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The future of Skin Care Starts Today

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1 The future of Skin Care Starts Today
Tru Face Targetted Treatment Having a lifetime of healthy skin is very important. Do you want to look as your actual age or even younger or you want to look as your skin age?! We cannot stop the clock but with the advance technology gives us choice on how we will look in the future. Now, 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System still be the “magic” for people who wish to transform their skin from “Bad” to “ Good”. Tru Targeted Treatment will “perfect” the flaws in a good skin. The family members are: Tru Face Perfecting Gel Tru Face Line Corrector Tru Face Revealing Gel Tru Face Essence The future of Skin Care Starts Today

2 Understanding Aging Process
Mechanical Aging Stress caused by habitual muscle movements repeatedly. Furrowing Lip pursing The “thinker” stance Weight fluctuation Sleeping on one side Refer slide. Other examples like: scrubbing with hot water Sucking on a straw Lip pursing Excessive smoking and alcohol Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, recognizing wrinkle-causing behaviors is the first step to fighting the signs of aging, as well as retaining a youthful appearance.

3 Environmental Aging Stress from daily exposure to sunlight, pollution, weather extremes and cigarette smoke. Exposure to environmental stress damages the skin and accelerates the signs of skin aging. Some causes of environmental stress are: Sun exposure Pollution Harsh weather Cigarette smoke UV rays do the worst damage to the skin. Long-term exposure caused damage not only to darkening of spots but weakens the collagen structure. With time fine lines or wrinkle will sets in as our permanent features. Refer to slide to show difference between 18 months & 64 years old. 18 months, sun damage is not apparent yet Age 64, beach community resident, heavily mottled

4 Biological Aging Occurs as a result of time and inherent.
Biological aging occurs as a result of time and inherent, usually found at 3-aged zone: Outer corner of eyes, deeper laugh lines and droopy lips.

5 Signs of Aging As we get older, subtle signs of age start to appear.
The skin renewal process naturally slows down Fewer Collagen and Elastin fibers are produced, weakening the skin structure to form lines and wrinkles Dark spots and discoloration starts to emerge As we grow older, we see and feel certain changes in our skin, which is the body's largest and most visible organ. The natural 28-day cycle during which skin cells are born, grow and die may be altered, the skin renewal process slows down. This allows dead cells to build up on skin's surface, causing dullness and shallowness and affecting skin's ability to hold moisture. When skin cells are unable to retain water, skin looses moisture and its clarity. The skin becomes drier, more wrinkled, and spots appear. Also, after an injury our skin tends to heal more slowly. Worst still, our oil glands reduce the secretions of sebum with age. We need this natural oil to keep our skin moist and nourish.

6 Signs of Aging Signs of Aging Wrinkles
The dermis loses its firmness and elasticity. The skin looses its capacity to hold moisture. The skin becomes thinner and drier, forming crevices of different depths. The sun is the major cause of unwanted changes in the skin with aging. How wrinkled your skin becomes depends largely on how much sun you have been exposed to in your lifetime. UV rays will destroy your dermis layer, loses its firmness and elasticity. Skin's natural process of repairing sun damage may lead to invisible solar scars, which appear as fine lines or deeper wrinkles. Cigarette smoking can also contribute to wrinkles. Wrinkles also depend on your parents - the tendency to wrinkle is inherited.

7 Signs of Aging Signs of Aging Discoloration discoloration
Sun radiation damages the skin’s pigment cells, triggering an overproduction of brown pigment Dark spots form on the skin’s surface. discoloration External stress caused both visible and invisible signs of aging. Remember that sun exposure as a child or teenager makes a big difference to the appearance of the skin at the age of 30, 40, or 50. Just like new our clothes, after a few wash and dry under hot sun, what happen? The color fades out and becomes old. We can choose to use “Breeze” color for clothes to protect the colors but can we use it for our face? If you have already sun-damaged your skin, you will still benefit from beginning sun protection as an adult. It's never too late. melanin

8 Signs of Aging Signs of Aging Loss of firmness
Elastin is a fibrous protein that provides structural support to the skin, giving it a firm contour. With age, the elastin content decreases compromising the support network necessary to maintain firm skin. As skin ages, skin may become depleted of critical nutrients, such as vitamin C, leading to the loss of firmness. Collagen and elastin, fibers that keep the skin firm, weaken. The skin looks loose and lax, becomes thinner, and loses fat, so that it looks less plump and smooth. While all these changes are taking place, gravity is also at work, pulling at the skin and causing it to sag.

