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Chapter 9 Joints.

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1 Chapter 9 Joints

2 Joint Classification Functional Classification
Synarthrosis – immovable Amphiarthrosis – slightly movable Diarthrosis – freely movable

3 Structural Classification:
Fibrous joints (synarthroses) Cartilaginous joints Synovial joints

4 Types of Fibrous Joints Synarthroses
Sutures – dense fibrous connective tissues in the skull. Syndesmoses – ligaments or membranes holding bones together. Example: tibia and fibula. Gomphoses – where the roots of the teeth attach to bone.

5 Types of Cartilaginous Joints
Synchondroses – hyaline connection as in epiphyseal plates; ribs to manubrium. Symphyses – hyaline and fibrocartilage join the pubic bones.

6 Synovial Joints Have the following as part of the joint:
Articular capsule Synovial fluid Accessory ligaments Articular discs / menisci Bursa








14 Words to Learn Sprain Rheumatoid arthritis Strain Osteoarthritis
Bursitis Gouty arthritis Luxation Lyme disease Subluxation Synovitis Rotator cuff injury Arthritis

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