are talking about how happy they are that they are now contraband. At least it’s a start.

18 Throne of Cotton A confederate soldier talking about defeating “Ape- Lincoln” with cotton. He is sitting on the cotton as a throne.

19 Killing the Snakes of South Carolina The American Eagle Destroying the snakes of south Carolina and secession

20 Dictator Davis taking park of Virginia A distinctly evil looking money version of Davis is cutting off the tail of the cute kitten of Virginia

21 Don’t Tread on Us (Southern) A symbol for the south saying that they want to be left alone, but will fight back if they aren’t

22 Isn’t it just Patriotic? Apple Pie, Johnson, Joe Smith, etc. Patriotic.

23 A Painful Tail The union shears cutting off the tail of secession, and secession falling out the window. Signifies the end of the rebellion

24 Confederate Bond Making fun of how the Confederate bonds are worthless

25 Jefferson Davis To-From war ToFrom


27 Types of Propaganda Posters Pamphlets Poetry Clothing Envelopes Stamps Rallies

28 Union League North Started in Philadelphia Pennsylvania November 1862 Spread to New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, and San Fransico Distributed literature Raised Money for soldier supplies Recruited Soldiers

29 Loyal Publication Society of New York Run by Charles King and Francis Lieber Raised tens of thousands of dollars Published literature

30 Religion in Northern Propaganda Late 1861 Abraham Lincoln sent Archbishop Hughes, Bishop McIlvaine, and Thurlow Weed on an international propaganda tour Purpose was to stop France, England, and Spain from supporting the Confederacy Hughes was supposed to persuade the Catholic Leaders (the Papacy, Napoleon, etc.) McIlvaine was supposed to earn the support of the Clergy of England Weed was supposed to interact with Journalists and public figures to counteract the Confederates doing the same.

31 Southern Journalism Propaganda Confederates hired English Writers to help with Anti-Union Propaganda Henry Hotze was a major southern journalism propaganda leader, created the Index, major southern newspaper

32 Envelope Propaganda (North)

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