9 Why is Skin Care Important?
Besides lifestyle choices, nutritional choices, your skin care choices will be an important part to determine how your skin travels through time. Do you want to age “gracefully”, “naturally” or “ tremendously”? You can see that there’s a dramatic difference in the way skin ages based on choices that we make everyday.

10 Why Skin Care is Important?
Many of you have heard the phrase that 40 is the new 30 and Nu Skin is committed to making 50 the new 30. Well we can’t do this unless we change our approach to skin care treatment. We really need to bring high-science innovations to the market place to set a new standard for delivering meaningful benefits. We believe our Tru Targeted Treatment does exactly this and to stress this point further we’ve coined the phrase “not your mother’s skin care”.

11 This is Science Ageless beauty is the reality of today with Tru Targeted Treatments — cutting-edge, technologically advanced formulas specifically designed to address the individual needs of aging skin. This is Science. This communicates that this is the revolutionary generation in skin care technology and we’re committed to find ways to bring it to you. Tru Targeted Treatment is your solution to prevent premature aging.

12 Philosophy of The Future Skin Care
Adding the “Good” and removing the “Bad” Excess metal/iron caused by oxidation Dead skin cells Kelpadelie Algae What is NU Skin’s philosophy? “All of the Good and none of the Bad” Yes, but now we would like to introduce to you the philosophy of Future skin care “ Adding the good and removing the Bad” Things need to be removed: excess oil, bacteria, environmental dirt – present on the skin surface From within the skin, we need to remove as well. We need to remove out of the skin damaging byproducts, such as metals of iron. Remove excess metal/ irons – function as an oxidant and damage body tissues. So, if we really want to prolong aging, if we really want to prolong the life and retard aging, what we want to do is get that extra iron out of the body. We need to add sun protection to stop the UV light from striking the skin. We need to add skin moisturizers to maintain the skin barrier. We need to add antioxidants to the skin surface such as Vit. C, Vit E to prevent ultraviolet light from damaging the skin. Also, we need to add in plenty of nutrients as well as scientifically proven ingredients to enhance a healthy looking skin. Lactobionic acid Gluconolactone Ethocyn ® Pro-Collagen Peptides

13 Tru Targeted Treatment
Take control of your aging skin. As we know, there are 3 types of aging that affect your skin’s youthful appearance: mechanical stress, environmental stress and biological/intrinsic aging. The entire TTT products differ from one another and they work together for complete protection and prevention.

14 Tru Face™ Perfecting Gel
Features Kelpadelie Algae to provide the following benefits: Helps protect collagen and elastin. Smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Maintains skin clarity and restores skin radiance. Aging is about prevention – their skin looks good now and they want to keep it looking and feeling young and healthy for as long as they can. Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel, with Kelpadelie Algae combats the earliest signs of environmental aging by helping to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin (to keep skin looking young). It provides essentials lipids and cellular nutrients for soft, plump skin. Softens fine lines and wrinkles, maintains skin clarity and restores skin radiance. Get a Jump Start on the First Sign of Aging

15 Tru Face™ Perfecting Gel
Key Ingredient: Kelpadelie Algae A marine algae from the Antarctic, helps diminish early signs of environmental aging. Milder to skin than Retinol, Kelpadelie helps to stop the breakdown of collagen, smooth skin, and even out discoloration without causing photo sensitivity Refer to slide

16 Tru Face™ Perfecting Gel
Other key ingredients: Vitamin A Palmitate helps diminish free radical effects Copper PCA helps firm and tighten the skin. The Crystal spiral is formed of cholesteryl esters that naturally moisturize the skin. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – helps smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and counteracts the appearance of sun-damaged skin by diminish free radical effects. Copper PCA helps firm and tighten skin. The unique Liquid Crystal Delivery System is formed of cholesteryl esters that naturally moisturize the skin. This moisturizing beaded spiral is similar to a compound found naturally in the skin’s moisture barrier to provide skin softening benefits to maintain a youthful appearance. How & when to use? Use Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel morning and evening daily. After cleansing, toning, and using Tru Face Perfecting Gel, dispense two to three drops and apply to face and neck. Avoid eyelids and direct contact with eyes. Follow with the Nu Skin moisturizer or other treatment product of your choice.

