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Tru Face Targetted Treatment The future of Skin Care Starts Today.

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1 Tru Face Targetted Treatment The future of Skin Care Starts Today

2 Mechanical Aging Stress caused by habitual muscle movements repeatedly.  Furrowing  Lip pursing  The “thinker” stance  Weight fluctuation  Sleeping on one side Understanding Aging Process

3 Stress from daily exposure to sunlight, pollution, weather extremes and cigarette smoke. 18 months, sun damage is not apparent yetAge 64, beach community resident, heavily mottled Environmental Aging

4 Occurs as a result of time and inherent. Biological Aging

5 As we get older, subtle signs of age start to appear.  The skin renewal process naturally slows down  Fewer Collagen and Elastin fibers are produced, weakening the skin structure to form lines and wrinkles  Dark spots and discoloration starts to emerge Signs of Aging

6 Wrinkles  The dermis loses its firmness and elasticity.  The skin looses its capacity to hold moisture.  The skin becomes thinner and drier, forming crevices of different depths. Signs of Aging

7 Discoloration  Sun radiation damages the skin’s pigment cells, triggering an overproduction of brown pigment  Dark spots form on the skin’s surface. discoloration melanin Signs of Aging

8 Loss of firmness  Elastin is a fibrous protein that provides structural support to the skin, giving it a firm contour.  With age, the elastin content decreases compromising the support network necessary to maintain firm skin. Signs of Aging

9 Why is Skin Care Important?

10 Why Skin Care is Important?

11 Ageless beauty is the reality of today with Tru Targeted Treatments — cutting-edge, technologically advanced formulas specifically designed to address the individual needs of aging skin. This is Science

12 Adding the “Good” and removing the “Bad” Excess metal/iron caused by oxidation Dead skin cells Lactobionic acid Gluconolactone Ethocyn ®Pro-Collagen Peptides Kelpadelie Algae Philosophy of The Future Skin Care

13 Tru Targeted Treatment

14 Features Kelpadelie Algae to provide the following benefits :  Helps protect collagen and elastin.  Smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Maintains skin clarity and restores skin radiance. Get a Jump Start on the First Sign of Aging Tru Face ™ Perfecting Gel

15 Key Ingredient: Kelpadelie Algae  A marine algae from the Antarctic, helps diminish early signs of environmental aging.  Milder to skin than Retinol, Kelpadelie helps to stop the breakdown of collagen, smooth skin, and even out discoloration without causing photo sensitivity Tru Face ™ Perfecting Gel

16 Other key ingredients:  Vitamin A Palmitate helps diminish free radical effects  Copper PCA helps firm and tighten the skin.  The Crystal spiral is formed of cholesteryl esters that naturally moisturize the skin. Tru Face ™ Perfecting Gel

17 Features Pro-Collagen Peptides to provide the following benefits :  Reduces the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles.  Minimizes the appearance of dermal creases around the mouth and forehead.  Targets mechanical aging. Experience the Power of Peptides Tru Face ™ Line Corrector

18 Key Ingredient: Pro-Collagen Peptides  Revolutionary patented technology  Sends age-reversing signals to collagen- producing cells (fibroblasts) to help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines and promote firmer and younger-looking skin. Tru Face ™ Line Corrector

19 Clinical study results:  A 12-week usage study showed significant wrinkle improvement in 91% of 42 participants.  Clinical testing also showed continued improvement over 6 months. Tru Face ™ Line Corrector

20 Taking the Irritation out of Aging Features Polyhydroxy Acids to provide the following benefits:  Smoothes skin texture  Diminishes the appearance of pores  Brightens complexions  Targets biological and environmental aging Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel

21 Key Ingredients: Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) – The next generation of AHA, “friendly” chemical structure Patented PHAs Lactobionic Acid & Gluconolactone are clinically proven to provide all the cell turnover benefits of traditional hydroxy acids and more …  reduces sallowness  increases hydration  protects against free-radical damage Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel

