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Drama Drama Drama Karpman Drama Triangle A way of understanding

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1 Drama Drama Drama Karpman Drama Triangle A way of understanding
Winners Triangle A new way of communicating Kim Gregory

2 Stephen Karpman Drama Triangle
Rescuer Persecutor Feel they know ‘best’ Do more than their fair share Has difficulty saying “no” Rescues even when not invited Are often lonely, attends to others needs and ignores their own Becomes their identity- often rewarded Stephen Karpman Drama Triangle Criticize, put downs, sarcastic, bully, angry Have a rigid authoritative stance Blame other people Ridicule, fault finding Are often burnt out, tired, overwhelmed Victim Will feel helpless, victimized, oppressed, hopeless, powerless, ashamed, put down, worthless, inadequate “I can’t do it” Poor me

3 Acey Choy Winners Triangle
Resourceful Powerful Caring Acey Choy Winners Triangle Assertive Does not take over unless asked or wants to Do their share only Does not do the thinking for the person Feels genuine concern, not fear or seeking to meet their own needs Asks for what they want, no mind reading required No sulking or punishing behavior Says “no” Makes changes to get their needs met Vulnerable Skills needed Skills needed Use feelings as information or data about self Acts from adult ego state Problem solver Skills needed Self awareness Self awareness and listening skills Self awareness Ability to express needs without over powering person

4 Parental role Culture Responsibility First educators
Facilitators/Gatekeepers of social experiences

5 Professional Role Enabler See unrecognized capabilities/strengths
See a “snapshot” of the story only Unique contributors Bring a fresh perspective

6 Working together to bring change
Together – bridge the gap Recognize BOTH parties play a huge role in clients lives Both bring unique contribution Communicate Communicate Communicate….keep each other “in the loop”. Be mindful, not reactive

7 References
Kim Gregory

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