17 Tru Face™ Line Corrector
Features Pro-Collagen Peptides to provide the following benefits: Reduces the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles. Minimizes the appearance of dermal creases around the mouth and forehead. Targets mechanical aging. Tru Face Line Corrector, an advanced formulation specifically designed to soften medium to deep lines and wrinkles caused by mechanical stress. Features patented pro-collagen peptides that send age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells, promoting younger-looking skin. May be used in combination with other Nu Skin skin care and treatment products. Experience the Power of Peptides

18 Tru Face™ Line Corrector
Key Ingredient: Pro-Collagen Peptides Revolutionary patented technology Sends age-reversing signals to collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) to help reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines and promote firmer and younger-looking skin. Pro-Collagen Peptides: Peptides are the way the cells in our body communicate with each other. Peptides are considered leading-edge technology in the medical arena because they are specific to the targeted function. Like a key causes the engine of a car to start, peptides are the key to turn on collagen production. Peptides are small and easily absorbed in the skin. Collagen structure strengthens the skin, reversing signs of aging and promoting younger-looking skin.

19 Tru Face™ Line Corrector
Clinical study results: A 12-week usage study showed significant wrinkle improvement in 91% of 42 participants. Clinical testing also showed continued improvement over 6 months. Improvement included: 22% reduction in deep wrinkles 20% decrease in the number of wrinkles How & when to use? Tru Face Line Corrector should be used both morning and evening, after cleansing and toning. Apply generously to lines around eyes, mouth, and forehead. Follow with the Nu Skin moisturizer or other treatment of your choice. It is gentle, designed for all skin types, and can be used with other Nu Skin products (including the Nu Skin 180° Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System ).

20 Tru Face™ Revealing Gel
Features Polyhydroxy Acids to provide the following benefits: Smoothes skin texture Diminishes the appearance of pores Brightens complexions Targets biological and environmental aging Refer to slide I am sure you are all familiar with lactic acid and glycolic acid, the traditional AHA. Today we will talk more on PHA. Tru Face Revealing Gel contains PHAs that addresses environmental aging caused by daily exposure to sunlight and biological aging. What is PHA? Taking the Irritation out of Aging

21 Tru Face™ Revealing Gel
Key Ingredients:Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) – The next generation of AHA, “friendly” chemical structure Patented PHAs Lactobionic Acid & Gluconolactone are clinically proven to provide all the cell turnover benefits of traditional hydroxy acids and more … reduces sallowness increases hydration protects against free-radical damage PHAs have more friendly chemical structure – enable even irritable, sensitive skin to benefit from cell renewal without stinging or burning. The second generation of AHA, so they do provide AHA anti-aging benefits. Lactobionic Acid (improves skin tone and texture). It is widely used in the medical field as a “ Transport media” for organ transplants. It has the “goodness” of keeping the cells “fresh” and “alive”. It is not only stabilizes free radicals, but it also removes toxic byproducts by chelating transitional metals in the skin Gluconolactone (reduces the appearance of pore size and the visible effects of photo aging (environmental) and improves skin texture) It is widely used in dairy industries to prevent milk stone even in brewery for beer stone and tofu – all through its coagulation or chelating affect. Also improves skin’s natural barrier enabling it to protect itself against irritants.  Therefore, it’s more gentle and low irritations.