22 Key Ingredient: PHA’s Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel  Stimulate skin cell renewal to encourage the sloughing off of rough, uneven skin.  Chelate excess metal irons to reduce sallowness.  Bind to water for added hydration  Provide powerful anti-oxidant protection to reduce free- radical damage.  Clear pores of dead cell build-up to refine and diminish their appearance. Dead skin cells Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel

23 Clinical study results: Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel Daily usage of PHAs delivers: – 45% improvement in skin texture/smoothness – 30% improvement in skin firmness – 30% improvement in evenness of skin tone – 15% improvement in pore size Tru Face ™ Revealing Gel

24 Consumer’s concerns Product’s Key Strengths Recommendation Rough skin textures Discolorations Dullness Exfoliates build up skin cells on the skin surface. 180 Integrated Treatment Systems for skin from “Bad to Good” Deep lines and visible pores caused by environmental ageing PHAs work as a powerful water binding agent to plumps up the skin surface. TF Revealing Gel for skin from “Good to Perfect” Guidelines

25 A fibrous protein Gives the skin its resiliency Gives the skin the ability to stretch and snap back into shape Elastin: elastin structure As we age: Elastin levels decrease Skin loses contour and firmness Skin sags Elastin

26 DHT receptor androgen converted to DHT Anti-androgens Androgens Imbalance

27 Return to Firm Features Ethocyn ® to provide the following benefits: Helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance Promotes youthful elastin levels for a defined facial shape Tru Face ™ Essence

28 Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ® Mimics a process that naturally occurs in the body when we are young Is a competitive inhibitor Block what causes fibroblasts skin cells to stop producing elastin – the important youth- rendering skin’s rubberbands – that we have when we are young. Tru Face ™ Essence

29 Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ® Organically synthesized, non-steriodal antiandrogen Has a molecular weight of 266 Penetrates through the stratum corneum to the dermis Safe and effective Tru Face ™ Essence

30 Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ® Non-phototoxic –you CAN go in the sun without worrying about redness or swelling Protect your skin from the sun which causes elastin fibers in the skin to become hard and non-resilient. Metabolizes in the body within 8-10 hours Should be applied twice daily Tru Face ™ Essence

31 Commenced during pharmaceutical research Underwent 17 years of expensive research and development Expensive 14-step organic synthesis Enormous time and expense of applying for protective patents The Development of Ethocyn®

32 The Results of Ethocyn®

33 Tru Face EssenceBotulinum Toxin A Cost$ capsules $ $3000 / vial Cost per day$6.50 x 2 caps $14 - $25 ( exclude hospital stay) Benefits / results Progressive (with 2 caps/day usage) Normally last for 4 months before your skin resumes to its original condition Properties  kick start the natural elastin producing process  Return Elastin level to youthful stage  It is a “nerve blocker”( putting muscles to sleep)  Disables the muscles that create wrinkles Down Time  Non  Painless  Temporary bruising  Eyelid droop  Difficulty in raising your eyebrows  Not cheap Table 1

34 Men & Women ages 35+ who want to reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles Men of all ages. Women in their 20’s, new to skin care, interested in preventing the effects of aging on the skin. Men & Women who want smooth, youthful looking skin, but are not willing to tolerate the irritation associated with traditional AHAs. Skin involved ages 40+ concerned with restoring firmness and facial contour to reduce the appearance of sagging. Men & Women of all ages actively seeking technologically advanced solutions to maintain or restore youthful facial contour and skin firmness. Target Audience

35 TF Essence TF Perfecting Gel TF Line Corrector TF Revealing Gel OR Cleanse Tone Moisturize Usage Guide

36 Complementary Products

37 FAQ 01. Can I use Tru Face Line Corrector and the other Tru Targeted Treatments at the same time? 02. Does Tru Face Line Corrector firm the skin? 03. Do I need to rotate on and off this product the way I did with the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System? 04. Can I use Tru Face Revealing Gel with the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System? 05. Why is iron chelation a benefit to my skin I get from Tru face Revealing Gel? 06. What makes Tru Face Perfecting Gel blue? 07. What is the spiral composed of in Tru Face Perfecting Gel?

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