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5 slogans from ads -analysis and interpretation By Sherry of Italian department.

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1 5 slogans from ads -analysis and interpretation By Sherry of Italian department

2 Slogans > of 中興米 > of 萬事達卡 > of Asus > of McDonald's > of Johnny Walker

3 > of 中興米 The product: Rice- 中興米 It ’ s a product that is one of the main food for us, Taiwanese people to eat everyday. Slogan ’ s location: in a CF on TV Interpretation of this slogan: 有點黏, 又不會太黏 is the way to describe the texture of the rice, “ it ’ s a little sticky but not too sticky ” When consumers hear this slogan from the actress, they can easily get the image of it, because everyone in Taiwan are very familiar to rice, and this is the ideal texture people like the rice to be, after cooking it.

4 > of 中興米 Strategy of the slogan: The slogan describe so vividly that the rice ’ s best condition, it attempt people to have the desire to taste it. Furthermore, this CF is always played on TV at every dining period of the day, so every time when people hear this slogan they will directly compare it with the rice they are eating at the moment, and then people will want to buy the product since they think the slogan makes a better one to eat.

5 > of 萬事達卡 The product: the credit card -Master Card Slogan ’ s location: in the CF and other promotions Interpretation of this slogan: 萬事皆可達, 唯有情無價 it means “ the goodwill is worthless, while everything you can reach. ” This is a slogan that is literally based on the Master Card ’ s Chinese name, and gives the name more meaning and lets it become more meaningful, so the consumers who have seen this slogan will come up more of the ideal of this card while using it to buy things.

6 > of 萬事達卡 Strategy of the slogan: This slogan makes people think it ’ s valuable to use this product( credit card) to buy things. It makes the consumers think that every time they buy something, the containing meaning and the goodwill of this consuming action are more important and worthless. So people are always feel free too use this product, after they see this slogan.

7 > of Asus The product: computer and notebook computer- Asus Slogan ’ s locations: in the CF and other types of promotion Interpretation of this slogan: this slogan says out the best feature of advantages of this brand ’ s notebook computer. It makes the consumers easily get the idea that the outside quality of their product is quite good and reliable like rock solid things, and the inside software and designs are very humanized like heart touching feeling.

8 > of Asus Strategy of the slogan: The slogan makes the product of this brand more closer to the consumers by conveying its good quality and touching, considerable design. It points out the advantage of a technical product should be but meanwhile has the touching design for the users, in order to show this brand is superior.

9 > of McDonald's The product: fast food -McDonald ’ s Slogan ’ s location: in the CF and on every their products Interpretation of this slogan: This slogan is an positive expression maybe from a lover of this brand, to encourage consumers to go in to this restaurant, and the feeling of loving something is the feeling that people always want to have, so this slogan uses this to present the products are the best in this restaurant, and people will love them.

10 > of McDonald's Strategy of the slogan: It ’ s kink of trying to make consumers feel that they will feel left out if they don ’ t eat in this restaurant because someone else I the CF says “ I ’ m loving it ”, and it has the possibility that many people love McDonald ’ s, so it create the delightful atmosphere to eat their products.

11 > of Johnny Walker The product: liquor, -Johnny Walker Slogan ’ s location: in the end of almost every their CFs Interpretation of this slogan: this slogan is a extension of this brand ’ s name, a walker of course is walking, and this slogan “ keep walking ” means to keep moving toward your goals, approaching your dreams and in your life, not to give up, while you can have the liquor on the way with you.

12 > of Johnny Walker Strategy of the slogan: this slogan ’ s literal meaning is related to the brands name, and it is a positive attitude that connects the products with people ’ s goals of living, while the consumers keep moving on toward their dreams and goals, they can also have some of this product as an accompany. This makes the consumers feel worthy to drink it!

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