22 Tru Face™ Revealing Gel
Key Ingredient: PHA’s Dead skin cells Stimulate skin cell renewal to encourage the sloughing off of rough, uneven skin. Chelate excess metal irons to reduce sallowness. Bind to water for added hydration Provide powerful anti-oxidant protection to reduce free-radical damage. Clear pores of dead cell build-up to refine and diminish their appearance. Refer to slide Because of the multiple hydroxy groups, PHAs are also water binding materials that can attract and provide humectants type affects – they are hydrating and moisturizing PHAs also have a nice skin plumping effect, it helps to thicken the skin – part of anti-aging benefit. It helps to plump the skin just a little bit so you are diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (Note: The most transitional metal in the body is something known as iron. Oxygen is what gives us life. We need to have oxygen in our tissues to live. It is the iron that is in the hemoglobin that literally binds the oxygen. However, those red blood cells get old. They are no longer useful, and they need to be disposed of by the body. So we have extra iron sort of floating around. Iron is a transitional metal, and it too can function as an oxidant and damage body tissues.)

23 Tru Face™ Revealing Gel
Clinical study results: Daily usage of PHAs delivers: 45% improvement in skin texture/smoothness 30% improvement in skin firmness 30% improvement in evenness of skin tone 15% improvement in pore size Refer to slide How & when to use? Use morning and night after cleansing and toning. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto fingertip. Lightly apply a thin layer over face and neck. Do not rub or massage into skin. Follow with the Nu Skin moisturizer or other treatment product of your choice. Although Tru Face Revealing Gel is incredibly gentle, we do not recommend using it with the entire 180 system. Revealing Gel is a great alternative for 180 Cell Renewal Fluid, however, if you have previously discovered sensitivities to that product. We also recommend using Revealing Gel when you cycle off the 180 System, to maintain optimal anti-aging benefits

24 Product’s Key Strengths
Guidelines Consumer’s concerns Product’s Key Strengths Recommendation Rough skin textures Discolorations Dullness Exfoliates build up skin cells on the skin surface. 180 Integrated Treatment Systems for skin from “Bad to Good” Deep lines and visible pores caused by environmental ageing PHAs work as a powerful water binding agent to plumps up the skin surface. TF Revealing Gel for skin from “Good to Perfect” Refer to slide

25 Elastin Elastin: As we age: A fibrous protein
Gives the skin its resiliency Gives the skin the ability to stretch and snap back into shape elastin structure As we age: Elastin levels decrease Skin loses contour and firmness Skin sags Elastin is a fibrous protein that provides structural support to the skin, giving it a firm contour. Elastin fibers act as the rubberbands in the skin giving it the ability to stretch and snap back into shape. When we are young, our skin has high levels of elastin (14-18%).  As we age, our elastin content decreases compromising the support network necessary to maintain firm skin. In clinical trials, accessing baseline elastin content of patients 40+ confirmed that with intrinsic or chronological aging elastin levels dropped to as low as 0.1% and on average are in the 9% range. For this reason, having such low levels of elastin fiber content after age 40 {and we know that people over 25 years of age already start losing elastin fibers} that skin loses its contour and firmness, resulting in sagging.

26 androgen converted to DHT
Imbalance Androgens androgen converted to DHT Our bodies, and more particularly—the cell’s of our bodies-- are a composition of millions of “signal” molecules. Some of these “signal” molecules are androgens (you may know them as testosterone in males and androsteindione in females) and some are anti-androgens. Androgens naturally circulate in the blood stream of both men and women. When an androgen enters a skin fibroblast cell, it is converted to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the cytoplasm of the cell. DHT has a natural affinity to the DHT receptor – like a magnet to metal – and binds to the receptor. This bound complex moves to the nucleus of the fibroblast cell and when hitting the nuclear membrane, sends a message to the nucleus to stop producing elastin. Anti-androgens, which also have an affinity for DHT receptors, stop this union by acting as a goalie, blocking the DHT from binding with the receptor. So, when the DHT does not bind with the receptor, the fibroblast cells continue to produce elastin. While we are in our 20’s, the ratio of DHT and DHT receptors to anti-androgens is balanced, supporting healthy elastin production. When we age, this equilibrium is disrupted as both DHT and DHT receptors increase and anti-androgens decrease. The result is a loss of contour and firmness in the skin. DHT receptor Anti-androgens

27 Tru Face™ Essence Features Ethocyn ® to provide the following benefits: Helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance Promotes youthful elastin levels for a defined facial shape Refer to slide Return to Firm

28 Tru Face™ Essence Tru Face™ Essence Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ®
Mimics a process that naturally occurs in the body when we are young Is a competitive inhibitor Block what causes fibroblasts skin cells to stop producing elastin – the important youth-rendering skin’s rubberbands – that we have when we are young. Ethocyn is a competitive inhibitor -- this means it blocks something from taking place. The specific mechanism of it is that Ethocyn molecules, when applied topically to your skin, block what causes DHT-DHT receptor binding in fibroblasts skin cells to stop producing elastin. Remember: these elastin fibers that we are talking about tonight are the important youth-rendering rubber bands of our skin--that we have in much more abundant quantity when we are young.

