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Kaye Gibbons “A Cure For Dreams” Dajah Gladden 1 st period.

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1 Kaye Gibbons “A Cure For Dreams” Dajah Gladden 1 st period

2 Her Life Born may 5, 1960 Nash County, NC Graduated from Rocky mount High School Attended / Graduated from University North Carolina Chapel hill Mother Committed Suicide Was Arrested Nov 2, 2008 (drugs, fraud, illegal possession) Gibbons novels examine the conflict women face

3 BOOKS/AWARDS BOOKS Sight Unseen A Cure for Dreams A Virtuous Women AWARDS New York City Art Director Club award, 1979 for The Missing Maple Syrup Sap Mystery; American Institute of Graphic Arts award, 1979

4 I would recommend this book, even though I really didn’t like it. This book is a very old book, that jumps from different seens. One part I didn’t like, was when her father went away for work, one day and then he dies all of a sudden. But this book has a lot of good prospective, for women. READ NOT

5 MAIN CHARACTERS OF “A CURE FOR DREAMS” Betty Davies Daughter of Lottie and Charles Davies, a very sick child, who was also unliked by her father, but the best friend to her mother. Charles Davies Father of betty daviesa very hard worker, who was also very mean, and rude, and at times verbally abuser.

6 MAIN CHARACTERS OF “A CURE FOR DREAMS” Lottie O’Cadhain-Davies Mother of betty, husband of charles, a very depressed/stressed women, and at times bitter but happy. *soon became helpful and happy

7 RESOURCE PAGE Kaye Gibbons SVHS 1.A Cure For Dreams FGIB 1991 2.On the occasion of my last afternoon FGIB 1998 3.Charm for the easy life FGIB 1993 4.Ellen Foster FGIB 1987 5.A virtuous women FGIB 1987 6.Sights unseen FGIB 1995 7. Taylor, Paul M. Coping with a dysfunctional family. 362.82TAY 1960

8 OUTSIDEBOOK Kaye Gibbons Divining women 2004 En mon dernier apres-midi 1999

9 WEBSITES http://www.k- func.html (01:23:11) http://www.k- func.html mily2.html (01:23:11) mily2.html

10 PLOT DEVELOPMENT Exposition Betty Davies the daughter of Charles and Lottie Davies, who lived in Kentucky. Because of eating habits, she became very sick, and divided the family in the mist, becoming a two on one battle. Conflict Betty and her mother Lottie are best friends against Charles who doesn’t really care for his Family, because he cared more for money.

11 PLOT DEVELOPMENT Rising Action Charles davies only cared about his job, as a farmer, and field work, which was put before his broken family. Soon charles job ran dry, and became depressed. Climax In the mist of being depressed charles took his frustration out on his family. Fussing, arguing, and not allowing them to leave the house. One day he left and didn’t return he was found hanging between 2rocks

12 PLOT DEVELOPMENT Falling Action Life without Charles was stress less, but also worthless. Betty nor Lottie had money, or jobs. They made money by relavashing clothes, and selling them, and playing cards with women of the town. Resolution Even though their circumstances were odd, they were more happier, and helpful to the people of the town. Betty, and Lottie had all they wanted, and that was Peace.

13 SUMMARY This book is about a girl name Betty whose mother name is Lottie Davies and father name Charles Davies. They lived in a small town in Kentucky, where her father is the owner of farm and field. Betty along with her mother stayed in the house. When Betty was a little baby she got very sick, because of malnutrition. Even though her becoming sick was no one fault, immediately Betty's father blamed her mother, and the downfall begins.

14 SUMMARY Betty’s father began to work long hours, and days not wanting to come home to his family. When Betty’s father did indeed come home, everything was blamed on Lottie from the food, to how betty felt, and even what she wore. Lottie began to lie, and tell Charles Betty still was sick, so he wouldn’t come home. This downfall split the family into two against one. Betty and her mother Lottie became best friends, while her father they seldom Saw.

15 SUMMARY Since Betty and her mother was the only one home, they began to go out and play cards every Wednesday. When Charles heard of the actions, he immediately put a stop to it. Soon after Charles job ran dry, he had no choice to stay Home. Him being home caused a lot of Problems, and stress. Charles left and didn’t come back, the next day he was found hanging in between to rocks, he killed himself. The hurt came, but the happiness prevailed upon Betty, and Lottie.

16 SUMMARY Betty and her mother was happy he was gone, but also sad. Without Charles, they were Worthless, neither one of them worked, but they stated they were happy being worthless, than to be miserable and rich. They made it off selling replenished clothes to the people of the town, and playing cards. Their life was better, and worth more than we can imagine. They stayed in kentucky, and lived abundantly.

17 WORK’S CITED Gibbons, kaye. A Cure For Dreams. Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Algonquin Books, 1991. Print. "Kaye Gibbons." Allvoices. 2008-2011. Web. 23 Feb. 2011.. "Kaye Gibbons." Kansas State University. 3 Feb. 2011. Web. 22 Feb. 2011.. "Kaye Gibbons." Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies. George A. Boyd, 1992. Web. 22 Feb. 2011.. "Kaye Gibbons." Startribune. Pamela Miller, 15 Jan. 2006. Web. 23 Feb. 2011..

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