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Aquavallis Composite sorbent of viruses and bacteria AQUAVALLIS

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1 Aquavallis Composite sorbent of viruses and bacteria AQUAVALLIS

2 Background Pilot plant of metal nano-powders: Al(Ar) “Alex”, AlN/TiN, Al 2 O 3, Cu(Ar), Cu(N 2 ), Ni(Ar), Ni(N 2 ), Zn(Ar) Average size of particles – 30-200 nm. Setup for nano-powder production Nanofibers of aluminum oxide-hydroxide phases made from aluminum nano-powder. Awards R&D Magazine Top 100 Award for ceramic nanofibers, 2002 R&D Magazine Top 100 Award for aluminum nanopowders, 2000

3 The product Use composition of polymer matrix and nano-fibers of aluminum oxide-hydroxide for sorption of viruses and bacteria. Filter material The product idea: Awards Award of the Space Technology Hall of Fame, NASA, 2005 Gold Medal of the V Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments, 2005 Polymer microfiber Aluminum nano-fibers

4 Market: price and quality Technical characteristics of filter materials. Filter materialRate of filtrate flow at a differential pressure of 0,6 atmospheres, sm/sec Adsorption efficiency of MS2 bacteriophage, % Sorption capacity, particles/sm 2. Price for filter material, US Dollar/0.1m 3 Filter on the base of fossil meal (thickness– 1,2 mm) 1,099.0 0.7  10 12 72000$ The membrane with pore sizes 25 nanometers 0,003100 (removes only particles with sizes  25 nanometers) Filtering  2,0  10 12 lead to clogging of pores 51100$ - 298000$ Aquavallis (thickness 1,2 мм) 1,099,999999 – 100 4,6  10 12 23600$ Standards: The designed filtering material meets the USA Environmental Protection Agency requirements and USA defensive specifications made to microbiological water purifiers.

5 Fields of application Clearing microbiological contaminations of water in the household purposes and in extreme situations (flood of the rivers, a underflooding of sewage treatment plants, a weep in water pipes, etc.). The microbiological analysis of potable water and day waters, alcoholic and soft drinks, the sanitary surfaces check of microbial dirtiness of buildings, inventories, etc. The microbiological air check. Systems with varied productivity for deriving water with laboratory, analytical and reagent level of purity - state-of-the-art alternative to finestillers and redistillators. For a sterilizing filtering of the injection and other solutions in medical institutions. Systems for biomolecules concentrating in physiological fluids before an electrophoresis or an immunoelectrophoresis in clinical laboratories for early diagnostic of diseases. Ultrafiltration systems for concentrating and extraction of viruses. Filtration systems for a probe-preparation. A microstraining for the pharmaceutical, perfumery, edible, microelectronic and chemical industries. Biotechnological applications (classification of macromolecules, immobilization of enzymes andcell- like crops inbiocatalytic membrane reactors). The tanning, textile, paper industry - removal of tallows, manufacture of fibrous materials from less valuable raw materials, preparation of catalytic agents for potching.

6 Filter cartridges Standard filter Microbiological filter 2 1 2 1 Фильтр ы 1 – mechanical contaminants filter 2 – Aquavallis microbiological filter Delivery of the filtering material (filtering mats, sheets) for filtering caps, nozzles, cartridges, etc. Offers:

7 Thank you! AquaZone Ltd. Address: pr. Akademicheskii, 2/1, Tomsk, 634021, Russia Tel.: +7 (3822) 286928 Fax: +7 (3822) 492576 e-mail: For more information

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