29 Tru Face™ Essence Tru Face™ Essence Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ®
Organically synthesized, non-steriodal antiandrogen Has a molecular weight of 266 Penetrates through the stratum corneum to the dermis Safe and effective Ethocyn is a small organically synthesized, nonsteroidal antiandrogen with a molecular weight of 266. Because it is so small and lipophilic in design, Ethocyn is able to penetrate through the skin’s top stratum corneum layer down (20-30 cell layers) into the skin dermis—where the important, live, skin cells exist which determine what our skin is and looks like. In the skin dermis. Ethocyn enters the fibroblast cells, which are the “factories” that produce elastin. Once inside the fibroblast cells, Ethocyn rushes to the DHT receptors, and because of its molecular affinity for the DHT receptor, blocks DHT from entering into and binding to DHT receptors. This is what we want to have happen. It is this receptor blocking by Ethocyn, which makes it effective in treating older skin (25+) sagging and due to elastin fiber loss. Blocking this union allows the production of elastin to continue, because, remember: the DHT hormone binding to its DHT receptor in fibroblast cells is what causes the fibroblast nucleus DNA to stop transcribing elastin protein and fiber production. “By blocking the DHT from binding to the DHT receptor, Ethocyn allows for the fibroblast to again, like in18 year old skin, make abundant amounts of elastin, restoring the skin’s youthful shape and contour.” Ethocyn is safe and very effective. Men and women, even in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by using Ethocyn twice every day, made elastin quantities like fibroblast cells of 18 year olds!

30 Tru Face™ Essence Tru Face™ Essence Key Ingredient: Ethocyn ®
Non-phototoxic –you CAN go in the sun without worrying about redness or swelling Protect your skin from the sun which causes elastin fibers in the skin to become hard and non-resilient. Metabolizes in the body within 8-10 hours Should be applied twice daily Ethocyn is non-phototoxic. This means, that when you use Ethocyn, you CAN go into the sun, without worrying about developing redness or swelling –like with some other new cosmetic ingredients. Of course, we should always protect from sun damage. While using Ethocyn the skin will make abundant amounts of elastin fibers, but be careful not to damage them with unprotected sun exposure—which causes the elastin fibers to become hard and non-resilient. Ethocyn needs to be applied topically twice per day because the Ethocyn molecule metabolizes to an inactive form somewhere between 8-10 hours after you have applied it to your skin. After that time the metabolized form of Ethocyn drifts away from the DHT receptor and your skin will no longer be making youth level amounts of elastin fiber. We know, with certainty, that new Ethocyn molecules need to be applied to your skin so that the blocking is never interrupted. In this way the fibroblast nucleus can make many, many important elastin molecules as long as Ethocyn is present and blocking.

31 The Development of Ethocyn®
Commenced during pharmaceutical research Underwent 17 years of expensive research and development Expensive 14-step organic synthesis Enormous time and expense of applying for protective patents Ethocyn has undergone 17 years of expensive research and development to prove its safety and efficacy with Dr. Chantal Burnison. A biochemist, Dr. Burnison has spent her life researching anti-aging solutions. Doctors, practicing and academic, all over the world over respect the Ethocyn research because Dr. Burnison chose to conduct the Ethocyn clinical trials with some of the highest esteemed physicians, both in the United States and in the Pacific Rim. Collaboration of top medical dermatologists is important to the validation of scientific breakthroughs in all markets.

32 The Results of Ethocyn®
As you see on the slide, this is a slide of a skin test of a 42-year-old woman who participated in a UCLA clinical trial. Before, she had only 3.3% elastin fibers present in her skin. She had considerable sagging and wrinkles. After 2 months of using Ethocyn, she had 16.7% elastin fiber content in her skin.

