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What was the impact of Eugene Talmadge’s political career?

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1 What was the impact of Eugene Talmadge’s political career?

2 First round as governor (1933-1937)  Appealed to rural white voters.  Promised to cut car tag fees, lower utility rates, and balance the state budget

3 First round as governor (1933-1937)  Was a very strong executive The General Assembly refused to lower the price of car tags, he did it anyway. When the highway board would not give in to his control, he declared martial (military) law and picked new members Had the state treasurer physically removed from his office in the state capitol building.

4 Why did he do these things?  Read the 2 nd paragraph on pg. 296 to determine why Talmadge took such strong actions.

5 Disagreed with FDR and New Deal  Openly opposed many parts of the New Deal including minimum wage, Social Security, and unemployment insurance  Called FDR a socialist and sought to run against him for president  Instead, ran against Sen. Richard Russell and lost

6 Changes in Georgia  _______________ became governor in 1936 and GA joined the New Deal completely by building ________________________(pick 3).  Other items in the “little New Deal” included money for ____________ for schools, creation of the _______________, and requiring drivers _____________________.

7 Still popular with voters  1940 – Talmadge ran for governor for a 3 rd time and won by telling white voters the New Deal was trying to end segregation.

8 Talmadge and higher education  1941 – Word spread that some college officials were wanting to integrate state colleges.  Talmadge used his power to fire two administrators – the Dean of Education at UGA and the president of the Georgia Teachers College (now Georgia Southern)

9 Talmadge and higher education  The Southern Assoc. of Colleges and Schools (SACS) took away the accreditation (official approval) of white public colleges in the state.  Made national headlines. Georgia college credits were worthless outside of the state.  Talmadge was defeated by Ellis Arnall in 1942 – the only governor’s election he lost

10 Everything old is new again  1946 – Talmadge ran for governor – yet again.  He did not win the popular vote but won the county unit vote, which meant he won the election.  Talmadge died in December before officially taking office and 3 men claimed to be governor

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