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Preassessment (Review)

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1 Preassessment (Review)
Reconstruction Preassessment (Review)

2 #1 The time period from which the South was rebuilt was known as _________________ Reconstruction

3 Land, buildings, and transportation
#2 ___________,________ and ________________ were destroyed Land, buildings, and transportation

4 #3 The economy of the South was in shambles following the Civil War because the money was _, _______ were ruined, ___ forced to close, and ____ prices were down. Worthless, banks, industries, cotton

5 #4 The price of cotton was down in the South because _____________ had found new places to raise their own. Great Britain

6 Northerners who went South after the Civil War were called _________
#5 Northerners who went South after the Civil War were called _________ carpetbaggers

7 #6 Southern whites who cooperated with the Republican controlled government in the South were called ___________ Scalawags

8 #7 Southerners that refused to take the “iron clad oath” lost the right to ____ vote

9 #8 Problems of the Black South: most couldn’t ___________ or _________ they were not used to being ________ they had no concept of _________ Read, write ; on their own; money

10 #9 ____________ was set up to assist the Freedmen to adjust to their new lives. Freedmen’s Bureau

11 The most lasting impact of the Freedmen’s Bureau was _____
#10 The most lasting impact of the Freedmen’s Bureau was _____ Education

12 #11 A series of laws that severely limited the rights of African Americans were_______ Black Codes

13 #12 How did sharecropping lead to a cycle of debt?
The poor whites and freedmen had no money and had to borrow to grow their crops Their share of the crops was not enough to cover their debt They couldn’t leave until the debt was paid off.

14 #13 _______ were freedmen that moved to Kansas and points westward. Exoduster

15 #14 ______ sources are usually eyewitness accounts, while _____ are not. Primary; Secondary

16 #15 _______ Plan for reconstruction involved healing wartime bitterness and a 10% plan Lincoln’s

17 #16 Radicals wanted _______ in control of Reconstruction Congress

18 #17 While Johnson and Lincoln wanted amnesty the Radicals wanted to _______ the South punish

19 #18 Andrew Johnson agreed with __________ Reconstruction plan Lincoln’s

20 #19 Andrew Johnson was impeached because he violated the ______ Act Tenure of Office Act

21 #20 The impeachment process involves the ____ impeaching and the ______ holding the trial House ; Senate

22 #21 The _____ threatened African Americans, carpetbaggers and teachers of African Americans KKK

23 #22 __________ State laws that made segregation legal Jim Crow laws

24 #23 During Reconstruction the South was placed under _____________ Martial Law

25 #24 Once the military withdrew black _______ all but ended rights

26 #25 Hayes promised the South favors in the Compromise of ___ including withdraw of the _____, appointment of a Southern to the ________ and ___ for improvements. 1877; troops, cabinet, and money

27 #26-28 13th Amendment: freed the slaves 14th Amendment: citizenship for former slaves; gave them civil rights 15th Amendment: Black men could vote

28 #29 Compare/Contrast Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan to that of the Radical Republicans Johnson wanted to forgive the South while the Radical wanted to punish * Both wanted to restore the Union

29 #30 What was the outcome of Pres. Johnson’s impeachment? Why would his impeachment been a threat to our Constitutional government? 1 vote shy of removal from office; The balance of power would have shifted to Congress

30 #31-End of Reconstruction
Corruption Economy Democrats return to power

31 #32-Crime of Reconstruction
Freeing the slaves and giving them rights, but then abandoning them back to their former owners who will treat them the same as before

32 #33-Dream of Emancipation
Dream was of equality Reality was beatings, cycle of poverty, segregation, violation of rights

33 #34 Effects Physical- land, building, and transportation destroyed
Political- 13,14, 15 Amendments; Freedmen’s Bureau; black codes

34 34 cont Socially: freedom, finding families;
Economy: money was worthless; sharecropping, industries destroyed, cotton prices down

35 Be sure to study your charts, notes, bell ringers, and homework papers.
Evaluate whether Reconstruction was a success or a failure and provide facts to support your opinion. Name immediate and long-term effects of Reconstruction.

36 STUDY!! This is your first major test in American Studies. Your test average is 50% of your overall grade. The test will be multiple choice, short answer questions, and extended response questions.

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