33 $14 - $25 ( exclude hospital stay)
Table 1 Table 1 Tru Face Essence Botulinum Toxin A Cost $ capsules $ $3000 / vial Cost per day $6.50 x 2 caps $14 - $25 ( exclude hospital stay) Benefits / results Progressive (with 2 caps/day usage) Normally last for 4 months before your skin resumes to its original condition Properties kick start the natural elastin producing process Return Elastin level to youthful stage It is a “nerve blocker”( putting muscles to sleep) Disables the muscles that create wrinkles Down Time Non Painless Temporary bruising Eyelid droop Difficulty in raising your eyebrows Not cheap Refer to slide

34 Target Audience Men of all ages. Women in their 20’s, new to skin care, interested in preventing the effects of aging on the skin. Men & Women ages 35+ who want to reduce the appearance of moderate to deep lines and wrinkles Men & Women who want smooth, youthful looking skin, but are not willing to tolerate the irritation associated with traditional AHAs. Skin involved ages 40+ concerned with restoring firmness and facial contour to reduce the appearance of sagging. Men & Women of all ages actively seeking technologically advanced solutions to maintain or restore youthful facial contour and skin firmness. Summary/Product Differentiation with the family: Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel Improves and maintains skin clarity and restore skin radiance. Fights the early signs of environmental aging. Helps minimize the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Features kelpadelie, a marine extract that is milder to skin and prevents collagen breakdown. Tru Face Line Corrector Targeted approach to soften medium to deep lines and wrinkles. Addresses mechanical aging Features pro-collagen peptides that send age-reversing signals to collagen producing cells. Helps reverse the signs of mechanical aging. Tru Face Revealing Gel Refines and smoothes skin for a more youthful appearance. Uses the next generation of AHAs, PHA’s that stimulate skin cell renewal without irritation. Features Lactobionic acid that is so nurturing it is used as a preservation solution for transplant organs during transport. This allows for an effective treatment without the worry of irritation, even for those with sensitive skin. Tru Face Essence Blocks the signal that tells the fibroblast cells to stop producing elastin leaving your skin more contoured and firm. Promotes healthy elastin production. Reduces sagging. When your skin has healthy levels of elastin your skin does not sag.

35 Usage Guide Cleanse Tone Moisturize OR TF Revealing Gel TF Line
Corrector Refer to slide TF Essence TF Perfecting Gel

36 Complementary Products

37 FAQ 01. Can I use Tru Face Line Corrector and the other Tru Targeted Treatments at the same time? 02. Does Tru Face Line Corrector firm the skin? 03. Do I need to rotate on and off this product the way I did with the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System? 04. Can I use Tru Face Revealing Gel with the Nu Skin 180 Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System? 05. Why is iron chelation a benefit to my skin I get from Tru face Revealing Gel? 06. What makes Tru Face Perfecting Gel blue? 07. What is the spiral composed of in Tru Face Perfecting Gel? Answer 1. Yes, Tru Face Line Corrector can be used with any of the other products in the Tru Targeted Treatments series. If using them together, apply Tru Face Essence, then Tru Face Line Corrector, then Tru Face Revealing Gel, and then Tru Face Skin Perfecting Gel. 2. No, Tru Face Line Corrector is for medium to deep lines and wrinkles caused by mechanical aging. Tru Face Essence helps firm and contour the skin. 3. No, Tru Face Revealing Gel is gentle enough to be used continuously, and will always retain efficacy, as the skin will not begin to buffer the polyhydroxy acids. 4. Although Tru Face Revealing Gel is incredibly gentle, we do not recommend using it with the entire Nu Skin 180 System. Tru Face Revealing Gel is a great alternative for Nu Skin 180 Cell Renewal Fluid if you have previously discovered sensitivities to that product. We also recommend using Tru Face Revealing Gel when you cycle off the Nu Skin 180 System to maintain optimal anti-aging benefits. 5. The removal of excess metals in the skin reduces the potential for oxidative damage that can lead to a sallow appearance. 6. It contains Copper PCA, a powerful humectants that also tightens and firms the skin. 7. The unique Liquid Crystal Delivery System is formed of cholesteryl esters that naturally moisturize the skin.

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