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Bone Vocabulary Mrs. Chotkowski Jr. / Sr. Vet Science.

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2 Bone Vocabulary Mrs. Chotkowski Jr. / Sr. Vet Science

3 Dislocation or Luxation : Displacement of a bone from its joint.

4 Periostium: Tough, fibrous tissue that forms the outermost covering of the bone

5 Meniscus: Curved fibrous cartilage found in some synovial joints

6 Connections between two bones : Joints or articulations

7 Sequestrum: Piece of dead bone that is partially or fully detached from the surrounding healthy bone

8 Manubrium: Cranial portion of the sternum

9 Amputation: Removal of all or part of a joint

10 Varus: Inward curvature of a bone

11 Ankylosis: Loss of mobility of a joint

12 Chondromalacia: Abnormal softening of cartilage

13 What do extensor tendons do ???????

14 Straighten a limb

15 What is it called when there is an extreme straightening of a limb beyond its normal limits ?

16 Hyperextension

17 A band of fibers that holds a structure together in an abnormal fashion is a /an:

18 Adhesion

19 What is the term for the facial structure of flat faced dogs such as: Boxers, Pugs, Bull Dogs, Bull Mastiffs ………??

20 Brachycephalic

21 Surgical removal of a claw is called:

22 Onychectomy

23 A break in the skin from a broken bone, causing an open wound in the skin is called ? Open or Compound Fracture

24 The fibrous band of connective tissue on the ventral abdomen, that is the center attachment of the abdominal muscles, is called what ?

25 Linea Alba

26 A fibrous band of tissue that connects bone to bone is called ?

27 Ligament

28 Another term for growth plate is?.....

29 Physis

30 Involuntary Muscle is called:

31 Smooth, non-striated, unstriated or visceral

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