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By Kim Whitney, Jessi Tassini, & Mitchell Loring.

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1 By Kim Whitney, Jessi Tassini, & Mitchell Loring

2 Characters, Setting, etc. This story takes place in the Great City of Rome, where C. Mucius is trying to kill the Great king Porsena.

3 Obsideo: Besiege Early in the story, Tarqunius called upon Porsena, king of the Etruscans, to assist him in the attack and capture of Rome. However, waiting there was Porsena’s Rival, C. Mucius, who had a nasty plan in mind. He discussed this plan with the Senators and was given the go-ahead to execute his mission.

4 Veror: Fear A big commotion was going on near the tribunal, where all of the speeches were made in Rome. Working there was the king’s secretary, who was dressed similarly to the king himself. Because of this, Mucius accidentally killed him instead of the king with a sword he hid in his coat.

5 Vile: Worthless After hearing that the secretary was killed instead of the king, Mucius shoved through the crowd in search of the king with the sword drawn. Eventually they found him, but the king thought fast.

6 Insidiae: Ambush Mucius captured the king, but he was prepared. Mucius took a scond to come over the fact he had his enemy right where he wanted him, but it was a second too long. Porsena set up a fire in a flash, forcing Mucius to explain the plan.

7 Circumdo: Put Around Mucius, after doing so, realized his mistake, and thrust his hand into the fire as a sacrifice- which burnt off. Afterward the king let Mucius free and gave him the name “Lefty” from now on.

8 Picture sources   ballista.jpg ballista.jpg   AAAAAAAAAOY/79hOCg1rlLE/s1600/Banksy_Worthless 3.jpg AAAAAAAAAOY/79hOCg1rlLE/s1600/Banksy_Worthless 3.jpg  /monsterhunter/images/9/9b/MHF2Tigrex.jpg /monsterhunter/images/9/9b/MHF2Tigrex.jpg The one with the axe murderer and the scared kid is a Mitchell Loring Production® made with Paint.

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